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  1. The pending ascension is papable.
  2. The sad thing is, most of these elected decision makers will be dead before the allotted 20 years to catch up. Term-limits my friends!!!
  3. Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) just showed the world his prefatory understanding of the opportunities that cryptocurrencies and the Internet of Value will bring. He actually said that creators of many crypto's should be imprisoned. He lacks the vision God saw fit to give the blind cave shrimp!
  4. Agreed......approaching the point of cowardice on Yoshitaka Kitao's part.
  5. Forget “when moon?”.....”when decouple?”
  6. Last night, during an passionate moment with my wife, she said to me, “Say something that makes me feel like a woman!” I replied, “Go make me a sandwich.”
  7. Artificer

    How to get ALV coins using Ledger Nano S

    Good morning. Thanks for responding. After much frustration, I eventually figured it out. Have a great day!
  8. Artificer

    How to get ALV coins using Ledger Nano S

    Hi @Kackliiiren , I keep getting a message stating that my blob is "undefined." How did you get past that?
  9. Artificer

    XRP: How Big Will This Be?

    @Hodor I certainly hope a ticket or two to Community Night make their way into your hands. You are well deserving of an invitation! Thanks again for all you do for our community.
  10. Artificer

    Mercury FX xrapid tweet

    Strap yourselves in..... 1:21
  11. Artificer

    New member from Germany!

    Welcome henne111!