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  1. Slogging through my daily 90-minute morning commute earlier this week, I got to thinking..."Should I be adding more XRP to my vault?....or put the $$$ towards something more...conservative?". Moments later, Ripple roared through my car speakers, courtesy of SiriusXM's Grateful Dead Channel. Was it a sign? Not sure...but I snapped a photo anyways. This morning, on the same station, Ripple played again, this time as a cover version by The Persuasions! That sealed the deal, & warranted another pic. Now, if only Jerry & the boys had penned a little ditty called XRP... :^) Note: No, I'm not playing a MiniDisc. It's a workaround to put satellite radio into a pre-2008 vehicle!
  2. Live in Johns Creek; work in Dunwoody. Definitely open to a meetup!
  3. Weiss report will be issued this coming Wednesday. For instant notification when their report is released, you can provide your email address in advance on their site here: http://finance.weissratings.com/crypto/
  4. It's all wacky with its pricing, though. Lumen is at $1,707 USD and XRP is priced at $1.1211. BEWARE! Clearly they are still working out bugs. WD's also suspended for next 12 hours, per their blog: Withdrawals are now disabled and will remain disabled for a minimum of 12 hours (during this time we will be monitoring the new system for anomalies)
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