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  1. I'm pretty sure that it's just dry humour as a way to cope during these red days.
  2. Not a problem, we can do that. Is there any other request you have?
  3. Who knows where it'll be by then? At the current price $0.76.
  4. A big percentage of the bad reviews are probably from XRP tribalists, annoyed that they haven't added XRP yet.
  5. There has been tons of predictions in the past few months. One of them has to be right (or close enough) as they'll cover every possibility. The ones that are close will get cherry picked and it'll be the next '589' etc which will ultimately lead to disappointment. The truth is, is that nobody knows what's coming apart from maybe the few whales who own multi million dollars worth of Crypto and can influence the market.
  6. @Tehol_Beddict @Hodor @mars75
  7. Wietse Wind is a genius. A real credit to the community. Along with @Hodor of course.
  8. There are quite a lot of cartoon characters, farm animals and pets. We need more options!
  9. It's looking very promising. The volume will be huge, so we'll know sooner or later. You're a year out by the way ?
  10. I think you're on to something... SELL SELL SELL
  11. Why should anyone apologies? It's your own choice. You shouldn't be a sheep.
  12. You're out of order. No need to write things like that.
  13. They shouldn't have invested into an extremely volatile asset then. Patience and a strong nerve is the only winner.
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