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  1. Well..haven’t looked at prices or the forum in a few days. Came back to a rather nice surprise!
  2. Regardless of my peers outlook's I will continue to wear my Ripple shirt around with my head high
  3. I was lucky to get in at an average of $0.2 and although I got in cheap I am in college and basically live a more conservative lifestyle now because I would rather struggle a little more now if it means large success later
  4. Many people tell me to take out my initial investment, and even though I see how that can be smart...I am weighing the risk and rewards...and the rewards FAR outweigh the risk of my initial investment
  5. haha I have made the mistake of saying what I think I will cash out with and they laughed at me even more
  6. I just want people to see XRP and Ripple for what they are worth. I don't care what they think of me and how I handle my money and investments. But I do care about the public view on Ripple's team and XRP...probably is best to ignore at times tho. Especially when people are just trying to argue I guess.
  7. Whenever someone who knows you are involved with XRP constantly tells you it is a waste of your money and they look at the charts and price and say that it is going to fail..how should I respond? There are a lot of you on this forum much smarter than I am and can respond to these comments with more substance than I could.
  8. I have a group chat with a couple friends irl who own XRP and one of them just sent screenshots of our conversation when we broke $3 on US exchanges....brought a tear to my eye
  9. Yeah we need that understanding and promotion of XRP's use case to succeed
  10. This is quite off topic but I have always been confused as to what your profile picture is...care to explain?
  11. Wow...that is awesome. Hope it does wonders for our zerp prices
  12. This is not possible...you can NEVER have too much trust in this brilliant company
  13. When you look at it like this big prices don't seem so unrealistic
  14. Most all of asian traders are out of the market right now...after CNY is when I am hopeful for price rise
  15. You are right my friend.. Ripple has reached some extremely impressive goals. I do not see how it won't do well either.
  16. Thank you. We gotta keep high hopes and believe in Ripple and not be so affected by a couple months.
  17. Meet me back here at the end of the season. I will have tissues for you to use
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