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  1. Not sure where other people stand on this but I don't like CMC for the way they handled the change in price calculations and how secretive it was but I do think it was necessary. It is nice to be able to look at it and have it be only a couple cents off from bitstamp where I trade. Before it was almost totally irrelevant. I'd look at their avg price displayed and basically subtract 30-50 cents to get my price
  2. i've had the same issue with bitstamp. It hasnt been accepting any of my cards and i want to add to my stack. I'm about to call the credit card comapny to see if it is them declining it cause idk what else to do. I don't want to do a wire transfer cause i'll lose half my investment to the bank and by the time it processes xrp will already be at $20 at this rate
  3. I've always had a thing for teslas. I'd love to just have enough for the deposit on the next gen roadster
  4. Was any indication given as to when they will announce the household names as partners? I thought it was supposed to be before the end of the year but I guess that was either a rumor or just me mis-hearing
  5. Hey i'm pretty new here relatively. Is anyone else noticing on bitstamp the lack of support walls thought through this climb. Isn't it at risk of crashing all the way back down. Any explanation would be super cool. Definitely looking to learn cause for all I know i'm looking at this stuff all wrong lol
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