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  1. It's always my #1 fear as the acquirer could alter Ripple road map. So let's hope that Ripple could keep moving fast.
  2. @Hodor may you elaborate of the forced exit(?). As i understood, this partnership is what led to: www.americanbanker.com/news/bank-technology/how-barclays-aims-to-bring-a-billion-unbanked-into-the-fold-1081591-1.html?pg=2
  3. I really love the thoughts raised on: hackingdistributed.com
  4. It's understandable for Fidor to states that it's still early to apply in real business, but emphasizing "never really materialized" after years of trialing to make a switch to Ethereum is
  5. www.tawipay.com a startup from Switzerland offers the same service, but has more information in a number of corridors that i'm interested.
  6. A little more details on R3 & Ethereum from the latest letter of Pantera Capital:
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byzantine_fault_tolerance
  8. My same understanding at the moment, @yahdel. For banks & FIs, Earthport is selling a more direct vision of cross-border money transfer, via its prefunding model. There're different service stack and Ripple is on its latest offering of realtime value settlement; but unlikely to directly involve with XRP. If somebody has a better knowledge on this subject, please correct.
  9. The title is somewhat misleading as DAH (and its flagship product, Hyperledger) doesn't use Bitcoin or Bitcoin blockchain at its core.
  10. @karlos posted this link at: http://www.xrpchat.com/topic/657-slideshow-from-tim-swanson/#comment-4963
  11. One more note, there's demand and opportunity somewhere in between.
  12. Thanks a lot for all your effort over the years, @celticwarrior72
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