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  1. Not sure I get the point. But the above statement is partly true for every currency with a max cap. Divisibilty determines supply. Playing along: At some point there will be enough kids and grand kids so that you are no longer able to split that bitcoin into more pieces. By then there will be more kids demanding bitcoin than you are able to supply. Now, what happens to the value when demand is bigger than supply ?
  2. When talking supply, we should look at the least divisible amount we have. BTC = Satoshi XRP = Drop 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC 1 Drop = 0.000001 XRP BTC Max Supply: 21.000.000 XRP Max Supply: Satoshi Max Supply: (2.1 Quadrillion) Drop Max Supply: (100 Quadrillion) Difference in Max Supply = 47,6x *Difference in Circulating Supply = 23,5x
  3. This was the official reason as to why they excluded Korean exchanges in the first place. Back then we saw a 20% price difference between the exchanges. Now it's roughly at 5%. It could mean that arbitrage is coming into play. If that is the case it's good news. (Higher liquidity) But keep in mind CMC is only a tool, they should have no real impact on the market. Even though it was clear they had.
  4. @Tinyaccount Disagreeing is okay. Below you'll see a response in this thread: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/11056-xrp-ii-benefits-xrp-yes-no-maybe-so/ Above adds to my belief that FI's (strategic costumers) would be offered a discount.
  5. It pleases me to see how Rabobank have matured on their stance of cryoptos. I remember back in 2013 when they made headlines declining BTC orders Good news.
  6. He says selling to people without any conditions would make no sense. But i cannot see where he states that selling discounted XRP to institutions with contract conditions is out of the picture. Two very different scenarios. Tweet: https://mobile.twitter.com/JoelKatz/status/954283187651227649
  7. Yeah, but that still does not rule out the do OTC discount with conditions. As i believe they will be. The reason for the discount on XRP to institutions is to "cover" volatility. Which makes sense in the early stages.
  8. It was not regarding XRP he made that comment, unless he made another comment besides this: I believe they will be selling XRP at a discount now, it would make sense. But the discount decreases parallel with adoption. Almost like: Pre-order now and save XX% What seemed odd the me is the statement that their revenue model isn't based selling software ?
  9. First i see my phone made an auto correct. The answer should be: Deflation and Liquidity. But yes it does require a very stable or rising price. The opposite would result in what we see in Venezuela. In general the higher liquidity the less volatility. It's more or less a "chicken or the egg" situation we're in. We've seen several cases of of consumer sales done with BTC, and it's the same case. But due to the high fees tethered with BTC it's not suitable for this purpose as of now. Since these shops all measure prices in BTC/Fiat (USD/JPY/GBP etc.) it could be done in a better manner with XRP.
  10. JoelKatz said none FI's. How would that amount in a company that does money transferring?
  11. I believe IOUs might be better suited here, but not entirely sure.
  12. Great debate. Worth a watch. Very efficient moderator though In short: A VC, FinTech Expert (BTC), Economic Professor and a Govenor of Finance (Central Bank) have a debate on where this is going. Look past the title of the debate as it is kinda misleading. You'll discover that when watching. Thanks for sharing.
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