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  1. I personally think this news had to do with the recent price rally.
  2. Awesome deal. Someone sell @lucky some red leather pants!
  3. Thanks Tim. What does this mean? Added liquidity during volatile periods doesn't sound very awesome when everyone wants a more predictable and transparent distribution. Does this have to do with distribution or something entirely different?
  4. Coin supply isn't a big deal. Moving the decimal left or right can be done. If you want more, I believe one million drips makes 1 xrp. If you want the supply to look like less you could move the decimal two places to the left and we could have 1 billion total supply. All in the mind and how you view I think.
  5. Sometimes I wonder if @fatcat is actually Hurukan.
  6. LOL. I enjoy your posts. I believe you have intellectual superiority and you could be considered a little dick. Personally, I would love to be considered a fanboy with a little dick but not sure I'm knowledgable enough on the development side of things. I always considered myself more of a fanboy/groupie/cheerleader.
  7. The roles of the Ripple community according to recent threads I have read. Ripple fanboy - the cheerleaders that congratulate Ripple on any small news that could possibly improve their speculative position. Advantage = community adoption. Ripple asshole - the opposite of a ripple fanboy, often bringing up old irrelevant news that could effect XRP negatively. These people only participate because they feel ripple is a threat to their outside investments or they are waiting to jump in at a lower price. Advantage = push community participation The ripple little dicks - always takes a logical position. Constantly trying to degrade "fanboy" and prove their intellectual superiority. Spends most time reviewing their copy before posting for words they can replace with googled synonyms. Advantage = push for community development See, so no matter where you fall, the community needs you.
  8. People probably missed the train playing the Polo casino and want the price to return to previous lows.
  9. Totally agree. This is very true but want to point out. 1. Mining has been BTC and LTC's achilles heel as of late. 2. Founders have donated much of their stashes to charities (besides Jed unless you consider Stellar Foundation a charity). 3. This has changed directions recently with the hiring of Miguel. 4. Lock up with escrow will more than likely happen. (see post below)
  10. Thanks. My bad. Not sure how I missed.
  11. Thanks @B42 for posting this on zerp box. One of the best articles I have read regarding XRP, BTC and ETH. Source: Chandan Maddanna Vice President, Automation, Global technology, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  12. Don't tell anyone anything unless they are connected to you somehow financially.
  13. Despite the frustrations, I thank you guys for a very interesting conversation! I found myself on both sides of this conversation. Side note: Could we lay off the groupie/fanboy bullshit, please? I assume I fall into this category because I am not a science boy or a developer? All this does is discourage others from participating and despite your ingenious comprehension of Ripple, most of you could not explain Ripple on a level that others understand. This community wouldn't be what it is without the average person coming here to cheer on and learn more about Ripple and they're the audience that will spread the word on a level that others may understand. Thanks
  14. LATER™