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  1. This is so perfectly well laid out. Wish all us retailers follow this method. I lost 70% xrp in the 2017 bullrun and invested thrice as much to keep the remaining. But now I am hodling not trying to sell any. I was bought in for the vision that xrp has. But now I really like the price point theory that you talk about. End of the day we are all in it for money
  2. I think downside is imminent. Last year's bull run was quite different and all the coins went up 10x in a span of 10-15 days. It would be best for all of us to sit and wait for those huge numbers.
  3. With the supreme court order in India, how many of you encashed your zerps? Anybody still holding on?
  4. Man I just hope my zerp babies grow and see $100 days. There should be a way out of this sh*t for us Indians.
  5. I think this is the 4th wave. 1. 0.005 to 0.07 2. 0.07 to 0.42 3. 0.42 to 3.40 Either ways it doesn't matter and I also believe in this wave theory and have a strong feeling we might hit anywhere between $15-$20 in this wave. I am from the consolidation phase @.20 and screwed up and now sitting @$1.
  6. Zebpay I feel are terrible. Their sell and buy orders are not per market. If they quote a buy price of ₹100, they will quote you a sell price of ₹70/-. I would never go to such an exchange. They were the only ones so they could loot customers. Not anymore.
  7. Buy in now and buy in chunks. Don't go all at once
  8. Yep this is what I have been trying to say. They have only mentioned they will "Discourage" the use of crypto currencies. But as such some sections of Indian society hate our govt and are willing to go to any lengths to show them in bad light. This struggle has been internal to India so far and now I see this spilling over into the crypto world.. hehe!!
  9. Really?? In which country has a finance minister stepped down because of a petition? Indian govt has been undoing all the **** plastered all over the country by Congress in the last 60 years and this is there for the world to see. Looks like you burnt your a** during demonization and that's reason for your anger. Anybody would hail that decision if they were an honest tax paying citizen. And you are the one with a propaganda here fudding against Indian govt
  10. I am also from India and I made my comments for his statement that said "our govt will Lynch us and there is absolutely no human rights here in India". That is just utter crap.
  11. I want to see the holder % chart for January. Will be interesting
  12. I don't think this is the end, I have not made my monies yet
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