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  1. Ripple is not going to respond to your tweets LOL. I’m sorry you bought with the bandwagon but you can’t blame Ripple. They have been the most upfront about the risks of investing in digital assets, more than any crypto foundation in existence. You bought into an entire market that was bubbling, sorry to hear but investing involves patience and discipline so you can either sell and wait for the next get rich quick opportunity or you can hodl until XRP hits $10 (Monday). I wish you the best.
  2. tomb

    Tiff Hayden is XRP Trump

    Just the thought of Tiffany picking XRPTrump as her handle makes me LMAO.
  3. I think Coinbase + XRP relationship would do good for both sides despite the dislike for one another. Newbies don't understand infinite divisibility and think of cryptocurrency like real currency. The results in the last bull run proved this when LTC shot up the charts because most new investors "couldn't afford" 1 BTC. It would be great if XRP had a position on Coinbase during the next bull run when the same occurs. As a newbie, would you rather buy 10 LTC or 1000 XRP - more than likely they will chose whatever gives them more due to incompetence on supply and divisibility. Coinbase is also the wallet of choice for less tech savvy adopters (not saying I would recommend but...) so I would consider it a huge plus for adoption because it provides easy onboard and a sense of false security for those type of buyers.
  4. tomb

    Coinbase XRP video????

    You got it. LOL
  5. tomb

    Coinbase XRP video????

    Chandan Maddanna and CoinRypto are pretty legit. Chandan is playing it similar to David (cautious) because he has relationships to JP Morgan Chase I believe. If you aren't following him you should be. I wasn't following CoinRypto, but I am now. Sounds pretty legit but nothing wrong with having doubts and continuing to get confirmation. Cheers!
  6. Interesting. Ripple got/gets crapped on for running majority of validators (turning them off would decentralize the network). Hand picking is centralized without a chance to become decentralized. Maybe plans to change in the future similar to Ripple’s cautious approach? Maybe. But NEO definitely has some growing to do and is probably way overpriced at this stage.
  7. Joyce was wearing his pants.
  8. The crypto industry seems to think decentralization has to occur instantaneously but is that really the best scenario to achieve fair distribution? What is wrong with becoming decentralized over time? I don't have an answer but I personally think Ripple's plan will lead to a better decentralized and evenly distributed XRP.
  9. Legal jargon. The value is in the token. It will be fine imo but understand your concern.
  10. Ripple had hard times as well.
  11. Probably true but all it needs is good leadership it seems and who has better than Ripple.
  12. This is why idiots like myself can make money trading crypto, there are much more ignorant people out there. I just want to say thank you.