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  1. Put in some sell orders prices ranging from $3 up to $13 and then walk away. Check quarterly and see if sold. Less stress.. 😁
  2. 1st Quarter 2020 $1 2nd Quarter 2020 $3.90 3rd Quarter 2020 $5 4th Quarter 2020 $28
  3. More interested in the lawsuit that got filed https://cointelegraph.com/news/class-action-lawsuit-against-ripple-alleges-sale-of-unregistered-securities hopefully has little effect.
  4. These highs and lows makes it tempting to sell on the high and buy lower. The last time i tried was December and it took off.... leaving me chasing. lol. Oh well I’ll keep holding.
  5. Good for you. I think about playing small margins of high and low to increase my zerps but last time I tried I ended up chasing and lost more then i was happy loosing. I buy and hold now, occasionally buying more on the dips if I have extra funds.
  6. More or less then it is now... that’s the truth. im hoping more. Maybe $10 by the end of year.
  7. No I don’t believe so. From what I understand the original 100 billion had a large amount put into escrow leaving 33 billion in the market. Every month they can sell 1 billion from the escrow to (banks, investors, exchanges). If it is purchased it’s added to the available supply. Otherwise it goes back into escrow. I think the goal is to add to the supply without causing price drops.
  8. Last hour ascending triangle? last week descending triangle.. blargh I’ll look again in a month..
  9. Yes that’s part of it. And I’m tapped out on what I can invest out of pocket so having a few extra usd to invest in other projects is attractive. The saying “Never put all your eggs In one basket” is good advice. I believe Xrp will be amazing but so will a few others
  10. I hope so too. I’m bullish on it but don’t like to get my hopes to high so I’m not let down lol. I’ll end up selling 1/4 at $5. Hear me out I know I should just hold it. I’d hold forever but I want to get my initial investment out so I’m only playing with gained monies as well as investing a few thousand into 4 or 5 icos this year.
  11. In market cap yes, it already overtook Ethereum at one point and fell back. In actual price per coin. I would love to see it go to $10, $100, or $1000. But for that to happen we’re talking trillions of dollars of investment or massive supply shortage. Buy and hold and in 2-3 years it should be worth more then $5 I predict.
  12. I think ripple or some whales are having fun with us. The trend line is crazy how closely it’s mirroring the rise. They’re drawing a rocket ship or a wave and having a laugh. Hold or buy more when it gets lower.
  13. I wish exchanges could account for this and block or temporarily halt it. Blargh
  14. I want a low volatility place to store value and beat inflation. If I could have a credit card that converted Xrp to any currency on the fly I’d never sale Xrp. Heck I’d start despositing my pay check into it. Xrp over Apple any day.
  15. Good for you. Well if you see anything else that has potential like ripple say something. I mean I have some. But nothing that will let me change my life yet. Maybe in 5 years depending on how high it will climb.
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