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  1. Going to put it this way; if you get the opportunity to buy below .22 (outside of a flash crash), I personally wouldn’t even bother buying at all as it’s confirmation for a further bear market extension.
  2. Those are the old terms which has since changed after Ripple took Jed to court. Read here: https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-jed-mccaleb-settle-suit-over-1-million-in-disputed-funds McCaleb can only sell a percentage of the daily volume. The new terms are: 2016: 0.5% of Daily Volume 2017: 0.75% of Daily Volume 2018: 0.75% of Daily Volume 2019: 1% of Daily Volume 2020 (and beyond) : 1.5% of Daily Volume IMO, these are much better than the old terms even though Jed McCaleb himself considered this a "win" in his blog. He's after Ripple/XRP and even though he has soooo much more to gain from the success of XRP than all of us here combined, he's hellbent on taking them down (what an idiot). Imagine if he was able to sell 1 billion XRP last year or 2 billion this year? The order books are too thin to handle such dumps. Those people calling for sub cent XRP would've been correct. The new terms are much better and its effects are going to be negligible when things really get going.
  3. If this weekly candle closes below on both the USD and BTC pairs...bruhhhhh...either standby with your finger on sell, or ignore this site, Twitter, and/or Reddit for the next few months coz it’s not going to be pretty...all the while other alts are pumping. we’ll find out soon enough.
  4. Imagine being so overly invested and relying on a single entity to essentially ‘pump’ your DECENTRALIZED coin’s value. As they say, something something fool and his money are something something..
  5. Real world analysis? If that was the case, then XRP should've been the top crypto by now. Also, Technical Analysis works to an extent. During its inception, it may have been a whole bunch of BS, but that is no longer the case. Trading Bots work off of TA. It has essentially become a self fulfilling prophecy at this point. Bot algorithms identify patterns, support, and resistance levels and trade based on those things. TA itself is so complex and there is no one right way to do it. At the very least, learning about (identifying) key support & resistance levels will definitely be an eye opener. Don't simply write it off because you don't understand it.
  6. This bear market has absolutely wrecked some of you people's psyche. I love it. *popcorn.gif*
  7. What you're thinking of is importing that activated Rippex wallet into the nano, and no, you can't. It doesn't work that way. You will have to set up an entirely new wallet with the Nano and deposit your (activation) xrp there.
  8. The best part about this post is the part where he mentioned this is his last post. Adios muchacho!
  9. You lost all credibility right here. If you don't understand why there is as many xrp as there is, then move along, boy. LMAO You know nothing, Jon Snow.
  10. No, but I heard DASH was teaming up with McDonalds. Anyone else hear anything on this?
  11. That is awesome! And with the near non-existent to fees, you're not losing money/xrp even with small amount transfers, unlike btc.
  12. 'soon' = 11 months confirmed.
  13. I'm a huge fan of Gatehub, as they were my primary access to xrp when other exchanges were being extremely difficult before the explosion, so for that, I'm very grateful. However, even I have to admit that it is concerning how long it is taking for them this long to address this...
  14. Compared to who? Coinbase? Kraken? Poloniex? Bitstamp? They're ALL slow.
  15. It's smarter to sell such a large position in small portions for a better return instead of one instant sell-off. If xrp is trading at 20 cents and total xrp bids for 1.5 million xrp is not reach until 15 cents, that means dumping on market will net you an average of anywhere between 15-18 cents (most likely on the lower end) per xrp. It would have been much smarter to sell a portion of your xrp sporadically around 19-20 cents, wait for buy orders to pop up in that range again, sell, rinse and repeat..netting you a higher sell average per xrp. I can understand people who market dump small positions, but this large amount all at once? Stupidity , panic, or Jed...take your pick.
  16. You seem a bit conflicted.
  17. If xrp pumps to 30+ cents by Sunday, then retest of ATH during swell at the very least. If xrp stays between 23.5 - 27 cents up until swell, then 33-35 cents at best. Either way, I don't expect another epic xrp pump until AFTER swell. Perhaps months after, but only because of two major factors: BTC rallying BTC Gold aka 'Free Money' To keep myself from being overly disappointed, all I ask, price-wise, is for XRP to hold mid-20 cents and establish that as a new Launchpad. I hope I'm wrong and this turn out much better. But BTC momentum & Free Money fork hype too strong right now. Just my thoughts.
  18. Using Gatehub here for the past few days including the past few hours with zero issues. Can you elaborate a bit more regarding your problem?
  19. I was thinking the same, but only because I've gotten so used to the damn near non-existent tx fees.
  20. Now that we have that solved, OP I sent you my ripple address via dm. I'll be waiting for my Banana coins.
  21. Security concerns with arguably the best/safest way to store crypto at the moment? Genuinely curious. Link to source?
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