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  1. Average age of the XRPChat family

    I have been hating it for five years.
  2. I got your idea. Both you and me are right as we watch the same thing from different perspective. If you involve liability and contract in, this is not only money or currency, but credit and financial system, and you are right. Now bitcoin / XRP do not intend to fix the financial system or the credit cycle, they intend to solve stock of value, like gold, and currency ineffience, such as RMB, USD corridors. In this view, I think I am right. So, in narrow view, digital asset is money. Your public law logic is beyond the daily usage, it’s a financial system level topic. By the way, is the smart contract in eth work as the public law? All contracts will be executed by algorithms instead of public law.
  3. I think the 'private law' can exist without the public law. If a and b both believe the stone or shell can be used as exchange vehicle, the stone or shell works as the role of 'money'. this is consensus. If the consensus is that a and b both believer Bitcoin / XRP can exchange something, then Bitcoin / XRP is money.
  4. Crypto is money if you believe money, credit and financial vehicles is based on consensus. I have not read your stuff. Question: is the 'money' based on trust or consensus? Most thinks it is the first, trust(government with gun). After reading more(economics, currency history), I believe money is based on consensus(people believe it can exchange things.).
  5. good news Korea is back

    Koreas were back and have pumped the price. Now everyone else are consolidating the price to 1.15. What's next? pump and consolidate again. Let's rock and roll.
  6. No. Alipay, wechat, McDonald are household names in China.
  7. Give you Hope, I will travel to Europe in May

    I still can't got what does 150m mean here.
  8. Give you Hope, I will travel to Europe in May

    Thanks. It's clear now. Thanks for your suggestion. I will be interested to some historic things instead of landscape. I will be interested to legal ho*kers and stripers instead of street sexy girls.
  9. Yeah, see other post, we are in the beginning of the third wave.
  10. Give you Hope, I will travel to Europe in May

    sorry, I have not got your point, I think.
  11. Give you Hope, I will travel to Europe in May

    is the *censored* legal, so I can do something without fear.
  12. Give you Hope, I will travel to Europe in May

    It's a package tour. London --> Paris --> Swiss --> Roman, and some small cities I am not familiar with. Everyone want to explore the world and now I can. Thanks.
  13. Quitting my job for cryptos.

    how much is your stash to be free in 2020? %?
  14. Just FYI. I booked a travel to Europe in May as I got some easy money by XRP. I can't do this if there is no XRP. So just HODL and your little/small/medium/big dream will all come true.