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  1. They had ridiculous funding rounds and have stated they don't need to rely on xrp to pay for business expenses so the only explanation I can come up with is they're using it to stabilize the price. It would be nice if they eliminated their majority by destroying through transaction fees or at least had a schedule for releasing coins. Until then, it feels like the US government printing money out of thin air, whenever they please, to keep the price at its best value for utility (stable). At least the supply is limited but until that supply is distributed it will take adoption and utilization before we see a big rise in value. Personal opinion (but my goals may be different than ripple), Ripple should destroy a large chunk of their majority share and come up with a scheduled distribution plan. Until then I will sit here, long position, in hopes Ripple becomes the next swift so actual usage will drive demand and price.
  2. I have always been long on btc and xrp. Expanse (EXP) has drawn my interest lately for these reasons: Source: "Expanse was created with a community DAO fund to pay for development and expenses of the project for many years. The amount of 10 million was chosen to provide a long-term solution." "I propose we switch from a reserve system to a monthly revenue stream using a percentage of the dPoS Validators and remove the 10 million EXP fund entirely." "Psychologically, people price Expanse and include the 10 million in their calculations, they even calculate the EXP that won't be used for many years. I also believe this would be very likely to increase the price as there would be vastly less overall EXP existing." "but also greatly reducing the total supply to less than 5 million total EXP." Current: Available Supply=4,833,889 EXP Total Supply=15,002,939 Market Cap=$924,713 Current Price per= .19 cents Seems like there is huge potential in big gains with current limited supply and minimal market cap and the chance for the elimination of the Expanse team owning majority share as well as the total supply being reduced by 2/3. I am not overly invested in EXP (have a very small amount) or do I know a ton about it other than what I have recently read and wonder what others opinions are on EXP as an investment. Should I put real money into it? Could we see a 10x - 50x increase at some point in the future? I had posted here (source) Also, if you remember, they were one of the first, if not the first, to integrate ILP.
  3. This is exactly how the crypto community feels imo.
  4. Premine.... People believe Ripple is stabilizing the price with distribution. There needs to be some kind of distribution plan that everyone knows and understands. Ripple also controls majority share. Would be nice if this could be corrected by destroying some of Ripple's current supply through transaction fees. I think if Ripple destroyed half of their supply through transaction fees the price/interest would drive the price up enough to make up for it (and majority share would be gone). This would also give us early adopters some love, since most bought in years ago at higher prices only to see newbies out buying us at these rates.
  5. Just get 2 factor. If you get a new phone download the app, log into gatehub with your old phone and turn 2 factor off. Then two seconds later turn it back on, scan the qr code with your new phone and you are in business.
  6. While researching George Frost I found a connection to Drupal and XRP. Before his involvement with Bitstamp and Gatehub, George Frost was Counsel and Director at CivicActions Inc. I know for a fact CivicActions is very much involved in Drupal and I believe they even do a large amount of work for Dries himself (creator of Drupal). My current company uses Drupal and CivicActions poached about 10 devs from us (salaries in California, even while working remote, are much better than what a company in Florida can offer a developer) a few years ago. Maybe Frost can connect CivicActions with Ripple in the future.
  7. Ripple controls Jed's xrp now so not sure how much he actually has left anymore.
  8. LMAO - Yea... nice choice of words.
  9. What was the final outcome? When I voted Ripple was up to 16% (above "All of them").
  10. These banking fucks have no clue wtf they are talking about when it comes to IoV and are still afraid of any real digital currency disrupting their crooked scheme to control world banking. Banks like RBS, who already have the privileges of the jacked up banking system, don't want to lose their edge to a bank like CBW. Of course they are going to talk down XRP and hype a glorified database to send their banking ious between their crooked private network of thieves. Fortunately it will only take one bank within these private networks to allow a bank like CBW access to RBS whether they like it or not.
  11. They are probably going to use Ethereum smart contracts as wallets to hold digital bank tokens (that are basically bank ious with counter party risk) you can convert back and forth from a bank account to online wallet. When it comes to the actual point of a digital currency, something will have to be used for trades between two parties that don't trust each others ious. Big banks are still failing to acknowledge small banks will be able to compete whether they like it or not by using digital currencies to gain entry into their shady private networks. I find news like this, involving bank traded ious, just hype compared to what the idea of IoV actually is and how small they are thinking.
  12. Lol but in my simple mind green means go. this is exactly why tiff is awesome... I think it was red dragon that posted it and really props to him. What he was trying to say was skewed. But that is why I like tiff. Sexism and racist occurs just as much in this hush moment as when it hits you in the face. Advantage or disadvantage, all the same. Haydentiff you are a bad ass human.
  13. If it happens to be a women that would be awesome but I wouldn't pick the red women. Red people are bad.
  14. I was just joking. Sorry, I didn't mean for it to come across like I was talking crap.