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  1. Just wanted to share a recent hacking attempt on my accounts. I was sitting on my couch looking at various news articles on my phone, than all of a sudden I get a message on my phone "email password had been changed." Not more then 2 seconds after seeing the message flash on my screen I get another message "Sim card not provisioned." After about 5 minuets of fiddling with my phone, trying to get the sim card to work, I remembered hearing about how other people have had their crypto stolen by means of their phone. So I ran to my computer and started changing passwords on all my different accounts, then ran to my local cellular providers store to deactivate whoever had changed the sim card and get a new one. The cellular provider did confirm that my sim card was just changed less then an hour ago, but he couldn't locate which location it was changed from. He could only see that it was changed and my current sim card did not match the one that was in their computer system. After all was said and done I reviewed my emails. Whoever hacked my phone and email was after my crypto. The hacker tried to reset the password to coinbase and kraken. I think that's all they had time for because I was quick to start resetting my passwords on my email. I have 2 factor authentication, I don't know if that stopped them at all. The main point of this story is to show the usefulness of a hardware wallet. If I have any funds online it is a small amount, I keep everything offline. Even though this event gave me a mini heart attack, this $100 dollar device just paid for itself by giving me peace of mind knowing my crypto is safe.
  2. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/10/south-korea-official-reportedly-readying-bill-to-ban-all-cryptocurrency-trading.html This one has more depth. https://news.bitcoin.com/south-korea-reports-ban-all-crypto-transactions/
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