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  1. Swell was a huge success. Ripple had Dr. Ben Bernanke, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Don Tapscott as keynote speakers. Partners and high level executives from Large FI's from different regions around the world jump on a plane, flying 10+ hours from half way around the globe in order to be at Ripple's 3 days event. Definitely not an easy task to have these people all showing up. This speaks volume in itself. Lots of huge news came out of Swell if we paid attention. Some of which are Gates Foundation, ILP, Saudi Arabia, India, Veem to name a few. All this while some other Alt coins with
  2. Federal Reserve Next Steps in the Payments Improvement Journey Webcast - In today’s webcast President George and Governor Powell shared insights on the Federal Reserve’s Next Steps in the Payment Improvement Journey https://fedpaymentsimprovement.org/federal-reserve-next-steps-payments-improvement-journey-webcast/
  3. We may test 10c. Look at Korea, they have the top 3 positions in terms of volume. They've been selling quite heavily. Their price is much lower than those of Bitstamp, kraken etc..
  4. Ripple knows what they are doing and are executing on their business plan, some may not agree with it. If you don't like what you see then please, sell and move on..
  5. Mine showed up an hour ago as well...
  6. I had a similar issue also with 2 transfer from Gatehub to other wallets. Xrp was deducted from my GateHub wallet, the Xrp did not arrive my Bitstamp wallet and the transaction history of those 2 transactions I send yesterday simply disappeared on gatehub wallet. I guess we will just wait for things to be updated..
  7. Thank you Segra, so far you seem to be the only person that actually knows what the issue is, I really appreciate you helping. I'm not as worried right now. However until it shows up in my wallet it's still a bit stressful to say the least. I tried looking up my GateHub wallet and transactions from the RPC Tool using my GateHub Wallet Address. I do see the 2 transactions I did today but can't make out exactly what all the information is on here. https://ripple.com/build/ripple-info-tool/ Update: 1st Transaction on Gatehub today: I have received the xrp that was send in
  8. I just checked my Bitstamp account and I don't see the xrp from gatehub deposited in my bitstamp account yet. Just checked my Gatehub walllet, the xrp have been deducted from my balance and the 2 transactions from today are still not showing up.
  9. I had the same issue today with my wallet on gatehub. I log out and log back in a few times thinking it's system issues that will fix itself. After a few attempts, I was able to send xrp from gatehub. The problem now is the two transactions I send is not showing at Bitstamp. Tried to log back into gatehub to figure out what the problem is. Now the 2 transactions I send today simply disappeared from the transaction history. So now the transaction history is gone, the xrp has been deducted from my gatehub wallet and has not show up in my bitstamp wallet. opened up a ticket and pm @
  10. I am having the same issue today at Gatehub. The transaction history for my 2 transactions disappeared. Also, the xrp that I send is not showing up at my bitstamp wallet. I've email support, hopefully someone will get back to me soon. Xrp was deducted from my GateHub wallet, the Xrp did not arrive my Bitstamp wallet and now transaction history simply disappeared on gatehub. Also pm @enej
  11. Thank you guys for your input. I've send from Gatehub to Bitstamp before a week ago also. It worked perfectly fine previously. I did double check and triple check the Wallet along with the Destination Tag before sending so I am very confident that I entered the correct info. I do understand when sending directly on RCL there's not destination tag but there is a destination tag for exchange since it points to your specific account.
  12. Not sure what's happening with GateHub but this is very concerning. I've already submitted a ticket with GateHub support but, I know their support are taking a long time to reply and fix, also pm @enej here. I want to post this here because the 2 transactions have now disappeared from the Transaction History for the Wallet, however the XRP has deducted. So this is really concerning. I send 2 transactions from one of my GateHub Wallet. it's been 5 hours and it is still not showing up on my 2 wallets I send them to. One is on RCL and my Bitstamp wallet. At first when I tried to
  13. National Bank of Abu Dhabi announced plans to adopt the Ripple protocol for all cross-border transactions. https://markethive.com/group/marketingdept/blog/national-bank-of-abu-dhabi-adopts-ripple-cryptocurrency-software Although it is often overlooked by investors more eager to focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple has several factors in its favor in comparison with the rest of the cryptocurrency field. The currency, now sporting the third-largest market capitalization in the industry, is designed for seamless transactions which can be settled by banks in real time. The result is tha
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