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    Artificer reacted to XRP2theMoon in SBI Enters The Game As SBI E-Sports Co Has Been Announced   
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    Artificer reacted to LetHerRip in Western union offers to buy moneygram   
    If a merger or takeover becomes reality you can probably kiss ODL's only  "real" use case down the drain. Ripple is left with nothing.
    WU have tested Ripples products and have decided not to use them.
    Ripple would gladly pay WU (as they do MG) for them to use Ripple products, but even so they don't want to use it. So If WU takes over, the MG-Ripple partnership will most likely be canceled.
    What WU wants is MG, if they wanted Ripple software or products they would already have had them and been paid to do so at the same time.
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    Artificer reacted to SquaryBone in Major Accumulation of XRP at All Levels   
    No dummy. Alex Cobb spread this screenshot. I'm 100% sure Alex would not be capable to make that site.
    I'm not saying the Ledger Exposed site is bad or wrong. It's just tricky if you make conclusions with your bias-glasses on.
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    Artificer reacted to jbjnr in ODL Nations   
    In general I'd say the answer is 'some'. The ODL tracker on https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard looks at payments on the xrp ledger and compares them to trades on exchanges using the same amount. I think I read on this forum quite recently that they don't include it until they see 15 transaction that match the pattern. When those transactions are more than 24 hours old, they become part of the history, but don't affect new tests or numbers. However, there may be individuals who are doing ODL like activity - or random buy/sell pairs that appear to be matching that will appear as ODL activity on utilityscan.com - my own suspicion is that the numbers seen the other day including JPY, KRW etc were probably not ODL activity, but probably random trades that just happened to match the pattern.
    My own ODL tracker uses a different approach. I scan payments on ledger and do a very basic statistical check to see if the 'corridor' looks like ODL payments. By this, I mean are there regular payments from one account to another, using the same destination tag - are both accounts known as exchange accounts. Do the payments have sensible transaction sizes, do they fit a certain weekday/weekend pattern. When I find a corridor that 'looks' ODL-like, I then apply a filter to remove spurious corridors. for example, I see a great many ODL-like corridors that are probably arbitrage-bots between exchanges, casinos and other wallets that are 'unknown' - these I remove and what's left are then filtered down to 'candidates' and from there I keep only the ones that ripple have announced as trading partners, (bitso, bitstamp, coins.ph etc). When I plot the amounts on those corridors, I get numbers that match the ones shown on utility-scan.com - except for the JPY/KRW stuff - because I do not consider a corridor open until the trading pattern has stayed active for at least two weeks (I can increase or decrease that window).
    If a corridor is active during a period of time, and then goes inactive. I drop it from my list. This means that if I plot historical charts going back in time, traffic on these 'corridors' does not appear. In general, the amounts on these corridors is quite small by today's standards.
    If you look for example at this plot of weekly totals

    you will see activity USD/PHP and USD/MXN at low levels during the early part of last year - this was almost certainly testing of systems before they went properly 'live' later in the year. However, we have no proof of that and it might have just been normal traffic. My analysis relies on the assumption that if you were ripple/moneygram/other, it is unikely that you would mix ODL traffic with other money flows - when creating a new wallet is so easy and having different account tags on the exchange can be arranged. From an accounting point of view, it makes things much more straightforward to use certain wallets for certain operations and then summing/plotting/accounting becomes simpler.
    I should upgrade my scripts to keep 'old' corridors so that if ones come online, but then go dark again, then the summed traffic on those corridors is included. However, I am mostly interested in the main corridors and if old ones did exist and go dark, I would only care if they were big ones with a lot of traffic like the ones we see in the plot above.
    When I started tracking this back in 2018, I was having a hard time identifying 'corridors' because volumes were small, but now the signal stands out very clearly. And I ran my number (as mentioned in another thread the other day) against the numbers in the ripple q4 report and they %changes between quarters and other details (I forget what now) do match very closely what I see, so I am confident that my plots are basically correct. If I include or miss a handful of transactions, I'm not bothered - I'm interested in the overall trend and the main total.
    (I also see accounts that appear to be involved in rebalancing these corridors, but I am not including them in these plots).
    EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention is that the very early USD/PHP traffic last year was comparably speaking larger than the actual traffic taking place now. so it was probably setting up accounts as lots of large transfers that were 'too big' took place, however when real traffic started flowing, I kept the 'corridor' in my list. So, yes - there is almost certainly some spurious data.
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    Artificer reacted to thinlyspread in Hodor , missed but not forgotten   
    I'm something of an "OG" I suppose, so I remember when Hodor was only a plucky young upstart around these parts! But he quickly became a staple of the XRP community and I've followed some of his blogs. Hope he's doing well, wherever he is now. 
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    Artificer reacted to Julian_Williams in Hodor , missed but not forgotten   
    I think we might add that Hodor's information was 95% accurate (maybe 100%) and it was always a matter for the investor to make their own decisions.  To suggest that Hodor's blog was anything less than a free Rolls Royce service for XRP investors is simply wrong (to my way of thinking).  If people mis-invested they should look at themselves not blame others who accurately sourced the current facts underlying the company they were investing in.
    I am surprised at the low price of XRP, but disappointed would be too strong a word.  As a speculator who has done my own research (helped by Hodor) I like low prices because it is an indicator that I am well ahead of the market.
    "Big Gamble"?  I have put every bit of losable money into XRP because I do not regard the gamble as a "high risk".  I just do not see any one else out there to take the position of bridging asset in the IoV.  I cannot see how the IoV will function smoothly without a bridging asset like XRP.  For my way of thinking XRP is a sensible calculated investment, but it could go wrong!
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    Artificer reacted to Truckdriver in Hodor , missed but not forgotten   
    Man do i miss @Hodor weekly blog's . They kept us informed , educated  and were a great source for me to think outside the box , it didn't matter how many times i scoured the internet for information he always surprised me with something new , i certainly enjoyed his summary , it was the best bit for me. I'm really looking forward to what he bring's to the community next and i hope we don't wait too much longer. In this thread , post a thought , picture or a gif of what you may think he/she may look like , keep it light and respectful , as respect is what he/she deserve's after dedicating so much time to us as a community. 
    So just saying @Hodor missed , but not forgotten . 
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    Artificer reacted to Phintech in Why hasn't Gemini listed XRP yet?   
    Those dudes excel at riding coattails.  FB, bitcoin, ....  Absolutely worthless.
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    Artificer reacted to Caracappa in Why the huge spikes in payments and transactions on XPRL?   
    Perhaps some BTC maxis trying to clog up the network, not knowing XRPL doesn't have a problem with more then 6 transactions per second?
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    Artificer got a reaction from Hodor in Cessation of the Hodor Blog   
    Thank you @Hodor.  You've helped many of us stay vigilant in the face of so much FUD. You've been a guiding-light in the space.  Good luck in your next of life's chapters, and I hope to see your writings again. 
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    Artificer got a reaction from Cesar1810 in Cessation of the Hodor Blog   
    Thank you @Hodor.  You've helped many of us stay vigilant in the face of so much FUD. You've been a guiding-light in the space.  Good luck in your next of life's chapters, and I hope to see your writings again. 
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    Artificer got a reaction from Julian_Williams in Cessation of the Hodor Blog   
    Thank you @Hodor.  You've helped many of us stay vigilant in the face of so much FUD. You've been a guiding-light in the space.  Good luck in your next of life's chapters, and I hope to see your writings again. 
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    Artificer reacted to PG1 in XRP Soars 97% In Rally   
    Looks like their automated news bot has a glitch.
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    Artificer reacted to automatic in Nasdaq now actually lists XRP ETH BTC and ADA, with the launch of BAKKT coming next month is this the sign that huge institutional investors are about to invest? If people like us got the price to nearly $4 a coin, surely the big boys will push it higher?   
    No, they deposit it for safe keeping.  Reliable custodian services are a per-requisite for institutional involvement and potential future derivative products, so increase in use of custodial services is a good sign.  
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    Artificer reacted to LiquidGoat in SEC Guidance Gives Ammo to Lawsuit Claiming XRP Is Unregistered Security   
    No what’s sad is a few morons who bought at the top full well knowing what they were doing are trying to block something very cool happening for a few bucks.
    thats the reality of it, full stop.
    if all this **** had been cleared up two years ago who knows how much progress would have been made.
    PS - you are a drama queen.
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    Artificer got a reaction from ObeyTheWafflehouse in Hi there...   
    Welcome! It won’t take you long to find the solid contributors and the emotional quacks. It’s a great community overall, though.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Artificer reacted to meegwell in Moneygram Earnings call this morning...They are pumped for xRapid   
    They gush a bit about Ripple and xRapid
    "Ripple has become our key partner for settling cross border payments using digital assets"
    "Sooo excited to announce today that moneygram is live and settling transactions on the xRapid platform"
    "we started executing trades this week and all signs point to this being a tremendously beneficial relationship for all parties involved"
    "we are literally settling trades in seconds and quote my friend Larry 'this is really cool'"
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    Artificer reacted to WuWei in How can we lose?! $50+ Inevitable   
    The way that I see it, the brief transaction time reduces, but doesn't entirely eliminate the risk of volatility during large money transfers. As the price of xrp climbs, this volatility would be expected to accordingly decrease, therefore a higher price would be an asset to smoother transactions. The logjam is the lack of regulatory clarity, which ultimately prevents banks/FI's from venturing beyond using Xcurrent and into Xrapid usage.  I believe that once the regulatory issues are clarified, xrp will gain a tremendous boost in liquidity through price appreciation, and that this will be a watershed moment in the widespread adoption and use of Xrapid. The open WSJ letter/add to Congress, was, imo, a veiled warning that Ripple isn't going to tolerate being held up much longer and is considering moving operations to a country whose cryptocurrency rules have already been clarified. It's almost like asking, who's going to show up at a game where the referees haven't even decided on what the rules are going to be?     
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    Artificer reacted to Dario_o in How can we lose?! $50+ Inevitable   
    In your opinion.
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    Artificer reacted to yxxyun in Is ALV dead?   
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    Artificer reacted to vrippled in Is ALV dead?   
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    Artificer reacted to Nihilist in SBI VC going live on July 31st   
    This is not just another exchange, this is SBI exchange.
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    Artificer reacted to 69GTOjudge in The Official Beer of the XRP Community   
    I'm 50 years ahead of you:

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    Artificer reacted to Hodor in XRPL Labs develops Xign, the mobile banking app without banks   
    The first version won't involve bank integration, but Wietse is proceeding in a step-wise fashion, first getting permission to handle custody of small amounts, so that he can get his idea for an 'ILP wallet' working. 

    Then, he wants to obtain a full European banking license, which is very exciting.  This would allow full integration with banks and Xign, and involve material amounts of money. 

    Re: FDIC:  The FDIC is a U.S. concept, so it would not apply to Xign as it will target European banking first.  Auto-withdrawals sound very cool, and it's something you can set up with mainstream banks.  I don't know if he visualizes it doing this in version three or four of Xign, but we can flag him here:  @xrptipbot 
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