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  1. Lol, wow, interesting responses. Not everything in this space is a scam, guys. No African prince here. I am offering ownership of a keypair that will (verifiably) receive a very large amount of FLR during the distribution. I am willing to sell it for 50% of the IOU market price. So, if you believe in FLR, this is a unique chance to get some half-price. However, I appreciate the big risk on the buyer's part is.. how do you know I don't have a copy of the private key? Well, you don't. That's where a legal agreement comes in. I am willing to offer legal guarantees. No biggie if I don't find a taker. I'll just wait out the 2.5 year distribution if not. I'd just rather have liquidity now.
  2. Long time hodler and member here. I have a public/private keypair for a substantial amount of FLR that I would consider selling at a very fair price OTC - for personal reasons. Obviously, there are trust issues involved with such a trade, so a proper legal agreement would have to be drawn up etc. Anyone interested, PM me.
  3. Does anyone know where I can find a solid timeline of important milestones in the history of XRP and/or Ripple? Something along the lines of: <insert date>: XRPL designed <insert date>: XRPL launched <insert date>: Ripple Incorporated <insert date>: 100th customer onboarded <insert date>: XRP put into escrow
  4. I remember that guy. He had a huge stack of XRP in 2016 and was on the zerpbox everyday. That is tragic.
  5. In that case, OP, I have a whole bunch of XRP I'd be willing sell you for $100 each. Fancy a quick double-your-money?
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