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  1. In IT Security he once was. but due to popular belief that’s what lost say now. Suppose money has got the better of him
  2. Here we all are panicking but this time tomorrow we will all be saying why didn’t we buy at the low. We might see green at this rate. I’ve been watching the charts the last 2hrs and the last 20 mins has me gobsmacked. The amount of money coming back into all the coins at a staggering rate. manipulation at its best. Or maybe someone read my twitter post about me having to sell my body if it got any lower and thought they better invest a few billion ???.
  3. Hate to say it but think we will be waking up in the morning to a blood bath worse than today. I’d be happy with $3 again let alone $5
  4. Chaos. It’s sad to see. Also disheartening. Well it’s all or nothing now. Heartbreaking scenes
  5. It’s so heart wrenching watching this drop. If I was gonna well I would have but unfortunetly I listened to Hodl. I just hope I’ve dine the right thing as I was at an amount that could of made a difference. its the age old wishful thinking “I wish I would have sold it last week” then next week I would have gone “ I wish I wouldn’t of sold them” I’m already crying and my lucks always been the same. Was hoping would be different this time. we can only hope and pray as I’m sure ripple ain’t gonna be happy either. After all we lose they lose surely.
  6. Indeed I realised after I typed it again haha. It’s correcting my own spelling tho
  7. Your in several threads saying the same thing it’s getting tiresome.
  8. It hurts none the less. So coinmarket was over inflating the price? It’s just painful on binance last week it was $3.60 now $1.80. Has I of cashed out and then rebought st this level I’d be quids in. Trouble is I don’t have a clue
  9. I’ve been hearing the same thing since it dumped from about $3.60. Now $2.20. Hard not to get depressed. Unless we get some news I feel all these gains will be for nothing.
  10. Cryptopia I use as well. Seems ok so far. Don’t think any of them are perfect. They can’t deal with current demand.
  11. I had same issue 5 days ago. After 3 days the eth got returned to my Bitstamp account
  12. Thanks I’ll give that a go. Has been driving me nuts
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