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  1. Theres only 21 million of them total so that's pretty impressive.
  2. They should have named them after Linda Lovelace instead of Ada Lovelace. Although then they would really really suck..!
  3. There was four xRapid exchanges, now there is three. Pretty hard for dozens of banks to use them. Besides coins.ph is OTC so how does that work for exchange?
  4. How do they actually use xRapid when there are only 2 corridors and the Philippines exchange is OTC? Also, why are there so few xRapid exchanges? I'm genuinely curious to know how they become an xRapid exchange, no-one has been able to clarify this.
  5. Pretending to have Uber, Amazon and Facebook for customers is blatant deceit. Promising dozens of banks is also misleading. Regulated industry or not you can't just do that and I was surprised to see it's still going on.
  6. The question was basically why is the price stuck. ...theres only 3 xRapid exchanges. One of which is OTC. No utility is the reason, so it's just another coin. Until that changes only speculation drives the price. This time last year everyone was expecting a big de-coupling.
  7. Dozens of banks will be using x-rapid in 2019! But they aren't. It is that simple.
  8. If dozens of banks start using XRP this year as Brad stated then I'm sure it would make a difference. Otherwise its just kids swapping baseball cards.
  9. Weiss is a conman. If you've been getting emails from his mate Sean Broderick about how he can save you over $10,000 on a subscription for his snake oil then you might realise that Weiss himself can't play this game anymore because he's already been convicted for it. Still, what would I know.
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