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  1. I think the more detrimental point is under section 6.1: Inflation (Money Supply) -- There is an algorithmically programmed inflation rate which incentivi]es security and network effects. Or, if the total supply is capped, then a majority of the tokens should be available for trade when the network launches. This is an easily quantifiable measure (circulating vs. total supply) compared to the definition of, e.g., decentralized.
  2. I would like to know exactly what was agreed upon in the TPA and Options agreements before suggesting either side is 'ahead' or not. I'm sure those will not be made public, though.
  3. Looks like someone (not me) has released a new wallet, based on Jatchili's Minimalist Client - updated! Not sure how secure/audited the software has been, but it has been pushed to the Google Play store if that means anything. https://toastwallet.com/ https://github.com/ToastWallet/core If secure and robust, it's a very welcome addition to the XRP user-space.
  4. I sent a transaction using Jatchili's 6.25 hours ago, and have a tesSUCCESS transaction raw data -- that doesn't show on the ledger. The accounts were correctly debited/credited, but no transaction found.
  5. Based on those statements, I would say no - they are not a competitor (or will not last) vs. Ripple/XRP.
  6. He's absolutely still around. Posted more than a dozen times in the past week: https://www.xrpchat.com/profile/30-joelkatz/
  7. @Kakoyla I think you can find what you are looking for here: https://ripple.com/xrp/market-performance/
  8. Click on the Links & Resources at the top of the page, and look under Desktop Wallets and Hardware Wallets. I personally used the generateSecretOffline and Jatchili's.
  9. TorusNC

    Alternative Chat Box

    Absolutely needed. Hard to keep up with XRP, what with all the altcoin speculation and advice requests. @karlos - how hard would it be to integrate a second tab/instance of the chatbox? I'm sure some members (including me) would donate some XRP to offset time/energy costs.
  10. With all the FUD coming around in the last few months, that's high (low?) praise, MundoXRP. =D
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