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  1. I haven't got around to it yet, life just got too busy. I will update if I have any success.
  2. Slightly off-topic........ Anyone have any idea where I would find info on general dev access to the test network(pre the main net). I would like to start looking into creating my own interface for monitoring and running an algo to adjust an account as required, data feeds or send an alert etc. I can't seem to find anything through Xrpchat search or Google....... Thanks
  3. More participants = lower odds = higher reward Less participants = Higher odds = Lower reward Higher stakes = higher risk = higher reward Lower stakes = Lower risk = lower reward I guess I am thinking of potential users. The ability to choose the risk/reward of a game will help with adoption. If you like the idea of a giant lotto, there would be nothing stopping you from starting one. When I am trying a new system I like to start with a small value/risk and then progress with more value when I am confident that it works. Lotto is an easy way to start but it could be expanded into different games. If you are a programmer, you could create a basic version to simulate players/stake/distributions etc without the XRPL. It would help to work out the steps needed to be implemented on the XRPL. **edit: on the issue of randomness. could something be done with transaction hashes e.g. first numbers in the first 6 transaction hashes of the following ledger close (to get 6 numbers)? or some variation.............
  4. You could have it that someone creates a "game" with their specified parameters e.g. 1 XRP buy in, 5 "players", game type(you could also automate random games. Type, value etc). The interface then makes public a set of QR codes that have the players initial transaction settings and includes a memo referencing a "player" of the particular game(first in best dressed). Maybe the 1 XRP could be put into escrow with different release address or addresses depending on the "game" outcome e.g. winner takes all (all escrows go to the "winner". **Insert distribution model here). As each "player" enters the game a slot is disabled. When there are enough "players"(5), the "game" is started. Game completes and final transactions take place. I have not done too much with the ledger so I am not sure if the release parameters can be changed while in escrow. Interesting idea.
  5. All bets are off until Flare goes live. The price of XFLR on Poloniex is creeping up too. As far as I am aware, FLR will also be needed to mint FDOGE, FLTC etc as well............. It all depends on how many asset holders will become market participants etc.
  6. Something I have been thinking about is the 2.5FLR to 1FXRP collateral ratio. Right out of the gate there will be demand for FLR due to a couple of reasons e.g. XRP and FLR total supply is the same and only 15% of total airdrop around June. It will take a while for people to get an understanding of how it works and if the software interface is too complicated, this will turn people off. Basic napkin maths using the 2.5:1 ratio with XPR at 0.50USD = FLR 0.20USD. Of course it gets more complicated than that...... https://flare.ghost.io/fxrp-walkthru/ Still a lot more research to do.........
  7. I have been hesitant to talk openly about my trading project. The main edge I have is my algo's assumed uniqueness (hopefully). I am willing to talk about it in general terms......... I have created an algo that on back testing, cumulatively returns between %200 to %1200 for the last year (before bull run) depending on what asset it is applied to (long only, no margin). I have found that creating a trading bot is relatively simple. It is all of the other elements around it that can get crazy e.g. api's, db, multi threading/processing, hardware, servers, security etc. I have had a break for the last 3 months to try and clear my head due to the mental gymnastics involved. Of course I didn't just settle for trading one pair. After filtering assets, I was attempting to trade up to 40 assets at a time ..... with portfolio management...... accounting.......... GUI.......... real time analytics....... 1m time frames...... I would use tick data (historical), but too expensive. I don't use volume. If I could aggregate volume data from all major exchanges I could envisage better results (**assumption......whales change feeding grounds). Order book. I am not worried about that until fine tuning time. @Gambaard With any MA strategy, you could try writing a loop that covers all realistic permutations e.g. single MA 1,2,3,4,5,6........200 over a data set and record the results for each loop. I hope this sparks the imagination . **note...... will work better with smaller time frames.
  8. Try some different types..... If you get good results with backtesting, you could try small amounts in a live test. This library should help with the heavy lifting. https://github.com/mrjbq7/ta-lib
  9. some other options are............ LInux on bootable usb. https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/try-ubuntu-before-you-install#1-getting-started Tails for amnesiac linux. This also has options to disable networking on boot. https://tails.boum.org/install/ You can then have a secure operating system on any computer that you can boot from usb. Nothing is 100% safe though........
  10. Thanks. My results on initial testing are very encouraging I missed that one. I will check it out.
  11. That almost describes what I am doing as well lol. I found the hardest part was organising and keeping track of data related to each asset (hello graph db). Just starting to program walk forward validation with my test results. Good luck.
  12. This site may have some tools to help with your problem. https://xrplorer.com/
  13. You could create a linux (ubuntu, mint etc) bootable flash drive. Ledger has a desktop ledger live linux version. https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu#1-overview https://www.ledger.com/ledger-live/download if you want to be even more security conscious, you could look at setting up tails(amnesiac linux). It is a bit harder though........ https://tails.boum.org/install/
  14. I don't think it is an ETH fork. I read somewhere that is some kind of XRPL fork/clone hybrid thing (utility fork).
  15. I was using Toast wallet(worked great), but it looks like there are problems at the moment. https://bithomp.com/wallets/desktop. You need to download the linux installer for tails(extract and click on RippleAdminConsole in tails). You will also need to enable a persistent partition to store your wallet software and seed/secret. You can store your seed/secret in many different ways e.g. digital wallet(bithomp), paper wallet, encrypted file (keepass, vera crypt etc), tails(already encrypted), tattoo.....etc, or combination. A good idea is to test a offline signed transaction e.g. activate wallet with 22 xrp and send 1 xrp before committing high value funds. This is not advice, only information to give you some ideas. There are so many strategies on xrp chat, just search.
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