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  1. That read like some epic fantasy prophecy. "And then, as the souls and minds of men burst forth, finally breaking free from the shrouds of ignorance to bathe in the light of Cryptopia...the hordes of alts will descend. The Dark One, Bit(coin)Lord, who spent a millennia absorbing marketcap, will be at his peak. In this time of darkness, the ancient prophecy of an orcale, using the magic of 'Fractal of Five Phi' will come to fruition. Only then will the mighty Zerp will emerge to rid the world of long confirmation times and lost wire transfers, bringing peace and light. (Buy XRP)"
  2. Well really glad to see so much positive buzz around Ripple from these big names. Thanks for the share!
  3. I'll buy one! This should be an official souvenir.
  4. If you buy a motorboat, would you use a paddle to move it? XRP is the native token of the RCL system unless I am mistaken. Yes banks could use fiat, but they have more to gain using XRP, with the speed, security and fluidity that it provides.
  5. I think it is the old news that finally took affect. I have noticed that the price of XRP trails news releases by at least a few days. Good news eventually leads to an increase but takes some time. The recent increase I think can be attributed to the India banks beginning to use RCL this month as well as a whole host of Japanese banks announcing they will begin the same next year (correct me if I am wrong).
  6. Yeah I think it should be corrected. Overhyped good news can potentially cause a lot more damage than simple bad news.
  7. With no warnings given to the developers? Holders of the coin? No reason provided? Good business decision, horrible publicity one. Regardless, the point is that if I can't trust the exchange then there is no point using it. Who knows tomorrow they decide XRP is too close with the big bad banks and should not be considered a cryptocurrency and therefore removed? Since they failed to provide a reason in their 1 line tweet, they have lost trust.
  8. I completely agree. One or two surprises are understandable, but the sudden "we got DDoS" and "Delisting everything for no reason" is too much. Crypto is inherently risky but Polo just multiples it to highest never seen before.
  9. I don't know how relevant the following may be to your question but it addresses the price and volatility aspect of XRP. I found a post by Chandan Maddanna (Vice President, Automation, Global technology, JPMorgan Chase & Co.) on linkedin where he talks about it. "the protection mechanism involves two pre-conditions - The first is the entire settlement process being near real time (close to 5 seconds ), The second is existence of liquidity providers on RCL ecosystem for dynamic translation (the pathfinder) - essentially means the only 'actual' volatility that applies to a transaction is during the transaction 'period' - and as it is a few seconds, volatility effects can be taken as null for all practical needs. on another note, if we consider XRP volatility by itself, then any well traded pair will compel institutions to 'at-least' maintain running averages as reserves, and with pockets of reserves spread throughout in strategic strong hands of FI's and other such institutions, my guess is, XRP will only decrease in volatility and achieve great stability - as adoption increases. however, the important thing to note is, because of inherent trust in the asset, 'holding' of reserves is not as critical as in so many other cases, and the entire asset class can behave more like wave rather then quanta." (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/international-banking-flocks-ripple-chandan-maddanna) in the comments section as a reply to another person Basically: that banks don't need to worry about volatility that much since they are using XRP as an asset, not a store of value. Banks could use floating averages rather than a fixed amount of XRP held So essentially the price of XRP in the long run should increase as more banks adopt it but maybe not by too much depending on how they treat XRP.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely give him a look. Like I mentioned, im new to all this so still exploring options and gathering information.
  11. This honestly. I invested in XRP early 2017 simply because I thought it would be an effective tool to replace existing wire transfer procedures in banks (i.e. will make it cheaper for them and in turn cheaper for customers). Although I don't know much about its technical attributes, i invested in its potential to be useful in a realistic way. I plan to profit of XRP in a ongoing manner. For example, maybe offer a bank to rent out my XRP or allow them to use it for a fee, instead of just dumping my holdings on the market when it reaches some arbitrary dollar value. That way both Ripple, other XRP holders, and myself can benefit in a consistent manner.
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