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  1. Thanks for the details @miguel I know you can't speculate with us on price but I have some questions about timing that could give us a better idea if you want. Any idea on time frame for distribution details? Is the goal to make distribution transparent and predictable? Will news of ILP help generate interest in XRP? When do you expect things to start taking off with ILP? Does Ripple and XRP have an advantage over others regarding regulations? Would XRP have a better chance of an ETF approval? Would an ETF ever be considered? Does volume have to be generated through shady crypto exchanges or are there other opportunities being looked into? Is there any chatter about XRP amongst your past peers? Your background is tremendous, are they as fascinated as we are or do they have problems understanding?
  2. Who is this person? Seems people forget what bitcoin is. If they would stop making it what it isn't they wouldn't be so frustrated. I wouldn't expect any less controversy over a decision from a coin built around decentralization over all else. These coins are built on different strengths and bitcoin's is lack of governance. But good decision on xrp.
  3. Any mods want to take this over? Need to add Bank of England and many more. If not, I will update soon. When I started it I didn't realize how long the list would get. 😜
  4. Why not all of them? There is an exchange called Poloniex that does rather well by evaluating and adding all the coins with potential.
  5. Thought it would be fun to share. Ran across this (original giveaway):;wap Vitalik Buterin: rJ2gXg1xcYW6756fBj393Dd9ZekJP45odZ
  6. No reason to transact in xrp in a trusted network that I can think of but every time one uses Ripple as a solution the sooner xrp will be needed. Good news in regards to building the infrastructure of the IoV.
  7. I admit sometimes we are overly enthusiastic. Nothing wrong with the complete opposite, it provides balance. Interesting perspective. Yours truly, Ripple groupie (occasionally sporting a Ripple t-shirt)
  8. We are getting beat by Lisk and Golem, both have over 90% of their volume coming through Poloniex. How important is an altcoin exchange like Poloniex to Ripple's future plans?
  9. I think Vinnie's ideology is the same as Jed's. Jed built eDonkey and Vinnie built BearShare. Their recent path is no different than their past. Disruptors of the music industry, brilliant minds that believe society can overtake a politically ran world of regulations set out to protect the wealthy. But like eDonkey, politics/regulations will hinder their advancement while a company like Ripple, that works with the established industry, overtakes.
  10. If Ripple's target audience for liquidity is the crypto world (which it seems to be the opposite but...) they would just have to do the following imo to get things rolling: - Reduce the amount of large stakeholders (anyone over a billion XRP) by whatever means is possible. - Burn a large chunk of their current holdings in XRP through transaction fees (around 30 billion). Like xtrapower said they should only hold 10%. - Make distribution predictable and transparent through escrow. Those three things would restore confidence in XRP among the crypto community.
  11. 3000$ at 1$ for expenses when traveling to Dizer's party. 50% at 2$ 30% around 10$ 20% to hold (10% for each of my children)
  12. Thanks for this!!! I can't wait to hear more.
  13. Old nick szabo tweet seems to suggest the opposite. Fork could be great for Ripple. Side question... could ILP significantly reduce the number of transactions on the bitcoin blockchain saving it from any kind of fork?
  14. Ripple could still do this but rather than just giving a big chunk of xrp to them they get a percentage of the transparent scheduled distribution over a certain time span. A great use case for suspay.