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  1. I always find it funny how Thanos and friends always try to take out the enemy through dramatic and powerful displays of force. Why throw moon rocks at someone on earth when all he had to do with dump 100 trillion tons of molten lava from earth's core on his enemies?
  2. I believe this may be a nail in the coffin for many people. Open up a card, have $6,000 burning a hole in your pocket, buy 20,000 XRP. Dangerous.
  3. And the next day after you sell XRP hits $7
  4. https://cointelegraph.com/news/coinbase-adds-tax-support-resources-for-us-customers-including-turbotax-integration One more good sign of this market being taken more seriously. Now we need other exchanges to do the same.
  5. Can you buy XRP on Binance with TRX? Or would you first have to sell TRX for BTC and then buy XRP with BTC? If TRX were to ever take off and taxes come into play, there would be no point converting BTC to XRP if you think both will eventually go up in price
  6. Appears as if Tron is making moves
  7. Aren't there talks about someday lowering the 20XRP reserve? if XRP ever reaches $100 I doubt you will have to spend $2000 just to open a wallet.
  8. I do not like this. XRP has the potential to make millions. I would be very wary of giving out more information than necessary. Both legal and illegal entities can mine metadata from places most people can not imagine. XRPchat.com is a nice, cozy place to spend time, but in reality look at the numbers. There are 21,616 Chat Members yet only a handful communicate in here. Who is really watching these boards and taking notes? https://www.ccn.com/norwegian-man-brutally-murdered-following-in-person-bitcoin-trade/
  9. Dependent on the length of extension and width of the rubber, comprising of only simple long-chain molecules it may in fact break on the opposite side and send it away from your face.
  10. Yes. No more predictions from me, although once XRP finally hits the elusive $5.02 I will be sure to say 'I told you all!' I don't believe there is any serious issue here with liquidity.
  11. This reminds me of my dissertation in second grade.
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