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  1. SgtPeppers

    Carolinas meetup?

    @mattwayne_c I live here in Charlotte. Would be glad to meet up. I am going to be in Winston Salem during the weekend of 3/15-16. Could stay over Sat night into Sunday. I go by name Pep. Not related to Julius Peppers.
  2. You bet they will. Many Many fiat
  3. I know everyone knows this, but I have not read it here. Put the item in a small baggy that way it won't get all clogged and ruined.
  4. SgtPeppers

    Bring back Coin_Hound

    me too. voted
  5. SgtPeppers

    1%' er checking in

    Welcome - The others all want lambos, I want my yellow submarine. Speak up and comment on here, when you feel it is necessary. Good to have you on board.
  6. @Sharkey Very good info. I was just reading about IRA's today. As we all know IRA's are all pre-taxed, meaning you only pay taxes when money is taken out years later, when your income is reduced so your taxes should also be reduced. Also, any dividends earned on the IRA can be reinvested tax free so the IRA keeps increasing year after year, if it set up to earn interest or dividends. And as you so well pointed out Roth IRA's are taxed up front so any monies added are all taxed up front and their are no later taxes. Two different ways to handle IRA's. My interest today was reading about re-investing dividends or what we might call buy back. Any fiat spent to buy back xrp after selling some, can be considered dividends and it got me to thinking. Since I will be re-investing those dividends when I buy back, the re-invested dividends will be deducted from the sale of my xrp. So, for ex: if I sell 1000 xrp at $1, I would receive $1000. Now, if xrp runs it's course and drops back to $.50, and I decide to buy back the 1000 xrp by spending $500 from the $1000, then for tax purposes, I would show a capital gain of $500 not $1000. $500 divided by $.50 = 1000 xrp. I would have sold 1000 xrp for $1000. I would use $500 to buy back my original 1000 xrp at $.50. I would have a profit of $500 and still maintain my stack of 1000 xrp. My capital gain would be $500 not $1000. Now that is assuming alot I understand and my only interest was in figuring how to reinvest dividends when I stumbled upon the article on Yahoo finance today. I am still learning ways to try to reduce my taxes when I cash out. I would rather send dollars to a charity that would be thankful and appreciative for the donation rather than to pay the government in taxes, where they would waste my donation.
  7. Welcome @hyukChoe Thanks for the information. All of us on xrpchat are always discussing the SK xrp market, but we do not really know anything about it. So again, thank you for providing us with your valuable insights and comments. We expect to see you as a regular on here.
  8. SgtPeppers

    I'm New Here

    Welcome from my yellow submarine.
  9. SgtPeppers

    New Member Saying Hello

    Donnie Brasco - a mafia man always has something to contribute. Maybe I am wrong, I thought his name was Donnie Brasco. Welcome, I don't contribute much either, but everyone's ideas and arguments are welcomed. In these trying times it takes everyone to hodl. Keep your zerps warm.
  10. Also, what seems to be a good aspect of Uphold is the different currency wallets. So lets say I depart the US and go to Europe. When I arrive I have my euro wallet with euro dollars to spend.
  11. I think it is around 3.5 %
  12. Correct. However, the xrp has to remain on your card/wallet on uphold until they complete phase 2 of their service, which is expected soon. You have credit for xrp but until they complete phase 2 cannot withdraw to personal ripple wallet. Also be advised Uphold charges a $1 usd fee if no activity in 90 days, I think, I read that. Activity being a transfer between wallets. No more exchange to buttcoin on binance, can go from nano to xrp wallet convert to usd and out to bank. Once I have usd in usd wallet, I dont care if it takes 4 or 5 days to reach my account.
  13. Just signed up and verified on Uphold within 45 minutes. I can go direct now from ledger to Uphold to xrp wallet I created, convert with no fees to usd wallet, can hodl usd or cash out some. Or convert to another currency if one is going up. It seems much better than coinbase, do not have to convert thru Gdax. Only problem, 4-5 days from bank to Uphold.
  14. I just signed up today, took about 30 minutes to get verified. Once your initial account is setup then you create an additional wallet, your xrp wallet. Once fiat arrives you instantly convert from usd wallet to the xrp wallet you created. No fees. Uphold allows you to create any number of wallets that you may want. Problem as always, takes 4-5 days for fiat to arrive from bank account. Credit/debit card may be faster.
  15. SgtPeppers

    Newbie to Crypto

    Just an update, my wife was walking by the computer earlier, I have a separate computer and monitor with our xrp price and buttcoin prices visible, and she asked me how my new friends were. I said they were fine, that I was playing with a chicken, a parrot, a robot, a funky giraffe, a green pickle and a unicorn with a missile strapped to it's a***. I couldn't stop laughing. So I am now restricted to playing with you all for 2 hours each day. But I will probably sneak back on line a little more. Time to climb back in my yellow submarine and drift on off. Ha Ha He He Ha Ha