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  1. Let's sing all together now.... https://ytcutter.net/watch/PFFate5gs/
  2. I don't care what the sec said. They sued a company and will loose the case, and then they need to pay for the damage they done imo. So they better call the federal reserve and tell then to put the money printers in overdrive because they owe us billions!
  3. When Ripple wins the case, then can't we all sue the sec for the loss of all the potentional profits we missed out? The sec started a lawsuit and caused financial damage by just doing that, so when they loose the case they should pay for the financial damage they caused imo, because else they could sue and ruin every damn company they want, and we can't, no, we should not let them get away with it!
  4. When a natural resource is scarce, then you better make sure that you use up what other countries have in their ground, before you start to use up your own supply. Specialy when it's still cheap.
  5. you mean the previous president of the poorest western country on the planet?
  6. Even when ripple wins the case against the sec, and xrp would shoot up to 5 dollars, then i'm sure happy but also sure not impressed, because compared to others coins it should have be way higer than that but here we are, 77 cents and dropping as i write this, so who knows when we see a dollar or more again, let alone the day we see 5 dollars or more. This is how every xrp hodler looks like by the end of 2022. "hodl hodl hodl hodl !!!!!"
  7. Hahaha, that poor sec can't even win it's first crypto case, so what are they thinking? The river of crypto's is punching holes the dikes and the sec are little kids who stick their finger in every new hole and try to stop the flood, but there are more new holes than they have fingers, so they are soooo helpless!
  8. Dude, what i do and don't is non of your damn busines, and everything else is just speculation because you dont know me, so get lost.
  9. Yeah that is what i said alright, AFTER i got harrased by some troll. So again, i don't START to get personal with others, so i expect the same from other members, now what part you don't understand?
  10. So you hang around on this forum since 2017 and have less than 30 post, and about 10% is already used to get personal with me in just 2 days, so your contribution to this forum is about less than zero. And you said that the word noob is old and childish to use these days, so you also pick on me because of my basic english, and you start to make a profile of me by saying things like "you are the type, if you were, you would, bla bla, so **** off troll.
  11. Dude, i do get personal AFTER someone else starts to get personal with me, so next time take of your welding glasses before you make another "observation".
  12. I don't get personal with anyone, so may i expect the same the other way round?
  13. i'm not english or an american, so my language is plain and simple and not perfect, so talking about being childish. And you just have 27 post and you already start to pick a fight, so you're not only a noob but a troll aswell, and trolls don't last long on this forum so enjoy while it still last you idiot.
  14. And people love it because they gave me a bronze status. Now what do you have besides a big mouth, you damn noob?
  15. Christmas will never be so sad as in this year. No luck with crypto's, everything in lockdown because of this shit corona virus, shops close at 1700 hours, bars are closed, events are canceled, so life never sucked harder that right facking now!
  16. Same here! When i look at alot of other coins then xrp was and still is a damn waste of time. Hell, a few weeks ago when it started to drop to 1,20 i thought, well let's keep it because it won't go down any further, and i said that at 1,10, 1,00, 0,90 and now it's 0,78, so i could kick my own azz right now for not selling this crap coin when it was stiil worth something. The only good thing that happend is that my 2 bobcat miners arrived 2 days ago, so let's hope that i have more luck with that, because xrp is going nowere. Never did, never will!
  17. Results from the past are no guarantee for the future.
  18. yeah i know those large mining farms, and that's why i think that DBI antenna miners are the future. And the chip shortage is the fault of the west, because the most chips are made by just one company in taiwan, so how in earth's name can the west make itself sooooooooooo dependable on that single company?? And the most worst part is that china want's to claim taiwan as a provence of china, so when a damn war would break out, the only thing china needs to do is drop bomb on that one and only factory and then the whole world is screwed and being dropped back 50 years in time! "so these pair of new trousers you want? Well let me find a pencil and write you a receipt". Well, when that happens, i'm going to put all my money in paperrrrr!!!!
  19. It's so funny to see someone who's about to explode from curiosity. Conventional mining rigs suck between 500 and 3500 watts an hour, and are loud and hot as a hair dryer on steroids and cost a few grand to purchase. But at the beginning of this year i ran into a mining rig that works with a DBI antenna, and makes no noise at at and only uses 5 watts an hour, so that's 100 all the way up to 700 times less energy consuming than those large power hungry big rigs.
  20. It's not about chips but the tons of energy a mining rig uses.
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