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  1. Another insightful article @Hodor Thanks for your efforts in keeping this community up to date on current developments. It’s happening!
  2. Champipple

    XRP Chat Millionaires (Paper & Real!)

    I got laid off last year at age 59 and started my own cell tower consultant/brokerage business but buying Zerps along the way. Yes people sell their towers. Goal is to be debt free within the next 6 months and start planning for retirement at age 66. I’m still healthy knock wood and still want to work the next five years or so. Dont need any expensive toys although I would like to be able to travel and maybe get a new boat. Always wanted a vintage sports car too. Is that asking too much? I do believe XRP will be the gold standard within the next five years. Just trying to load up on as much Zerps I can and hopefully have a little extra to pass down to my kids.
  3. Always send a small amount of Zerps first to make sure it goes through with no hitches. I've never had any issues sending or receiving crypto with Binance.
  4. Champipple

    Foundations of Success

    Nailed it again @Hodor Well researched and written. It’s nice to see all this ground work coming to fruition.
  5. Champipple

    Ripple desktop wallet

    I was using Rippex and now use the Toast Wallet. As Pete alluded to, as long as you have your secret key you can access it from any wallet. As explained to me on this forum, think of your wallet as a browser.
  6. Champipple

    Good Exchange

    I'm switching to Uphold. Like most in the states, I had to buy Eth on CB then convert on Binance to XRP. MY last buy took three days for the Eth to show up in my Binance account so I could convert it to XRP. I don't mind spending a little more if I can buy Zerps directly.
  7. "My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them."
  8. Champipple

    The coming millionaires of XRP

    That's what I'm thinking lol. Or if I'm alive wont be able to fully reap the benefits. I think $8-10K Zerps would give you a fighting chance to be a millionaire in a few years.
  9. Champipple

    "Here's some cryptocurrency. Now please use it."

    I pretty much stopped reading after that.
  10. Nice job with your first blog entry.
  11. Exactly. WU isn’t the only game in town. There are so many use cases..... it’s not going to appeal to everyone. Not in the least bit concerned. We are still in the starting blocks.