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  1. After 1 year of accumulation and hodling, I am back in the red. It’s a surprise, but heck what am I gonna do? Hodl and pray I Guess.
  2. How do you have less than 20 XRP when that is the min for a wallet?
  3. I've stopped checking for a couple of months now as real world events have taken on a greater priority. Seems like we are back to the Jul-Dec period where all is still anyway so don't think I've missed much. Now the only important thing is to not forget my pass codes for my Nano and wait for my SMS alert at $99.978 to chime!
  4. Hi all, Just read this piece of news and wondering why it is not getting more attention. Santander has been a long time partner of Ripple and testing quite a bit of its tech. Is this the move towards a more retail element? https://www.ccn.com/3-clicks-40-secs-santander-launch-ripple-retail-app-4-countries/
  5. I have a buy back order at 0.82, so part of me doesn't really want it to be filled!
  6. Technically Lunar New Year runs for 15 days, but most places in Asia that celebrate it will have 2-3 days of bank holidays. As far as I know Japan doesn't have a holiday for this so SBI should still be online.
  7. You are welcome everybody. As usual once my hands got itchy than I daytrade a few of my zerps the price immediately shot up. I'm happy to sacrifice a few zerps to push the prices up! Let's break and stay above $1!
  8. Good thing I'm on a business trip in another country and my nano is far far away then! I did mention I might sell if it dipped below 1, but as fate would have it I can't! believe the stars (or some mumbo jumbo like that) and hodl!
  9. True that. Life goes on whether up or down. Too short for so many what ifs so just hodl and keep the faith!
  10. Goodness.. BTC's dip in value is scary. Almost lost half of its value from ATH and dragging the entire crypto market down with them. anybody has any clues why the whole crypto market is down? Who is pulling all these fiat out from the market?
  11. It's a long weekend in the US, plus a gloomy Monday in Asia so most people are not trading today. Just look at the activity on this board and you will get a good sense of it. That being said, I'm pragmatic and would not mind a couple of months of consolidation at this 1.8-2.3 level. It would nicely mirror the past price action of XRP and position us nicely for a rocket up 10x. We here are all hodlers and in this for the long game. Am I worried about my purchases at 2.88, 2.85 and 2.55? Nope! This was the same fomo I felt during Swell when prices shot up to 0.28, I bought and it crashed back to 0.21. Look how that turned out now! Of course like I mentioned in another post, of XRP tumbles to $1 I might consider cashing out to lock in profits to reinvest, but I think it is quite unlikely to dip beyond 1.3. Just play it smart and we will all be okay!
  12. I thought every day was RUSEV DAY! I'll see myself out now...
  13. Go big or go home! I, Haurus23, do solemnly swear to hodl at least 65% of my stack until such time where I can transfer my zerps into my bank account directly from my Nano S & the remaining 35% until USD$100. If $100 is reached before June 2018, then this number would be revised upwards to $199.976.
  14. Full time hodler here since Jul17, but if XRP drops from the current stable range of $1.7-$2.1 all the way down to .25 cents again, AFTER all the exciting news about escrow, MG & pipeline of partners coming up, I would almost certainly have sold at around the $1 mark to take profit. The market would need to crash severely for this to happen which means that the entire crypto market is in trouble. Oh boy, would we see people jumping out of windows ala 1929. Of course that being said, I would definitely buy back in at .25 and double my stack whilst holding a nice stack of fiat profits.
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