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  1. Looks like the party is over for now.. guess we have to wait for the next party and wish xrp rocks the next one I feel sad some unknown coins made new ATHs and people with zero conviction about those coins got home richer.. we the one who believe in xrp are stranded here for now..
  2. This looks like shakeout of all or most alt coins and XRP and the money moving into BTC and ETH to hit their new highs.
  3. Is the site down? Getting a try again message multiple times
  4. I hope there is a last leg of the bullrun left and xrp also gets to at least double up on its previous ATH. If not it will be another long wait
  5. I hear China has banned all financial institutions and others players from dealing with crypto. This could be the reason of the crash. Crypto is here to stay.. these are all smalls bumps along the way..the one who stays strong wins at the end.......... Hopefully
  6. I would add..take profit and look back when others are running away (rock bottom)
  7. Very nicely put..hope the next couple of weeks are XRPs.
  8. This is so perfectly well laid out. Wish all us retailers follow this method. I lost 70% xrp in the 2017 bullrun and invested thrice as much to keep the remaining. But now I am hodling not trying to sell any. I was bought in for the vision that xrp has. But now I really like the price point theory that you talk about. End of the day we are all in it for money
  9. I think downside is imminent. Last year's bull run was quite different and all the coins went up 10x in a span of 10-15 days. It would be best for all of us to sit and wait for those huge numbers.
  10. With the supreme court order in India, how many of you encashed your zerps? Anybody still holding on?
  11. Man I just hope my zerp babies grow and see $100 days. There should be a way out of this sh*t for us Indians.
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