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    MONEY, MORE MONEY then Fishing, Boating sometimes doing both at the same time, I know....Crazy but...
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    Trader / Investor
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About Me

Retired or retarded Network Engineer depending who you ask, lol. Stock trader for 35 years via self-investments. I also speculate on Marijuana / Hemp Stocks since late 2016. My Stock portfolio contains 19 mostly start-up MJ companies. Since Buying my first Cryptos, a Thousand Dollars worth, ETH, LTC and Fractional BTC I doubled my investment before moving it all into IOTA where it doubled again. I really only bought IOT because my belief Microsoft was a partner and has since been reported as not being a partner but a participant. I moved all my IOT's into BTC then purchased XRP about 2 weeks ago and now that has doubled too. I used to jokingly say "I only know 2 things in life, Money and Weed" just so happens they have come together in a big way for me with said knowledge.

Not a Bad year at all:D

PS: I still like IOTA and should have kept some. I believe the Tangle is far more scalable than the Blockchain, faster and a great technology with a very good future. I was able to buy a larger quantity of XRP's than IOT's hence making my multiples larger.


See you at the Cigarette Powerboat Dealer soon?

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