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  1. Well..haven’t looked at prices or the forum in a few days. Came back to a rather nice surprise!
  2. Regardless of my peers outlook's I will continue to wear my Ripple shirt around with my head high
  3. I was lucky to get in at an average of $0.2 and although I got in cheap I am in college and basically live a more conservative lifestyle now because I would rather struggle a little more now if it means large success later
  4. Many people tell me to take out my initial investment, and even though I see how that can be smart...I am weighing the risk and rewards...and the rewards FAR outweigh the risk of my initial investment
  5. haha I have made the mistake of saying what I think I will cash out with and they laughed at me even more
  6. I just want people to see XRP and Ripple for what they are worth. I don't care what they think of me and how I handle my money and investments. But I do care about the public view on Ripple's team and XRP...probably is best to ignore at times tho. Especially when people are just trying to argue I guess.
  7. Thank you..I knew I could count on you haha.
  8. Whenever someone who knows you are involved with XRP constantly tells you it is a waste of your money and they look at the charts and price and say that it is going to fail..how should I respond? There are a lot of you on this forum much smarter than I am and can respond to these comments with more substance than I could.
  9. I have a group chat with a couple friends irl who own XRP and one of them just sent screenshots of our conversation when we broke $3 on US exchanges....brought a tear to my eye
  10. Yeah we need that understanding and promotion of XRP's use case to succeed
  11. This is quite off topic but I have always been confused as to what your profile picture is...care to explain?
  12. Wow...that is awesome. Hope it does wonders for our zerp prices
  13. I have not been here in like 4 days....I miss anything?
  14. This is not possible...you can NEVER have too much trust in this brilliant company