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  1. Could anyone find the original source of this code? It’s bittrex date of usd pair of XRP.
  2. IMHO, now holding some coinbase test coin have less risk and more profit opportunity than XRP, obviously.
  3. I have zero XRP now. My holding are all coinbase - test coins now. (ZRX, BAT, ETC, ZEC). I maybe buy some XRP later.
  4. I you have IT background, you will understand the risk of hacked exists and coinbase / gemini is safer. Hack do not just mean outside, how about insider hackers.
  5. If you are in US, why not use coinbase? binance is not safe, Bitfinex is worse than binance.
  6. English is my second language, forgive me not to get your silly joke. That feature is real, real pragmatic as small amount really suck me. I used to buy some then sell some + small amount to clear it. Binance do not provide advanced order types (stop trailing), so I mostly on bitfinex.
  7. so bearableguy123, are you that market guy that left ripple because of leaking information? Do you stick to $589+ now?
  8. I donot get your point. Cool stuff / Good feature will not provide you big profit. this is a financial game, Capital, the big guy, matters.
  9. I converted my REP into ZEC in the middle. Here is my post on reddit 16 days ago. https://old.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/8ufksj/coinbase_next_coin_zcash/
  10. My previous convert: BAT, ZRX, ZEC. All guess are right. Now I have no XRP now.
  11. I really hope I was wrong and XRP will hit $589+ soon. I want to convert back to XRP but the price prevent me.
  12. update : another 10 % XRP to ZEC. only 10% XRP left. So far, so good, and I should do this early instead of addicted to the $589+ guy. Second fault in crypto world.
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