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  1. Not sure why this hasn’t been posted... https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-welcomes-yoshitaka-kitao-to-its-board-of-directors/ “The Representative Director, President and CEO of SBI Holdings, Inc. Yoshitaka Kitao will be joining Ripple’s Board of Directors. Having served as the head of dozens of companies throughout his career, Mr. Kitao brings to the board extensive leadership experience and knowledge of global financial markets.”
  2. Seems like he may have been someone in the crypto space once. These folks will loose their relevance as the space matures.
  3. Great stuff here. There’s obviously plenty of XRP use that we have no idea about.
  4. Noobs and the experienced have to watch out for premature speculation. It can be a real problem for investors, and can get one into a sticky situation.
  5. Alternatively Ripple spend 20B (keep 40B) XRP and cover the Q promises 100 Q to one XRP and a Q could be the term for a 100th of an XRP
  6. Musings... - Initiative Q has gained quite a bit of traction and is being discussed across the internet.... I think (even though they don’t have a working system yet) their distribution method has tackled an issue most crypto’s have had (distribution)... - so what if a company like Ripple bought out/partnered with Initiative Q (InQ); and, - backed InQ’s 2 Trillion coins with XRP (50 Qs to one XRP, leaving Ripple with 20b XRP)? - Qs would simply convert to xrp; - XRP would have more holders than any other crypto... with none able to do any damage (100,000 Qs are equal to 2000xrp in the above scenario).
  7. I’m told 190,000,000 therefore 60b (xrp held by Ripple) / 190m = 315xrp per share (of course depending how you look at it, those coins aren’t in circulation)
  8. If you’ve been holding Xrp for nearly two years it’s worth at least x35 what you paid for it...
  9. ....but seriously... I bought in under 1cent, and believe the price is cheap still but I find it difficult to buy more now because that would lift my Average Buy Price.
  10. @lucid99 just wondering if you’ve dumped XLM and other coins for XRP given it is proving the most stable in this downswing, also are you paying tax if you chose to dump those coins for XRP?
  11. There’s some nice pairs on this site... https://dcex.com/ I started buying XRP in March/April 2017, then you could only buy it through BTC...lots of progress since then, well done @miguel
  12. https://cointelegraph.com/news/new-ripple-based-decentralized-exchange-launches-in-san-francisco “A new Ripple (XRP)-based decentralized crypto marketplace, DCEX, has now opened registration for retail and institutional accounts, according to a press release published July 30. The new San Francisco-based platform runs on technology developed by blockchain firm AlphaPoint, and will initially offer 15 crypto-crypto trading pairs, all against Ripple as a base currency. These include Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS(EOS), IOTA (MIOTA), and ZCash (ZEC), among others, with further altcoins to be listed in the future. DCEX will also reportedly make all of the assets included in the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI) — which tracks the top ten “most liquid” crypto assets and presents itself as an “institutional benchmark” for the crypto market — available in one location for investors. According to the press release, DCEX believes that using XRP as a base currency will allow for “high-speed transfers” that can help investors to better take advantage of “price inefficiencies” in their arbitrage among currency pairs on different exchanges.“ ........ More liquidity!
  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5984967/Johnny-Depp-play-late-cryptocurrency-billionaire-Matthew-Mellon-upcoming-biopic.html This is a fairly mainstream mention of XRP, Emphasis my own: “Mellon died in April of 2018 at the age of 54 after battling addiction for most of his adult life. At the age of 21, Mellon inherited trusts worth $25 million from his Mellon and Drexel families. He would eventually invest $2 million of it in the cryptocurrency XRP, known widely as Ripple, and turned it into a $1 billion fortune. XRP is a decentralized digital asset and settles payments in 3 to 4 seconds which is considerably faster than Bitcoin. Mellon married Jimmy Choo shoe mogul Tamara Mellon in 2000 after meeting her at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. That relationship ended in divorce as did his second marriage to Nicole Hanley Mellon.“
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