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  1. I am totally interested. I purchased two Nanos...haven't set them up yet because of my concerns: how can a 24 word seed retrieve ALL wallet information from different cryptos and restore them to the ledger? That would mean that your secret keys are stored somewhere, wouldn't it? Food for thought.... If you have a tutorial, I am very interested. I have yet to set up my PC with wifi or Ethernet cable after installing Linux Mint Cinnamon. I haven't done anything with it yet aside from installing it. I have a fresh Samsung USB, though it is still questionable as to what was pre-installed from the factory. Advice is welcome, as usual Morty
  2. Beware the social engineer
  3. I use twitter to push news, not pictures. I don't tweet random facts, when I farted, what it smelled like, the color of my urine, who my besties are etc. I link news, and repeat it I think of it as free marketing for Ripple. I might not understand every in-and-out of how Ripple operates, but I know a life-changing, disruptive technology when I see one. And I love to spread the word! On the topic of personal information, I agree: don't share this stuff willingly! Remember the days when big brother was wanting to know what everyone was doing? Where they were going, who they knew, what they said, what their beliefs are. Well, they had to invest a ton of man-hours and money into making that happen. Now, people volunteer this information in the name of convenience and "friendship" building. NOT! It is done for attention, for the most part. I don't want personal attention. I want the company I believe in to have that positive attention.
  4. Ripple Consensus Ledger=XRPLedger. Ripple Connect= X-Current It seems that they are trying to get away from having Ripple in front of everything. It makes sense as they are trying to separate the company from the asset, but not in a bad way. Ripple Labs is renamed Ripple Inc.
  5. Pretty much what I said in my first response Only...I got some things wrong. Shame on me
  6. Nope, I was wrong. RCL will be renamed XRPLedger. Ripple Connect is something else. Sorry, guys! ( I must be tired..)
  7. Ripple Connect is the software they sell.... RCL will be renamed to XRPLedger. (Edited)
  8. Actually....now I am confused: how is Ripple Consensus Ledger different than Ripple Connect? @JoelKatz Is Ripple Connect the software that Ripple sells to banks? God, I hope I haven't been spreading misinformation! (say it isn't so)
  9. From swift's website: SWIFT does not facilitate funds transfer: rather, it sends payment orders
  10. To be honest, I do not know if they own part of SWIFT. I do know that SWIFT sells their proprietary software for banks to use, just as Ripple does. I am unsure as to what you mean by incestuous relationship or just business.
  11. OP is Original Poster or Original Post. Depends on how it is being used. "The comment by OP was SICK!" or "This conversation has deviated from the topic put forth in the OP". Ya know..
  12. SWIFT sells software to banks, just as Ripple does. Both platforms have a messaging layer, where the banks communicate. The difference is that Ripple's software figures out all of the technical details before money even moves: transaction setup, compliance, quoting, tracking, and so on (in JoelKatz's words). This was called Ripple Connect Ledger, which will be renamed to XRPLedger. XRPLedger has this messaging layer, as well as the capability to transfer value. SWIFT cannot move money. Period. SWIFT is strictly a messaging platform, and they have recently added a new feature to show you where your money is being held up. SWIFT literally cannot compete. SWIFT cannot transmit value, nor receive it. This is why banks need Nostro accounts. With the adoption of XRPLedger or ILP, banks can liquidate the currencies they are forced to hold in many different banks, AND it cuts costs by ~20% just using ILP over traditional payment rails. If they adopt XRPLedger, then the savings goes up to ~60%! If I recall correctly, SWIFT is utilized by over 11k banks, and there are roughly 20-30k banks worldwide. ILP allows legacy systems to connect to the rest of the banks that opt into using Ripple's tech by way of plugins. This is my understanding. Please, if I am wrong, chime in at any time
  13. Seeing as you need 20xrp to open a wallet, the XRP giveaway seems to be a phishing scam. If they just wanted to give XRP away, there would be no reason to ask for your email. Seriously, I would ignore this. Anyone wanting XRP, just buy some. 1 xrp is worth ~.30. If they have the internet, email, XRP wallet, etc...I can't see them NOT having an extra 30 cents to buy 1 xrp. Just ignore it, folks.
  14. When someone comes online and says something that would very likely fall outside of the NDAs that Financial Institutions have with Ripple, I doubt that they are even in the group of people that are actually working with Ripple. More often than not, the feeling that I get from statements like this is that the person writing it is either (i) trying to dig at those individuals who work for Ripple to disclose sensitive information, or (ii) they are trying to spread FUD. Now, curiosity is one thing: you might be confused about something and ask a question, and it can either be answered or it can't (due to NDA's with the banks). I get confused and ask questions, and more often than not I assume they aren't answered by Ripple employees because the questions I ask are probably touching on the NDA's. I figure, if they can't answer it, they won't. What I don't do is make statements that clearly go against what the company has consistently said about themselves, and what they are about. Why would Ripple sell themselves short by ditching XRP!? After all, they do own a significant portion of the total supply, and would probably be using said XRP for MMs, business deals and incentives. I regret inviting people to join XRPchat when I joined reddit. Since then, we have had an influx of people making absurd statements, who are primarily focused on the price as if the future of the product were of no consequence. I appreciate the speculators pushing us this far, truly. But I can't wait for widespread utilization to completely dispel the volatility of emotional speculation, replacing it with growth based on use-case creation and supply/demand. There is this mindset that it is "proactive" to ditch rationality in lieu of emotions. Save the feels. Use your head.