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  1. Let’s be honest. If it isn’t Coinbase, nobody cares.
  2. Bearableguy123 ?, this guy couldn’t predict sunset.
  3. Wow, bitcoin beat ripple to the punch with banks using cryptos for cross border payments
  4. Why doesn’t someone just ask that bear guy , he should know right? ?
  5. So for example, Bank of America will go to Bitstamp to buy xrp when they need more?
  6. True. This is what I think of when I see the bloggers, YouTube hype, and bear guy.
  7. Maybe it’s time for a “safe place” coin
  8. This^ and then they can use that money to make more money.
  9. Wait, I always knew that any type of currency, included bitcoin and other crypto currencies can be transferred on xrapid, but was under the impression xrp had to be attached with it to work with xrapid. ?.
  10. Personally, I think it’s embarrassing for Ripple.
  11. Seems like 2018 will be the year for xrp!
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