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  1. Hey Brian! Long time.
  2. Champagne cork from your dime party?
  3. LMAO 😂 sorry
  4. @Dizer moved it from his private island to Applebee's... he must of had kids or something.
  5. @Dizer I'll stop being a jealous *** and give some advice. Save those pics of them signing the shirt for authenticity reasons. Glad you won! ps remember when you couldn't get them to send you a regular ripple t until I annoyingly bugged them to death Now you have the best one. Hope you sold Fct for xrp to purchase ;). Karlos, you have been awesome. It would be cool if you got a mug or something as well. awesome idea @haydentiff
  6. I'll pm you my address and make sure dizer gets it
  7. @Dizer is a ********
  8. @Dizer You better wear it to your Applebees dollar party. I heard their ribs and jalapeno poppers are pretty good.
  9. You know those crazy people that collect celebrity hair. With that group maybe you all should sell strands of hair. Probably have lower than 21mil total supply. Jk, love you guys. PS Is it possible for your face to go bald. My beard has been all spotty lately... wtf.
  10. If I send this shirt to Ripple will you have Brad sign it for the next auction?
  11. So finally I see. @CNFlinch stands for See No Flinch. This the only Ripple memorabilia out there besides @lucky red leather Eddie Murphy jacket.
  12. I was just kidding btw. This is a great idea!!!!! Thanks @karlos Winner, you would have to frame it.
  13. Can I buy a Ripple shirt and just send it to you guys to sign? I would also like Garlinghouse and Britto if possible.
  14. This is a contributor article. Remember when David Seaman was writing 3 articles a day about ETH for the Huffington Post during the fork? Sort of the same I believe but this guy is way awesome I enjoyed it.