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  1. Any word on coins with the "XRP" logo? These coins are so awesome, and make perfect gifts!! I've seen people on Reddit asking as well.
  2. Bittrex - USD pair Qryptos - JPY pair Quoinex - JPY, IDR, EUR, SGD, QASH pairs HitBTC - EOS pair OKCoin - USD, ETH, BTC pairs ACX - AUD pair EXX - USDT pair Coinex - USDC pair Cobinhood - BTC, USDT pairs Exmo - UAH, TRY, EUR pairs Yobit - USD, BTC, ETH, DOGE, WAVES, RVR
  3. You should ask @Mercury to do another run of coins!! I've given all mine out as gifts, so I'm ready to pick up some new ones myself!!
  4. The original title was "Chinatown" which is not a country.
  5. I've read that China is looking to lift the Crypto ban, but not sure what that timeline looks like.
  6. Your title makes him sound racist. His quote does not.
  7. Bitcoin = Caesar. Alts = Senators. KILL! Civil war in Cryptopia; followed by millenia of peace courtesy of Ripple and XRP!
  8. I make my paper when the price is up. If anything, I want everyone on here to hold their XRP, and NOT sell them off (even to me). Stop the massive selloff, and lets get back to $3XRP.
  9. When you specifically reach out to the new peeps (typically the weakest hands) and spread the fear of a continued drop, you're not being the good guy you're attempting to sell yourself as.
  10. Don't spread FUD and try to buy fellow Zerpers XRP cheap. **** move.
  11. I sent 1000XRP a while ago, and they've been stone walling me (America). I don't think they want to let people in from outside S Korea. I could be wrong, but it's been weeks, and they still haven't credited my account. I have multiple tickets in, and they ask for the same information then close the ticket without actually doing anything.
  12. Rich enough to pump the hell outta Stellar/XLM!
  13. What's stopping the buyers from saying they never received it. Obviously you can show eBay the transaction ID, but if they don't approve of selling Crypto they aren't going to care what you show them! Sellers are taking as much risk as buyers! Having said that, looking at the "sold" items, every one of them is paying around double the actual value.
  14. @woytow I'm going back a couple weeks, to before he ever mentioned it. THAT is when XRP was firing up the moon rockets, and I was ready to push my $1 Zerps into Verge. Unfortunately we stalled, and I hesitated like a dumb-dumb. I've been in and out since, but I hope to get in more very soon. Wraith should be announced by EotY, so I'll be jumping on with $1.50 XRP monies!!
  15. XVG! I had big plans to roll some XRP money in after $1, but John McAfee had to open his big mouth and spread the word too soon!! lol Can it drop back to .008 so I can buy in now!?!?
  16. CMC shows a rough average of all the exchanges. So while most of us are around $1.03 or 4, the Koreans (with higher volume btw) are up around $1.30ish. Someone above stated about the difficulty of arbitrage with the SK exchanges, which is why things haven't leveled themselves out like they tend to do between other exchanges.
  17. Didn't the Oracle (that guy who "predicted" the Escrow and huge buy) say something about Apple? Or maybe I'm mixing Tweets, it's hard to follow all the "news" and supposed leaks. HAHAHA
  18. Are we talking about the quarterly reports (which will be released in Jan.) or some Q4 announcement (which should be put out before the end of the year)?
  19. I read that only as them preparing for the mass sell off/and or buy ins that will happen because of the futures markets opening. I see nothing about XRP or Ripple. They'll see the light soon enough, just not tomorrow night.
  20. Or let XRPchat do it for you, and add them to the ignore list!
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