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  1. Look, I'm a HODLer like the vast majority of you (and still fortunately in the green), but the poo-pooing of the decline seems a little silly to me. Many of us lost tens of thousands of real dollars. Some six figures. There is no other investment in the world where people would be happy with an 86% decline from the top and call it normal. We are literally crazy people to be doing this to ourselves... lol (Before anyone accuses me of FUD, I still think XRP is going to $5 by the end of the year. Doesn't mean this whole decline hasn't been insane.)
  2. A currency worth $10 billion total market cap wouldn't be able to handle billions of dollars being traded on it every day. Think about Bitcoin when it was at $10. Would you have been able to buy a house? Probably not. Accumulating the bitcoin necessary (20,000 BTC or more) would have been an arduous task and the liquidity to accumulate it just wouldn't be there... your transaction would be difficult to accomplish. But now? With Bitcoin at $6800? It would take just 30 bitcoin to buy a house. That's reasonable. The big players want to do transactions that are far larger than the pric
  3. Changes in market cap do not necessarily equal billions entering or leaving the market. I know this has been covered but let me offer a hypothetical example: News breaks that Dogecoin is going to be delisted at two or three prominent exchanges at the end of the month. (Say it's currently trading at $0.08 when the news hits.) In an instant, upon knowing the news, no buyer is willing to pay more than $0.04 for Dogecoin. Seconds later, the first post-news trade is made and a seller sells his Dogecoin for $0.04... a few other sellers across different exchanges make the same trade, and the price
  4. I’ve been reading a lot about the Tether printing and how it is pumping prices on a lot of these exchanges. Does this concern anybody here? Do we think, if this scandal comes to light, it’ll have a significant impact on Ripple and crypto in general? (I’m a long-term XRP #hodler and I don’t day trade, so this isn’t FUD, just general concern over some of the allegations I’ve been reading.)
  5. First time poster, long time lurker, sold my remaining BCH 2 hrs ago to double down on my XRP stash... and here we gooooooooo! #HODL #BetterLuckyThanGood
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