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  1. Well, I shouldn't say "they" as in everyone who was at consensus. I was talking about Ripple.
  2. Who knows? They are heading over to Canada for a presentation tomorrow, and on the 1st and 2nd of June they are in Berlin. https://ripple.com/events/
  3. Okay, you lost me at "I bet the jews wish they had the ability to put their money in Monero during the holocaust. ". My wife's family was murdered, save for her mother, during the Holocaust. I find your comment distasteful. "I support the freedom to privacy and I support the creation of truly anonymous money for the next lot of poor suckers in the world who face oppression and/or genocide." This statement negates the statement you made about the jews. You fail to get the point I made, and it doesn't really matter. Edit: I never said I was or am a supporter of BTC. BTC is getting to the point where it is no longer needed as a gateway currency, nor a store of value. It will be a relic of the past, antiquated software for narrow-minded people. About privacy: The transaction should be transparent in that the sender and receiver are identified, as well as the amount being transacted. The privacy part of this needs to be where the wallet is veiled, shielded from prying eyes. I'm conflicted, but still find this to be a better choice than BTC.
  4. +1 I think that is exactly what was described by Stefan in an article that was written. More than likely the banks wouldn't hold XRP due to the possible price fluctuations. The MM would be the middleman, taking on that risk. Happily
  5. Ah, I see the "no banks" thing. What I would guess he meant is that there are no banks that are using XRP on a larger scale. Yet. There are banks that have completed the pilot programs, but the large-scale "infrastructure" isn't there yet; the banks have yet to adopt ILP, allowing their personal ledger to connect to another bank's personal ledger.
  6. It stands to mask your money. Money that is also used to fund terrorist organizations. Money that is used to traffic children for sex. Money that is used to disenfranchise citizens in other countries for the benefit of others. Fluffy is NOT the man. He is an ***. What happens when regulators come knocking on his door because he was found to have money flowing into Monero from ISIS/Boko Haram? If you don't support transparency with the govt. for tax purposes, as well as AML and KYC laws, then you are against that. Against the system. That is a person's choice. Personally, I found his "humor" to be greasy as FECK, and it didn't matter what he said to get a laugh, he pretty much admitted that his "asset" is used for illegal things. Then proceeds to group the rest of the people on stage into his circus. Honestly, he should have been removed from the stage due to his unprofessional conduct, nevermind the smell. ********** **leaking out of his pores** ***oral diarrhea***
  7. It would be good if they partnered on the use of XRP over Corda, or if Corda just used the ILP, patching their system so as to enable Corda to transfer that info over the ILP, using XRP as a gateway. If I remember correctly, aren't PayChan and Escrow ONLY available on the RCL?! If this is true, and (hopefully) there are no plans of enabling PayChan and Escrow on the ILP, it would in essence force them to use RCL if they adopt XRP as the digital asset best suited for the job. Am I wrong?
  8. Man, I feel like a simpleton because I don't understand the C++ aspect of all of this. So wish I had been motivated to learn to code
  9. Hi David! I got in on the presentation/demo about 7 minutes into it as I was beezy. I remember you saying that "something will be demonstrated that hasn't been demonstrated before", and I can't help but wonder if that was addressed in your presentation today. I noticed that you guys were addressing efficiency while also (conservatively) highlighting the downsides to using/mining BTC. The demonstration of transferring value was done last year to Reise bank from Canada. Was this the scenario you were referring to? Or am I looking too much into this? I could also be asking too much! I would never intentionally put you in a bind, so I apologize in advance if I have done so!
  10. Well, I can't help their inability to focus long enough to complete a sentence.
  11. Seriously, there was no. New. Announcement. Check ripple.com for news. Check out nikb's twitter He will keep you up to date on this stuff. Be patient. It isn't just about price, but implementation. Just. Be. Patient.
  12. A lot of these guys are also involved with Ripple, correct?
  13. Okay, serious question here: Why is the zerp box closed down? I would say that the best way to stop all of the cross-talk about other currencies, would be to ignore those that are talking about it. Kindly redirect them back to the conversation at hand: facts, news, speculation. I also will say that it is GOOD to talk about other coins, but not so much in the zerp box. If people wish to discuss the potential of another investment, start a thread with a very good headline and if other people also want to talk about it they will join the conversation. The zerp box is a great place for sharing information. Maybe there should be two rooms, and if people are spamming the zerp box with questions regarding alt coins then they could be kindly reminded to join the alt box. Please bring it back.... I miss it
  14. Having a "strong" hand refers to someone who is willing to hodl, no matter what. Example:
  15. Stable hands are those that aren't too finicky or erratic. Like a surgeon: