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  1. source for the underlined part please? I hava a thought pattern ? and you know it while i dont? possible. Any non Ms product that is compatible and backed up with all the biggest hardware vendors that keep up to date to the changes made on their own products and are accessible anywhere in the world with 24/7 on permise support with awesome SLA would just be the same as ms, not better. And there is NONE still.
  2. This would be the best thing that could happen to XRP......i work in the IT and even there tons of ppl have no clue...even so called experts...my cooworkers... If every bank would have its own cc it wouldnt change much except the number of fiats xrp would have to settle and the fact that crypto would be mainstream which would benefit XRP. If there would be just one world CC , which is, i might say , inprobbable in the current geopolitical enviroment, it still wouldnt have the abbility xrp has cause of its design...to make IoT into IoV using intelligent coding and great architecture.
  3. Well as an IT expert for more then 2 decades in practice with phd in computer sience i dare you to bring up any other company that can provide the same thing as Microsoft . hint: there is none that comes close. So if this is a sign of how you rationalize stuff i wouldnt bet on your forecasts or advice. Also MS is one of the founders of ETH, not that it means anything since they ar founders of many crypto solutions but it reflects on your oppinion that MS is biggest bs and ETH is good.
  4. well to be honest i think there are endless use cases for xrp, cause IoV to mee means just that. i am sure that it will be possible for a farmer in Australia to transfer the value of 300 kg of pork to Brazil and exchange it for football tickets in the exact same value in less then 4 sec given that there is agreement between two parties about the xrp being the bridge asset. Having that in mind i think xrp can reach obscene prices but i am sure it will take a little more time then i expect for it to happen cause of the tectonic shifts it would have on worlds economy by eliminating the n
  5. nope, use multiple wallets for all kind of purposes and no problem, you can create a new wallet any time you need to get paid and it can be on exchange if you want it.
  6. I am not sure why is this even a question...xrp will be transfering all the markets in the world..including completely new and different ones so at some point in the timeline, xrp will be worth ALL The Values transefered on all the markets/(100000000000 - destroyed xrp) which leads to 1 xrp eventually being worth ALL. so yes i believe xrp will eventualy be worth 1000*anything tradeable, including $
  7. acctually blockchain is the next EU big thing, its in all the strategies for 2020-2030 , we are starting a lots of projects already with it being focused at in the next 10 years period. I hope we can do it right..and fast enough
  8. hello, would you like to use a coin whose creator made it for making quick fortune with fake news? Still , I am pretty sure lots of ppl will buy it...it doesnt mean that the coin works.
  9. i think its not the time yet for the price to go up healthy and for the right reasons so i expect it to go back to 0.25-0.30 after the bull run ....if it happens soon..
  10. Hmm, not gonna dispute your education but your logic fails epicly....
  11. That is because most of the ppl left are hodlers....others bailed in the wrong time...
  12. Its not the main goal for now.... its a bridge asset first
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