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  1. @SamIam I don't think it's going to be one big pool either (see above). I think it could be all of the pools across RippleNet. Miguel discusses something interesting in this video (right around 54:30).
  2. Distribute may have been the wrong word since Bob and others have said that doesn't work. I meant strategically sell their xrp to partners to incentivize them to use it and build deep liquidity pools in certain corridors.
  3. Great to be back and love the response! You're 100% right about market makers making more money if the spread is bigger and that they'll want a tighter spread for the reasons you mentioned. Also, as more market makers enter the space, the MM with the tightest spread will end up winning since the best price will get the trade. Regarding xRapid, I think I misinterpreted Bob's comment (pic attached). Since his response didn't indicate it could increase the price, I took it that it wouldn't, my mistake. But you are right that he mentioned 2 factors: 1) new traders buying xrp to be market
  4. You make a very interesting point and Bob actually said that in one of his posts. He was analyzing Stefan's claim (which eventually became the patent) and Bob thought it would only depress the price of xrp...until it didn't. And then they patented that process. Here's a little excerpt from the patent that talks about the 'monitoring computing device'
  5. Been a LONG time since I've posted here...feels good to be back. I’ll start this post off by saying that although I have been following Ripple/XRP for years, and invested in XRP years ago, over the last year I have stopped following as closely. I feel like a noob sometimes. Between moving to a new city, a new job, family things, etc., I haven’t been able to follow as closely as I’d like. I see the announcements, see the price movements, etc. but don’t see everything, so if I mention anything in here that has already been said or spoken about...sorry. But Bob Way’s posts from the last
  6. And this definitely can be updated, but enjoy this rabbit hole too...
  7. I wrote this in January, but do you really want to dive in? Here you go...
  8. I definitely agree with you that we should challenge things as it helps us to have a better understanding of things. In regards to banks having branches all over the world (Santander has 250 in Brazil according to Google btw), my main point, which I didn't do a great job in explaining, was simply that these banks which are using Ripple's software are all over the world. I know for me sometimes it's easy to just think "Oh Santander, they're HQ is in Spain, that's cool" without stopping to think about every branch all over the world. And to your last point, I think today was a step in
  9. Appreciate it! Definitely makes you think...now to find the next dot to dig into...
  10. “You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards." I've been sitting on this post for a couple of days, but finally decided to post it tonight. As always, just connecting dots together by using public information - this isn't my way of saying anything will happen, just information that I found incredibly interesting that I'd like to share and hear your thoughts on. After my post connecting many dots to Ripple, I decided to look backwards and take a deeper dive into what I think could make sense for a possible partnership using xRapid. A few we
  11. Here you go...just fit this in somewhere...just kidding please don't
  12. Seeing as MoneyGram is using XRP and works with 400 banks...I think we should just leave this infographic as the last one
  13. Unreal work. I'm digging into a ton of new information, but I think it would be too much to add into an infographic, and I'm not quite sure how the integrations between payment providers work. For instance, in November of 2016 Digital River World Payments partnered with ACI Worlwide and integrated their software. Then in December 2016 Digital River partnered with dLocal and integrated their software, and in 2017 dLocal implemented Ripple. Not a tech guy at all, so would Ripple's software then be used by Digital River and ACI Worldwide since they all integrated software? Digital River got
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