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  1. btc is slower because alle the money for alts is flowing through it
  2. I feel your trade could work out though: over the last few months xrp was always tanking faster and rising faster than btc
  3. Xrapid or xcurrent ? Not quite clear from the press release. blockchain sounds like xrp
  4. Anyone already knows if they are using xcurrent or xrapid ?
  5. I´m still quite far in the green if you mean that. I decided to buy because of the fundamentals and it worked out very well ? Besides that, I´d like very much that TA worked. But not for me. And also I doubt that you can beat 80% of the professionals.
  6. Yeah, that´s true. I don´t say it´s impossible. I just say that over 80% of the people who have learnt this profession and do it all day fail. So let´s say it´s veeery difficult. ?
  7. I´m inclined to believe it. But I still don´t get why the pros don´t just do it the way you´ve said and constantly beat the market over the timespan of some years. (again, https://us.spindices.com/spiva/#/reports)
  8. Sorry, I think I haven´t made my standpoint very clear: I´ve made plenty of profits in crypto ?. But by hodling, not by timing the market.
  9. I have deep respect for successfull traders. But I don´t get how trading can be profitable: Professional fund managers, who have every tool of TA you could wish for, deliver worse results than just blindly buying every stock in the market. https://us.spindices.com/spiva/#/reports How will the normal guy ever be better than the professionals? And, even more difficult, how will you do this in the wild west of crypto?
  10. Very cool! I liked your arguments. Balanced, convincing and lots of knowledge
  11. May I suggest using a XRP/BTC chart? The % depend quite a bit from the timeframe you choose.
  12. ...then,after the bet is over,buying the horse from the owner who now doesn't believe anymore in it for a penny and own it. Poison gets digested,horse wins again
  13. Thanks for the explanation - i think many people suppose that whales have bought futures to sell at a high price and then manipulate the market downwards.like first bet against a horse and then give some poison to it
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