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  1. https://medium.com/@zebpay/introducing-ripple-on-zebpay-8519ecdd25bf That's probably the reason
  2. Fully agree, because liquidity is for sure holding XRP back significantly. With no KRW pairing, not even excluding BTC, there's literally no liquidity given at all anymore
  3. In a world where a single 'currency' is good for 1/3rd or more of the whole value in the market ( as BTC is ), there is no way to decouple from it. As long as the BIG majority of cryptos is traded in mainly BTC pairing, if BTC goes south, the others follow right away. Think about it - you'll get amount X in BTCs for amount Y in your crypto, some markets are only tradable in BTC, it would be very unrealistic for a coin not to follow BTC. Not saying XRP is like that ( although at this stage, XRP having 50% of traded volume coming from XRP/KRW pairing is for me an even bigger problem ).
  4. There you go https://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/mastercard_logo_before_after.png
  5. The logo is the same as the one issued on new mastercards Seems to be some kind of rebranding as the logo is present as well on the official mastercard website.
  6. Well it's explained pretty much in detail on their official website, so not exactly sure what you're looking for by opening this thread in the way you did... I think most people will agree that asking anything on this forum is completely fine, but it would be great to keep a certain netiquette and at least try to research on your own before doing so. With that being said, seems like a spin off of Ripple, using their logo, copyrights so not sure at all it's in any way legit. Probably just an attempt to ride a wave to make some quick profit.
  7. I wouldn't panic too much, in the end, we're still in the crypto space which is known for being highly volatile. The price seems to have found a baseline at the $1.90 - $2.05 mark as of now, which I personally feel very strong about. A rally in crypto always ends in some dumps with people cashing out at peak ( or what they consider to be a peak ), let it be to take profits home or in hope to catch a drop and freeroll for some more coins. Don't forget we been at the $1 mark not even a week ago, there's nothing like an ever growing price to any currency or asset, let it be fiat or crypto, in the whole world.
  8. I'm not sure if that will help, if you read what I posted above, it doesn't make a difference if you deposit first or try to buy currency. Best is to get on call with your CC company and ask for more clarification why it got denied exactly. My bet is still the way these transfer are marked and processed as on the creditcard end.
  9. It's not about what you're doing, the transaction from VISA/Master to bitstamp is classified the way I described - that's what mastercard told me. I was able to easily deposit several thousands a day via creditcard into bitstamp, right now it's only 500 a day due to this limit which is issued by the creditcard company itself.
  10. Bitstamp changed the way transactions are processed recently. To my best knowledge, now they're processed as 'currency exchange' rather than flatfline deposit - which causes issues for more than $ / € 500 a day according to mastercard.
  11. Fully agree with IAMGROOT, volume is king in crypto. Still seeing 25%+ coming from one exchange and one currency is very scary to me, I'll start comfortable not having more than 10% going through one exchange - anything above is simply too volatile in the whole bigger picture.
  12. Way faster than I personally expected it, what a great end to the year and a late christmas gift!
  13. To be fair, we have to take into consideration that Ripple's value is heavily based on XRP holdings. With the ( hopefully never happening ) risk of easily dropping 30% of XRP price within a couple of hours, it's all a bit blurry.
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