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  1. In my defense, I didn't watch the video. That said, personal use is the endgame. Believe that. You're still thinking in terms of today's limitations, today's power structures, today's technologies, which is understandable, but restricts vision. Do you really think "cross border settlement" is the only likely (or intended) purpose for xrp/ripplenet/ilp? That's just their in bro. It will just be called "settlement" once they are done with the world.
  2. But Ripple isn't trying to make you rich, they are trying to make history. I'm with them on that. It's why I bought the token actually, because I like their long game. We are not shareholders, we are gamblers, and Ripple doesn't owe us anything. People are right to feel negatively about the short-term return potential of xrp, because Ripple is not trying to be a get-rich-quick scheme like most other coins; Yes they are selling out of escrow, but understand they are doing so strategically, with growth of the ecosystem in mind. They are trying to take over the world, and that will not happen via bullruns. When they do, it will be like no other coin exists.
  3. In all fairness... If the market cap goes up tomorrow, this would be a good thing. If the market cap goes down tomorrow, this would be a bad thing. That said, the market cap of any cryptocurrency is pretty useless as a measure of value. That they have "value" at all is pretty wild when you think about it, but onward we go lol. I imagine they use the term because it is familiar, so it suckers people into believing value exists. One day I will trade my xrp for Manhattan
  4. So here is Uncle Sam acknowledging that xrp is a threat to the dollar... Or is this all just for show? Flexing the muscles so we all know who turns the tap?
  5. There are moderators on this forum? [emoji2955][emoji1787]
  6. Is this a bot thread... This must be a bot thread.
  7. Absolutely, but that doesn't make it any less foolish. Just because Trump is out doesn't mean a Democrat is in. In fact I believe his successor would be the Republican vice president. We are not a nation of hooligans, order will be maintained. If the red wave crashes over us legally, I will suffer through it.
  8. If trump is impeached it would happen through a constitutional process... A coup/revolution in response to that would be unconstitutional, unpatriotic, and do great harm to the Union. What you speak of is treason, punishable, under the law, by death. Do show more care where you vomit such foolishness.
  9. I feel that a lot of Ripple's communications could be described as incendiary. By my observation, they are borderline reckless for a company that is tackling securities fraud, and much much larger, entrenched players. I can't see them being so cocky without reason.
  10. Why anyone thinks Satoshi wanted world peace or whatever is beyond me. How anyone thinks Ripple isn't the real deal .gov token is also beyond me. All this crypto competition is a farce, being played out for our consumption.
  11. Not sure why it matters. I will buy more if it hits $0.25 again. I will sell some if it hits $3.86 again [emoji23]
  12. You forget a car has utility value. When xrp loses its value you can't drive it to work to make it back.
  13. Are these guys all bots? It's like the disinformation on the first page is wild... It's as if someone started two accounts and is having a conversation with themself... The Internet is ******* broken. Is this skynet or something?
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