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  1. I believe this mechanism will drive some rampant speculation if (when) the utility can deliver. Stock holders would benefit from the XRP price going up as you said. XRP holders would stand to benefit as the XRP price appreciates at the stocks performance. If positioned well, you could literally double dip on the gains. Why/how would this happen, you ask? Greed.
  2. I'm basking in the structure and organization of your writing. Ahhhhh, that's nice.
  3. Guys, if you don't want to tell your family and friends about crypto, that's fine, and so then this thread is not for you. The message is to be able to describe an interest (and could honestly be any interest you enjoy) in a way that makes sense to people who don't know by relating it to their life.
  4. I've noticed that too. To simplify, I change my language from 'block chain' to 'software program' and that usually gets a person back into a frame of reference they can understand.
  5. Your XRP investment and your interest in XRP are two different things. I don't disagree about how society will perceive your judgement to buy in for moon lambos, but that isn't even needed to be brought up to explain WHY you're interested.
  6. Hi Everyone, It's that time of year - the holiday's are coming up right around the corner. It's great to see friends and family at all of our events over the next couple months. Everyone will be talking and catching up, so when Aunt Betty or Grandpa asks you, "So what are you up to these days?" you're going to want to talk about something you find interesting.. your favorite digital asset XRP, right? If you choose to talk about the cryptos, it might be a good idea to keep the information as digestible as the food because the general population really has no idea what you're talking about. Eyes will be glazed over harder than that fruit cake if you don't keep things high level. A good practice I've found is to give practical examples - this is my favorite one that most people understand: XRP lets you send money like the same way you can email someone information. I also like to provide some information regarding the utility, where the technology is shown to save businesses time and money. I almost always get handed that glazed over fruit cake look when I attempt to explain the banking correspondence system and nostro/vostro accounts. What's your go to explanation for XRP that Aunt Betty will understand?
  7. Willy Wu - I remember this as well. https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/famed-crypto-trader-willy-woo-predicts-flash-crash-then-moonbound-bitcoin-price/
  8. I'd like to hear from original MaxEntropy to play the foil.
  9. Thank you for this approach to data. Do some more!
  10. I don't think XRP has a supply chain narrative at the moment. However, when the smart contract platform is developed we'll likely start hearing about some.
  11. @Stedas wrote a getting started with COIL guide on this forum. Check it out here.
  12. A Ripple/Swift integration. I don't disagree with Galgatron's assessment on how it would measure performance wise, but I'd hazard a guess that SWIFT would still have to function more or less as it does today, with ability for the US to control it.
  13. This seems like a slippery slope. What's to stop Ripple from leaving if they decide they don't like the U.S. environment? I mean, the U.S. is a huge market, but so is everyone else not called the U.S. I think the U.S. needs Ripple more than Ripple needs the U.S. Moreover, if I'm the US I want them to be hybrid hooked up. A perfect way to pump the brakes on the concessions of power I have to make due to decentralizing. I can't think of a better way for the US to get what they want out of the old system into the new system. There will be all kinds of business process and requirements that I want transmissioning into a Ripple/SWIFT hybrid.
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