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  1. arggh I hate being titled a newbie LOL I got my ripple labs xrp wallet with a few hundred xrp for free when I was on a btc chatroom back in 2012 ( just before the silkroad takedown... give me back my btc you thieving feds LOL). I was ranting about btc back when it was 4$ au in 2011 and no one listened but I got caught with my btc on the supposed untraceable tor site as I was to lazy to bring the leftovers 45btc from a "transaction". using btc for what it was famous for in those days.
  2. considering that the SE Asian market is where all the money is coming from I see this as far better news than a coinbase listing. After all the FUD and false info that's floating around. Combined with the absolute hatred that the so called revolutionaries ( who seem to think that the financial sector is going to just sit back and allow a decentralized utopian dream , that's been trying for 10 years to do so, to just walk in and take their clients without one hell of a fight) show to this so called "bankers coin" I'm surprised it hasn't crashed even worse LOL . I think its actually holding well considering the sell off from people who don't realize this was, and always will be, at least a 1-2 year hold. Xrp is not a pump and dump crypto.
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