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  1. When to sell? That is different for everyone, obviously. It is a philosophical question. I HODL and accumulate when I can because I don't have confidence in USD or other fiscal matters in the US. There aren't many alternative uses for the proceeds (aside from, perhaps, a lambo at some point) that excite me. I got into crypto in general because I believe in the concept of a blockchain based currency system. Then, I started learning about specific projects like Ripple and started investing in XRP. I have more faith in those projects than I do in the equities market or most other investment tracks, so I hold. I don't have the time, energy, or guts to actively trade, so I hold.
  2. Exactly. I agree with most that it would seem to be unproductive to jump to a new “coin” but it is ignorant to believe that it isn’t a possibility. Ripple has obligation to its shareholders first, a group that doesn’t include most XRP holders. Having said that, I’d venture to guess that 100% of the shareholders in Ripple also own significant XRP, so a new coin would need to offer enough shareholder value upside to offset them demolishing the value of their XRP.
  3. 39. Simple living retirement is my dream...a little wood-working, a little golf, and a nice, simple Lambo for getting the groceries.
  4. I’m with you on this one. It was a roller coaster and it tested the nerves, but it did forge a path. It likely attracted people to research XRP and Ripple and some of those may become true supporters. On the downside, it may have convinced some people it is just a pump and dump scam, but those folks were never believers anyway. Overall, it’s amazing to think what the growth has been over the past several months and even more amazing that the recent settling gets more attention.
  5. Thank you for posting. This was very enlightening.
  6. Great topic - thank you for posting and sharing the EquityZen information. I believe in Ripple and their projects. Like you, I’ve been curious about the potential for corporate growth exclusive of XRP. This seems to be an option worth researching. Plus EquityZen seems to represent a slew of other potential private stock plays. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks @ThomasTheTGV I will continue to support XRP and present what I know to people around me. Admittedly, if I had read that post written by someone else, i may have thought to myself “that guy sounds like a douche”. I’m not sure why I went down the reputation road or why I gave the headline like I was the original zerper. I can’t really blame folks for some sarcastic backlash, unfortunately it was deserved in this case. I Should have said “question from a relatively new XRP enthusiast”. With the simple question “what is the risk that Ripple the company takes off but XRPs do not reflect the value?” Having learned that one can invest in Ripple stock, I will pursue that option as a mini hedge. All good.
  8. I do go to the gym periodically, there are mirrors there, I do look into them. Sometimes I flex. Regarding my original post, the rep reference was the wrong choice for sure. I believe in what I know of XRP and I am interested in learning more.
  9. @Godforce true, not really long term in that context. True, I don’t fully understand how XRP and Ripple technology are inextricably connected. “Reputation” may have been the wrong way to phrase it. I don’t give much thought to what others, particularly faceless names in chat rooms, think of me. I do care to know what I’m talking about and I do generally find good information in this forum. Perhaps my post was lazy, the details are all out there to be found. Thanks for the responses.
  10. Folks, I’ve been a ZERP fan for over a year. I love the application of the technology and I admit to loving the speculative nature of cryptos. I’ve made money and still hold LTC, ETH, BTC, BTH, XLM and I even made money on DOGE. Through it all, I have always held Ripple to a higher standard. Here’s , my concern: if the technology of Ripple takes off but XRP is not a part, will I look like a fool for investing in it? I invest what I can stand to lose, so money isn’t the issue, but I preach the virtues of XRP to many, so I’m more concerned of my reputation .
  11. New to the forum; though approaching one year as a XRP HODLer. Read this forum often to maintain sanity in the midst of crypto mania. One of my greatest deeds in life may end up being my introduction of XRP to a couple friends who actually had the stones to buy some in the teens.
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