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  1. 20k isn’t bad! If XRP goes that low I’m going to buy a few more zerps too ?
  2. That’s something I keep on saying. Whenever I have a conversation with people over EOY price I’m VERY bullish. And I don’t consider myself smart at all with math or markets. But I do know that Ripple is an amazing team of very smart and intentional people who know exactly what to do. It’s impressive alll the things they have already accomplished. From MoneyGram to SBI and etc. They have made something with a great use case that WILL NOT be overlooked.
  3. I guess most of those people I’ve seen were wanting to be millionaires over one night and not willing to go thru a tough journey.
  4. I too think the price will be over $100 what are your reasons?
  5. Maybe not entirely “given up” but some of these people saying so many positive things about EOY price and partnerships just a few weeks ago are now saying stupid low EOY based off of one month of not having growth. Things like that I’ve seen.
  6. It’s honestly discouraging to see people who were such strong believers in XRP and Ripple when the market was growing so much. And now it’s like they’ve given up completely. I am a firm believer that XRP will come out of this strong and have a great EOY price. Based off of how amazing of a team Ripple has. They know what they are doing and how to handle everything. It’s inpressive the feats they have already accomplished. Have faith.
  7. I’ve not been in crypto too long but from everything I’ve read and heard that seems to be a trend
  8. There’s definitely a lot going on with crypto affecting prices and growth
  9. Wearing my Ripple shirt today on campus! Proud to be a small part of such a great community.
  10. Yeah I bought at .20 and people have criticized me so much for not selling and saying I’ll lose money. But I have so much faith in Ripple as a company. They’re so intelligent in the way that handle everything. I’m here for the long run!
  11. Thank you for your service! Hope you come back with a nice xrp moon.
  12. I find myself in a bad mindset of “no need for my degree when xrp will set me for life” and just lose all motivation to do any school or even go to classes. Too much fun to speculate and read threads!
  13. I am so excited to see the next few months play out. I literally can’t focus on any school work. All I think about is this stuff...
  14. It’s most certainly frustrating to watch. What would lead to coin prices being independent from each other?
  15. Will this announcement make a noticble change in the market price? Or is this just the start of our “marathon” and there will not be any initial change?
  16. I agree. My brother, friend, and I are all in on XRP and have been since the same price (~.2). I am BY FAR the most bullish of the three and they tease me for it. But I have said I will go down with the ship. But I truly do think we have something special and that won’t be the case.
  17. I agree with every point you made. Keep spreading positive speculation backed with some good logic!
  18. I think $10 is TOTALLY realistic. But I could see once we are at that point having partnerships and being on different exchanges that are more accessible and popular which would increase the chances of going beyond $10 and who knows where we will end up at EOY?
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