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  1. Probably true but all it needs is good leadership it seems and who has better than Ripple.
  2. This is why idiots like myself can make money trading crypto, there are much more ignorant people out there. I just want to say thank you.
  3. You are right. Looks like Codius was discontinued early 2015 and Brad joined a few months later.
  4. More like, Brad joined and said you’re spreading the peanut butter too thin?
  5. I couldn’t pay a ton of attention to SWELL but from what I gathered (please correct me anywhere I’m wrong) there seems to be some possible hidden hype/relationship around Ripple's Interledger Protocol, Microsoft and Ethereum. ——— Pre-SWELL Marley Gray of Microsoft “Ripple starts to make a lot of sense especially when you throw the Interledger Protocol into the mix. At the end of the day, the thing underlying all of these applications and smart contracts (Ethereum) is payments.” ”In all of these interactions, you’ll have to move money around. So you will need Ripple for that. We see Ripple and ILP becoming part of the fabric of this multi-chain reality.” Source: https://ripple.com/insights/microsofts-marley-gray-ripple-and-ilp-will-be-the-fabric-of-multi-chain-future/ ——— SWELL 1) Bill Gates Gates Foundation partnership 2) Vitalik Buterin "You may want to have digital assets that are based on one chain to be usable on another chain. You may want contracts that are on one chain to be able to send funds to other chains." 3) Stefan Thomas Anyone else see the connection between Ripple, Ethereum and Microsoft?
  6. This happens with everything in this space. Traders were planning on selling before conference to begin with. How this hyped speculative market works. Whales buy earlier and when hype is at ath they have someone to sell to.
  7. Rule 1 of investing is don't fall for Jed related projects.
  8. You probably shouldn't convince anyone to invest more than they can lose or you can cover with your own investments.
  9. Stellar and IBM

    Stellar is inflationary, lacks even mediocre distribution, validators are setup wierd making centralization an issue and has failed to properly scale like Ripple. Plus, when stellar first came out, it was gamed by overseas pay for friend services since Facebook was a requirement to receive free coins. I remember people claiming millions of stellar by paying little for Facebook accounts. Then there is Jed and the issues surrounding his past and his involvement in Mt. Gox and Jedmaggedon. Risky play imo opinion but goodluck to the gamblers and shorters.
  10. Sorry, I read it totally wrong.
  11. You realize that decentralized zero counter party risk assets benefit small banks and unbanked the most? Don’t let money make you a dickhole.