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  1. Was just about to point this out. Goldman has more skin in the game then they would lead people to believe
  2. Great find I am surprised there is not some kind of reciprocity that allows you to file for all 50
  3. Great post I would also like to point out that Kodak ICO ends in a few days . Perhaps they learned their lesson
  4. True, I am a HODLer but what this massive rise and dip taught me was that next time it happens I will at least sell 5-10% at a certain point and if it drops then buy back in. My goal is to be in the 1% HODLer club...
  5. I am sorry if posting under wrong topic and this is not directly tied to Ripple but I feel like SWIFT being hacked is worth a discussion. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-cyber-swift/hackers-stole-6-million-from-russian-bank-via-swift-system-central-bank-idUSKCN1G00DV Will this help Ripple?
  6. http://www.businessinsider.com/uae-exchange-ripple-deal-fintech-international-payments-2018-2?r=UK&IR=T This is exciting
  7. A lot has changed it seems, announcement like this last year would send XRP skyrocketing. I'm glad to see XRP added to more major exchanges none the less. I am also excited to see how Robinhood will change things for crypto. I am of the opinion more retail money wants to get in but can't.
  8. Seems like it was finally added https://medium.com/@zebpay/introducing-ripple-on-zebpay-8519ecdd25bf Anyknow know how large Zebpay is?
  9. Also, did anyone see the segment with Bary Silbert? He said " "At some point within the next 12-24 months, you’re going to see a tidal wave of capital wash ashore into this asset class from asset managers all over the world....if you watch CNBC you’d think everyone and their mom invested in this, but it hasn’t happened." -
  10. I noticed that too, It seems he is keeping that hush hush
  11. A friend of mine said this when I showed him the link "They're forming a trust company to hold all the wallets on behalf of big boys that want instant access to large chunks of coins but if you have a legally liable entity on the hook for the coinage then you can create derivatives around it without having to actually buy the coins or enter the market "This is how you make trillion dollar crypto derivative products without any crypto tied to it. Similar to the housing market" If this is the case it may take crypto into a weird direction but means mass adoption by people with lots of money
  12. Great point! It really is agenda driven. And the guy seemed nervous as if it was a hit piece
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