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  1. Yeah, don't really want to import my Secret key into MetaMask. Seems like there is a way to do it, according to XRPatty via the video done yesterday, but still confusing. I do not know if I am able to change the ETH address via Message Key from XRPToolKit. If BiFrost Wallet is ready to go at Flare launch then that might be another option but still not liking the idea of leaving my Cold Storage.
  2. I have been trying for hours now, looking for this answer to my question. I already did the Claim via XRPToolKit for my Ledger Nano S and I am all set - all green boxes checked at flare.tools. So, when Flare Networks go live, and they begin to distribute (airdrop) the Spark Token (FLR), will I get my FLR token sent to my ETH address on my Ledger Live app that was used to set up the claim? MickeyFresh/XRPatty's videos about this is not really clear. Still don't know it that ETH address is ONLY FOR SPARK CLAIM or it will actually receive the SPARK (FLR) Token. Does anyone know the answer?
  3. I already did the Claim to Spark (FLR) Tokens last year via XRPToolKit. The snapshot already took place and all is set - but since then I have more XRP in my account and from what I hear, I have til June 11th, 2021 to make the claim. So can I simply update my Message key and "readjust" my XRP balance? Or is it too late now - once done that is it?
  4. 260,000 Doge Coin is worth only @ $1,820 USD. I am asking $249K for my LOT in Belize. Now what do you think my answer will be????
  5. Yeah, me too. Bought in March 2011. Some like it and some don't. To each his own I guess.
  6. True, but this parcel of land is in a Mega resort (The Reserve). Did you see their website. 5- Eco system development. Lots of amenities and a Private Island.
  7. ATTN SERIOUS CRYPTO HOLDERS: I have a .35 acre LOT in Belize (Canal Front to Carribean Ocean) that I am willing to trade XRP, BTC, AGI or ETH for. It is located in the Award-Winning Development called... The Reserve. Click here to look at my listing on Bitcoin-Realestate.com: http://bitcoin-realestate.com/property/retire-in-style-belize-waterfront-property-for-sale/?preview=true SERIOUS ONLY. Look at my listing then contact me for details. Want it? Make me an offer.
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