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  1. This has another meaning you might become aware of if you wear it.
  2. I assume you mean Euro Exim Bank and Mercury FX? I hope Euro Exim are hugely successful and good on them for having a go. Mercury FX seem to think xRapid is everything it promised. I just can see how without more exchanges there is a bottleneck. What does an exchange need to do to get xRapid status? Just curious.
  3. It's no secret. They have invested in some very interesting projects. https://www.gv.com/portfolio/
  4. ....."due to market conditions Dan Morgan is no longer working for ripple"....
  5. Should I buy more then or put a deposit down on a Lambo before the rush?
  6. I'm sure they do but I was after a realistic explanation not a fairytale.
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