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  1. Hands down. Vitalik Buterin!
  2. Hi could you start a tweet voting who will be the new CTO for ripple, with Vitalik Buterin as an option?
  3. MungerMore

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    if there is a new TFHC club, could let me in ? thanks.
  4. MungerMore


    See you on the moon. Carry on and HODL.
  5. MungerMore

    Hedging Instruments

    Q1 ended, any update?
  6. I think this Q&A is sad for XRP.
  7. MungerMore

    Circle Is Going To Eat Coinbase's Lunch

    email sent to support@circle.com with subject: when add XRP?
  8. could you change your photo? a modern and fashion one is appreciated.
  9. Thanks. I just hope government in China learn and improve themselives.
  10. they do not care the future and the right thing. They only do what can keep them safe and give them promotion. Everybody have family and children, it's just a job and they are doing their job.
  11. Short answer: to sleep well. Long answer: I am in China and recently several things happened (China block exchange IPs, Binance hacked, China government make more moves, FUD of 315 in China). So I need cash out some CNY for living, rent, and credit card repay. (I was all in XRP and I do not have much cash in my card.) I fear that China government shut the ripple gateway down in China.
  12. I think it should be Yes as I sold some XRP at $0.78.
  13. MungerMore

    xRapid Production Launch

    Time confirmed : at the end of summer, 2018. source:
  14. MungerMore

    Coinbase and Ripple

    You are a real newbie of XRP.