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  1. Oldschool

    Hodor and the Bitcoin maximalist

    Once i sent 100 usd in bitcoins , its still travelling..
  2. That is because most of the ppl left are hodlers....others bailed in the wrong time...
  3. Oldschool

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    Its not the main goal for now.... its a bridge asset first
  4. Oldschool

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    well i dont think JP Morgan coin means more then Binnance coin to the world, which is not USA i have to say once more....here is the proof
  5. 50 is my starting cash-out price...then it depends on the regulation. If it stays like now i am all out..if it gets sorted out and the markets are stable 20% cash out.
  6. I am really sorry that Chinese new year is here.... there ... happy?
  7. Krupp, Bilderberg grp, The queen etc.......
  8. My 2 cetnts for why xrp price dont folllow any logic is pretty simple: Big Boyz of the financial world know more then us and they know xrp is the next golden goose. When they decide their positions are good enough to let the herd in, the prices wil skyrocket for all the good news at once, untill then it will stay exactly where they want it to be.
  9. Oldschool

    Down down down

    it aint falling fast enough, my buy orders are waiting...much lower
  10. the currency cmc works with last years marketcap scam exclusive for xrp(ripple at that time) i would say yes cmc is biased against xrp
  11. Oldschool

    The impossibility of liquidity in xrp

    i would put it like this, not going into details: in the next transction xrp==any value needed to be able to do the transaction while trying to ensure 1500tx/s with currently available xrp in the network no matter what real world asset is being transfered.
  12. Oldschool

    The impossibility of liquidity in xrp

    No. in your first sentence you mixed apples and oranges. you can transfer any amount of any value with 1 xrp ( 1 kg of bacon for example or totoal gold deposite or 1 grain of salt). the only real limiter is in how many times you can do it tx/s The total number of xrp is relatively unimportant figure for this protocol. the system adapts the price (not the supply) to meet the demands unlike in the real world, you just missinterpreted the whole subject. Liquidity of xrp is computing subject, not financial. And ripple solved it with ease.
  13. If you were around , how come you havent read anything about Jed then? If you have , then why this question.? It just dont add up.
  14. Oldschool

    Heads up

    tbh. at 14.11.2018, i was so happy to see everything fall..and i wited...and when i saw xrp resisting i was choosing lambos.... now 3 or 4 resists after i just wait for the slingshot to fire