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  1. How do you know that a bank isn’t already using it? Just because a name hasn’t been announced yet doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Besides, this is an investment so stop looking at message boards for your financial advice.
  2. I posted your quoted comment. And to be clear, I have not seen any comments about DS that weren't positive, or I would have protested that also. But, if the DS comments offended you, why didn't you report them? This community needs to stop attacking its members. I may disagree strongly with your comments or ideas, but the negative personal attacks need to stop.
  3. This is unacceptable behavior. Sam is a member of this community and has done nothing to deserve comments like this. So what if you don't agree with what he says or the videos he produces? That does NOT give you the right to malign someone's character or make veiled accusations towards them. Moderators, why are you allowing this? Is this the type of behavior on XRP Chat now acceptable?
  4. Yes, I have anti-virus and a firewall. I need to download the malware program (though my security software is suppose to scan for that). No updates to the Ledger Wallet since February 2018. I ran the scan logs through VirusTotal. Nothing was flagged. I also emailed Ledger. I'm waiting on a response at this time. If the information below is not what you're looking for, please let me know. And thanks for all your help. I appreciate you guys! This is the threat that was deleted: Starting Routine> Removing c:\program files (x86)\ledger wallet ripple\ledger_wal
  5. Windows 7 and Webroot Secure Anywhere. How do I get a copy of the file? My antivirus software deleted it.
  6. Didn't even occur to me, but I will. Thanks.
  7. Just wanted to give everyone an FYI concerning a strange thing that happened to my Ledger Wallet exe file. This morning I got up and started watching a movie on my laptop. This is my primary computer, and it's only used by me. After the movie ended (I was watching in full screen mode), I noticed that my security software light was notifying me of a problem (Webroot Secure Anywhere). After clicking the link, I was informed that I had malware on my computer, and I started the security scan. As it turns out, the malware was in my Ledger Wallet exe file. The scan removed the file which delet
  8. I couldn't find worldwide stats, but I did find stats for the U.S. here: https://www.finder.com/why-people-arent-buying-cryptocurrency According to this article, in the U.S., only 7.95% have purchased crypto, and of those, only .85% have invested in XRP. The article has charts that break down by gender, generation, and crypto. It also has a survey of the reasons why people aren't buying crypto. I did read somewhere that the U.S. only has 5% of the world's population so this is in no way representative of overall investments, but it's still interesting information.
  9. As a female, I got involved for several reasons.... 1) I worked in the banking industry for 30 yrs before retiring and that banks are even looking at Ripple/XRP is huge. Think of banks like lumbering old dinosaurs: They don't like anything new or improved unless everyone else is already doing it (new things have to be guaranteed to work). They never spend money unless they have no choice. And they'll test new products or service ideas to death before it actually get implemented. Yet banks the world over are looking into Ripple and XRP. 2) It's as close to a sure thing as I've eve
  10. Thanks for posting this. It clarified some things for me. Very helpful and interesting.
  11. You're right--it does need to work in both directions. It just seems to me as if there is a lot more negativity on the boards recently (I could be wrong. I've only been lurking here since December 2017.). Someone asked a newbie question the other week, and instead of answering, someone posted for this person to do his own research. And yes, that is always good advice, but it appeared very rude and abrupt. Of course, the old timers on the boards answered the question, and all was well. One thing I've always liked about this forum was the comraderie. Just seems like we're losing that
  12. If you don't want to hear about Bearableguy, don't click on the threads. And if you don't like what Alex Cobb is doing then don't watch his videos. And if you're not seeking attention, then why open this thread? I actually like the BG123 puzzles because they're creative and fun. I like Alex Cobbs videos because he consolidates information found online into one place. Believe what they say or not, no one on this board is the thought police. Not everyone has to see value in something for it to have value. When I first came to XRPChat, one of the things I liked the most was how welcom
  13. This actually came up in one of the other clubs a week or so ago. Bitstamp is my exchange. So I emailed them and asked about making large withdrawals in USD's. This was their response: When I first applied to Bitstamp (in December '17), they required the usual drivers license ID, proof of residence, and photo (just like Kraken did). It took 6 weeks to get approved (just like Kraken). But where Kraken had 4 levels or verification, Bitstamp did not. I just went on Bitstamp to look at their withdrawal page, and while there didn't seem to be any limits on what I could withdraw, their
  14. I tried to talk to my brother, but he blew me off. Said crypto was too volatile to risk his money on (never specifically got around to XRP because he was so negative). Later, I talked to two close friends. Gave them specifics, websites to help with research, explained Ripple company details (nothing too detailed). Both were enthusiastic while we were talking, but neither, by their own admission, has followed up. After that, I decided not to mention it to anyone again. Why bother? I feel like XRP is a sure thing--yeah, I know I could lose everything, but if that actually happened, I woul
  15. I'm not a techno geek, and most, if not all, of the mechanics of crypto goes over my head. But when I first heard about Ripple/XRP in November of last year (yes, I was late to the party), it just felt like XRP was something momentous. But to hear David lay it out point after point after point, the potential of Ripple/XRP is literally jaw dropping. If people would just take the time to learn about this company's vision, so many more people would be investing. Great video @Jaffa, and thanks for sharing !
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