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  1. Partners switch to using xrapid(SBI), coinbase, other large announcements will lead to a MASSIVE year...$500+ if all things work out perfectly this year?
  2. I really want some more Ripple/xrp apparel to wear around campus and start conversations...I love telling people about it when they know little to nothing of the subject and I am the one who gets the honor of introducing it to them.
  3. I am quite young and can agree to that first part. I have been able to invest in a variety of things to a certain extent since age ~15. So I have a bit more knowledge and understanding of investing than most of my peers. But everyone I talk to in my age group(outside of my xrp brothers) are clueless to how any of this works and just walk around spreading FUD about anything that is not BTC or the crypto market in whole. It is very frustrating and skews the perception of crypto and xrp.
  4. My brother and I were just having a conversation over if SBI begins to use xrapid and the impact that will make on pirce...it was a very interesting and fun convo I wish we could just see where this year will take us in advance lol
  5. That would be ideal for me right now. I didn’t buy in the last dip
  6. Goodnight from the USA. Ready to wake up and see where XRP is!
  7. Maybe it’s the fact I haven’t eaten today but I have a strong feeling in my gut as well! But I’m ALWAYS overly optimistic with xrp(so my friends say).
  8. I love these numbers! I think $100+ is totally going to happen. I don’t see how it couldn’t with partners potentially turning to xrapid and being added to more popular exchanges(cough cough coinbase)
  9. So is this $10 price for EOY based off of if nothing changes with partnerships/exposure and we continue as we are? Or is the EOY prediction $10 even if we are added to coinbase and partners start to use xrapid and Ripple is making rather large moves? If those things change does the prediction for just $10 change as well?
  10. His entire speech is quoted daily amongst a group chat I’m in
  11. Always look at the positives! I love it. I’ve had so many people tell me “looks like your XRP isn’t doing well, told you to sell” when in fact we are gaining partnerships and having a good year.
  12. Sounds like a gym I would love to be a member of! Hope you get your dream
  13. Haha! I’m full of hope. Either I cash out big or I lose it all.
  14. This is so impressive to me, and is why I have SO much confidence in Ripple’s team.
  15. I don’t hold as much as the majority of people in here. So I am here for a LONG haul. My perfect scenario is $1,000 but would be more than happy with $500+
  16. Just curious what are people’s “ideal” sell number? And how long do you think you will have to hodl?
  17. Sorry! The way I worded it was dumb. I was asking if that was a reliable source.(I’m not familiar with the posted site)
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