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  1. Update on Coinbase Petition!

    What does a petition do? I'm confused. Since Ripple HQ is just 3 blocks from Coinbase maybe brownies/pie would be effective?
  2. Ripple still likes the governance around being able to distribute to keep the price relatively stable when they can imo. They may not have to distribute the full figure but gives them tha ability if needed. The lock up was more of an insurance to traders that Ripple could no way dump a massive amount of XRP on the market. Before the lock up I believe many day traders wouldn't touch XRP for that reason.
  3. Went from tokens to digital assets once Larsen stepped away.
  4. Took a break for a couple months and I come back @Hodor is killing it with his blog. Very nicely done. Still catching up on the blog, enjoying all the great articles, thanks for making catch up easy for me. Keep them coming!!!!
  5. How many XRP should you own?

    What you can afford to lose. Each individual is different. For example, someone in Mumbai could probably retire off of 100k XRP while someone in NY would need 100 million XRP.
  6. Calm down!

    I THINK a blockchain has to do with a sequence of blocks and requires miners while distributed ledger does not but allows for better scaling, governance and possibly better decentralization (maybe, not sure we know yet but looking that way). As Ripple adds validators it becomes more decentralized while it seems a blockchain becomes more centralized over time with only a handful of miners controlling the market.
  7. Maybe it depends if you plan on reinvesting or paying off your mortgage. But I've never heard people comparing XRP value to ETH or other digital assets so I would go by gains against USD personally. If your diversified it makes the most sense imo.
  8. For all I know you could be totally right about Alibaba and a validator. I have no idea how it works with data centers/cloud computing/etc. I have been corrected on somewhat similar topics (I know not the same as IP lookup) in the past so I am hesitant to believe anything until verified (embarrassing moment below) If anyone has knowledge in IT, IP addresses and Alibaba please share because I know nothing. I hope it is true!
  9. OMG, Stop buying high and selling low **** happens. All a learning experience. I wish you luck and hope you make a killing and buy more XRP.
  10. Dumb money

    FOMO is killer and patience is key.
  11. Calm down!

    Eventually it wouldn't matter. Btw, this is a great read by tommytrain back in the day. https://www.americanbanker.com/opinion/ripples-overlooked-path-to-decentralization
  12. Calm down!

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but Ripple would turn off their validators and rely on the network at that point. As of this moment Ripple is doing most validating.
  13. Calm down!

    Price moved when lock up and Japanese bank partnerships were announced. Many believed the partnerships moved the price but I believe the price reacted to lock up. If you haven't noticed big partnership news doesn't normally move price (for some reason). I think next big news and price movement is when it becomes decentralized. You will probably then see Microsoft, Amazon and others pop up as registered validators.
  14. Could someone just be using alibaba's services to run a personal validator?