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  1. Exactly why XRapid is unlikely to work for WU. How can XRapid work when there are no exchanges in the remote locations their business reaches?
  2. Its not just the WU pilot that is underewhelming. Look at the Cuallix pilot of XRapid
  3. Can someone tell me what the whole point of getting the community to vote when Ripple has already chosen the symbol?
  4. So the CEO of WU was trying to scare people is what you are implying? While I would not call the news "devastating" it doesn't change the fact that it is not good news. People who try to put a positive spin on this are then professional shillers
  5. Please have a read of the previous post. Also nobody invested in XRP is invested in Ripple the company. If you think that you better be selling before me
  6. In the tech world time is not a luxury. It could get devastaing very quickly for XRapid. SWIFT is not just sitting back and watching
  7. They have been testing Ripple products for over three years now. What makes you think their competitors are unaware of this?
  8. That is a very poor argument. Either the offering is great or it is not
  9. Minute 30. Listen for yourself https://www.veracast.com/webcasts/baml/technology2018/id19307348715.cfm
  10. If XRP becomes the standard for international transactions the US dollar will lose its power as a global reserve currency and all the benefits that come with it - Increased transactions and higher liquidity. This is a tall order
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