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  1. I've been saying this for months on XRPchat, Discord, Twitter. NPCI is going to make Ripple huge in India. The funny thing: dispite telling everyone, nobody responded. I have made quite a few predictions that have come to pass. Suggestions I make happen ~2-5 weeks after I press "post". Sounds braggerty, whatever. Point being: intuition can be a powerful tool. If you can think like they do, and look into the future, you can make a whooooole lotta monies. Keep your eyes and ears open. Try not to get hyped up, or live presumptuously. Invest, and the rewards will be great. Trade, and the stress can be great. Know yourself: strengths, weaknesses, habits. If you dream as the dreamer has, you'll see what the dreamer sees. If you think as the dreamer does, you have an opportunity to look into the future.
  2. Yes, except SWIFT is not on par as a competitor to Ripple. This is the agonal breathing of an antiquated giant. Then the heart rates slows and.....flat line. Remember folks, SWIFT GPI does not transfer value, it only estimates costs and shows you where your money is being bottlenecked! It does nothing to help it move faster. Ripple's product on the other hand, communicates all necessary info and moves value in seconds. Bam!!!
  3. Reading the document originally posted, https://fedpaymentsimprovement.org/wp-content/uploads/strategies-improving-us-payment-system.pdf lead me to this link https://fedpaymentsimprovement.org/ , which announces: "The Capability Showcase, which kicked off in early 2016, was yet another mile marker on the path to faster payments. The showcase aimed at fostering innovation by providing an opportunity for payments solution providers to submit faster payment capabilities for an improved payment system. While capabilities put forth in the showcase are not intended to address all the Faster Payments Effectiveness Criteria, or provide for a complete, end-to-end payments solution, capabilities are meant to address one or more of the Effectiveness Criteria and are intended to serve as a component of an effective end-to-end payments solution. Take a trip down memory lane and review some of the creative, innovative submissions that preceded the full faster payment solution submissions. Also, check back Friday, July 21, to see the full solution proposals unveiled with the release of the Final Report Part Two. " Exciting times!
  4. I think that points to the fact that HODL makes sense. Believe in the company and the future of XRP, then this investment will be a win. The key is patience. My hope is that either way this BTC fork goes, XRP will separate itself from the pack and not be dragged around by BTC and ETH volatility. I think that is already happening. I love the idea of 0.50 after Aug 1. Maybe by the end of 2017 with SBI end of year reports showing savings and other news like that. As for other coins, I am HODLing LTC, DGB, SC and RDD but I think the DBG, SC and RDD are the long game for sure.
  5. So are you saying it is the speculative investment that will need to drive the price rather than bank implementation? I guess I ask because I see the real movement in price with actual use of XRP. Likely, it is some combination of both and other uses that will develop.
  6. Please explain. I do not understand how that would limit its value as a digital asset if it is not a "true" currency.
  7. I don't agree with the Tesla analogy, but I certainly see your point and agree with your sentiment, SWIFT may pose a significant obstacle. However, I think the way Ripple has positioned themselves with other large and well entrenched organizations (Bank of England, noting that Marcus Treacher also being independent non-executive director of CHAPS Co, the UK’s RTGS clearing company, where he chairs the CHAPS Security committee & User Group, for one - he also chaired SWIFT’s global advisory body for corporates from 2010 to 2016 ) shows their business prowess in my mind.
  8. To continue the point about Ripple's roster and to link it to the concern about SWIFT, "the behemoth", this is a quote from Ripple Insights where they introduce - "Marjan Delatinne, who will join us as the Sales Director for Europe. Delatinne will lead our sales efforts for financial institutions in Europe. She will sell Ripple’s commercial blockchain solution to banks looking to offer more competitive cross-border payment services and to join Ripple’s growing global network. Delatinne joins us from SWIFT where she worked for ten years, most recently in charge of selling their Global Payments Innovation (gpi) offering. She also led EMEA customer engagement for SWIFT gpi." They ask her- "What initially interested you about Ripple? "My previous experiences convinced me that the financial industry is in dire need of technology that facilitates faster payments. The industry is looking for modern payments solutions which are built on the latest technology, not outdated infrastructure. Ripple understands how banks function and has adapted to serve them, whereas the incumbents have lost touch with what banks and banks’ customers really want." I think this is important insight from someone well informed about SWIFT's capabilities and inability to move forward quickly.
  9. They DID respond through JoelKatz. Finally, his comment was posted
  10. I said nothing about shouting, good sir. If many people tweet him about the same issue, maybe he will get the message. Seeing as he is also invested in Ripple, it would mean one of two things: Either he is approving of these crap articles as a means to spread FUD so they can scoop up more XRP or He is fully unaware of what is actually being written, and how it is impacting other people. Again, I said nothing about shouting. There is no reason to put something negative to a positive movement, wouldn't you say?
  11. This is why people need to spam Barry Silbert. I tweeted him asking if the article aligned with his personal views of crypto. Barry owns the firm that owns coindesk. He said he was leaving Twitter for a while due to all of the negativity....right before this article was published!
  12. At present, I believe that XRP is being marketed rather well. I sure would like to see MORE marketing efforts, but I think it is happening behind closed doors. Look at the G20 presentation by GPFI https://www.betterthancash.org/tools-research/reports/building-inclusive-digital-payments-ecosystems-guidance-note-for-governments. Then you have FlashFX online foreign currency exchanger! With all of the negativity surrounding BTC, and the extreme volatility of ETH, XRP will outshine them all as it has a REAL-world use-case, and is easily laid out to understand. I'd rather support change within our current system than overthrow it all.
  13. Soooo, what you are saying is...they do not "really exist"? They raised ~$13M...just like an I..C.Ooooh. I get it.
  14. After reading this article, my understanding is that these guys are competitors, targeting small banks. http://tech.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/startups/singapore-startup-instarem-with-indian-cofounder-raises-13-million/59439850
  15. Well, I appreciate your effort!
  16. Well then perhaps this is a project for you (given your experience and following) , Monica Long and and her team.
  17. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. -Ghandi
  18. It would appear that your response was not posted on that article. I read into a comment that touched on what you were saying about trustlines. Is your Disqus name disqus_veU9IvX9tc? I doubt it. I think we all know why they wouldn't post your response, @JoelKatz: the truth burns more than when they take a ****! I'll post your response...again. Maybe a formal complaint directed to Barry Silbert would get their (Author+Editors) attention!
  19. You can even add a 25th word, allowing you to create a "safe" wallet, incase of a $5 wrench attack: Someone holding you hostage, beating you with a $5 wrench to get you to reveal your account. You give them the fake credentials to a wallet that holds a small amount of whatever is stored. Then again, they might just be smart enough to know this, and still beat you until you give in. I find it hard to believe that any of us would withhold this information if our loved ones where threatened. So, the best security would probably be to not tell anyone you have invested. It is good to know about the 24 word algorithm. I believe you good people have cleared this up. edit: changed anyone to any
  20. @ZIGXRP So, in no way, whatsoever, are your secret keys stored anywhere other than the Ledger Nano S? This 24 word seed just generates the wallets, and the secret keys are stored on the device, and with 2 methods of encryption, the secret key isn't exposed because you only use your PIN/Security method to approve the transaction?
  21. @JoelKatz Thank you for taking time out of your day to step in and clear things up. The article was written in a way that was fairly upsetting (he admits to being a cheat and then says here's some ******** - enjoy) , and my hope is that given your important, fact-filled response, Coindesk doesn't delete your comment. Again, thank you for your time, big guy!
  22. I have been hearing about people having problems with the jatchili client, so I haven't taken that plunge yet. I purchased two ledger nano s wallets, but I haven't set them up because I cannot wrap my head around the 24 word seed needed to secure the Nano S wallet. If there are 7 wallets on the nano (BTC, ETH, XRP etc.), and each wallet requires it's own unique 24 word seed, how is it that the nano can retrieve ALL of your wallets with one 24 word seed!? This makes me think that the secret keys for all of the wallets on the nano are stored someplace. If XRP cannot be removed from the ledger, then would that mean that any wallet you use (cold/offline/air-gapped) is just a method of securing the secret key in order to authorize transactions? The Jatchili client was suggested. If I understand this correctly, when you create a wallet, you create a specific identity on the ledger with it's own secret/public key. When you "transfer" the xrp on the ledger, you are really authorizing the xrp to be "owned" by the new wallet. Is this correct?
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