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  1. PaulyS

    Popular Wallets

    Thanks SBC Daniel
  2. PaulyS

    Popular Wallets

    Is my rippex wallet still ok to use now and in the future? Just checked it - not looked at it for a few months... still ok so far. Thanks
  3. PaulyS

    NEW Nano Release coming SOON!

    would the new release work on the nano s? Amazon are selling today for £72 for the next 2 hours only!
  4. PaulyS


    i'll keep checking this week - although when it is added I doubt you'll be able to transfer to any external wallet. You cannot do that with their current crypto's and I did ask the question, but they said no and could not say when if at all.
  5. thanks, I'm about to purchase a nano ledger S - is this the safest way to store keys?
  6. is that similar to gatehub - I've recently opened an account there. Is it safe to leave XRP's there too? Thanks
  7. Yes was using sepa, may use gatehub now instead. It cost me 2 euro more per 50 euro via my bank as their conversion rate is higher than revolut. Have a great day all!
  8. thanks, will have to use my bank in that case. all the best
  9. Have been using revolut to buy my XRP's in Euros from Kraken. Went to buy some just now and got a message that they do not support this beneficiary due to internal security reasons - seem like no crypto-exchanges are supported now. Is this a ploy to get customers to use their app? I would not mind if you could transfer out to an external wallet. Is there any other cheap method of funding Kraken with Euros? Thanks
  10. PaulyS

    Do I have to update firmware on Ledger Nano?

    thank you all for the above advice - I'm about to purchase one of these....
  11. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-16/bitcoin-s-death-cross-looms-as-strategist-eyes-2-800-level Interesting to hear his view of faster fee free payments.....Ripple anyone?
  12. just signed up but fees are too high for me. example 106.9 euro (inc fees) = 135 XRP via BITIT 106.9 euro via kraken = 148 XRP Much better to do sepa euro transfer to kraken, (for me anyway!)
  13. PaulyS

    How to buy XRP on Kraken with USD

    i find Kraken is the best exchange for me to buy XRP. I did use CB previously, but their fees for debit card transactions are just too high. I fund kraken in euro from my bank via Revolut which converts gbp to euro, _ Can also convert to USD - exchange fees are so low too This is then sepa'd across to Kraken - took less than 3 hours to arrive when I did this on Friday. I then set a trade for XRP for when the price is at a certain point and just leave it. When doing via CB, via GDAX, I lost out on some low prices whilst waiting for ETH to arrive in my Kraken account. Now I always make sure I have some fiat in kraken ready to go!
  14. PaulyS

    UK XRP Hodlers

    hello from Kent - i look forward to having a £400k tax bill....
  15. All this positive news can only mean one thing.....