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  1. So the bullrun is all over then. Btc dropped to around 30k and lost about 25%, so i'm still amazed that xrp didn't drop more than the 4 cents it did right now. Now this all looks the same as the first ath in 2017-18, so will it take 3years again before we see a new race?
  2. We went to the moon in 1969 and we did put rovers on mars so been there done that, so forget the moon and mars because that is old school! To jupiter is our next goal! Ich bin ein berliner AND a hodler!
  3. Is this good news or what? https://www.coindesk.com/anchorage-becomes-first-occ-approved-national-crypto-bank
  4. i found this interesting website about the halving of btc and why the the price will move up only further. It's in Dutch, so you need to use google translate. https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com/nl/bitcoin-clock/
  5. I don't see the relation between that senile old demented fart and crypto coins.
  6. everybody is here for profits and nothing else, so we all purchase the same goal. Sure this lawsuit sucks but it's here and we can't change that.
  7. I wish you were right but the fact is that the majorty started to panic and sold their stash, so here we are at 34 cents while btc is breaking new records.
  8. It sure was an exciting day. I never did sit 14 hours behind my pc watching the charts and the forum. And it's not over because btc is only a rough 200 dollars away from 40k again.
  9. Alot of people go to vegas and some spend a little on gambling and others spend a fortune, and some do win and alot do loose, so are you prepared to loose whatever you want to gamble with? Well then step aboard and go buy xrp because i can't tell if xrp wil see 1, 2, 3, 10, 50 dollar ever, but i'm 1000000% sure that it will see 0,50 alot of times, so you when you play it well then you can make alot of profits.
  10. When coinbase is such a hassle to log on to for years, then why don't you move to poliniex?
  11. i don't see anything unusual on the btc chart for the last 2 days.
  12. btc got to 40k for a brief moment and dropped back to 38,5k
  13. what the hell? a 1,5k drop in a split second?
  14. Well i wish that dude elliot used a escalator then, because thay way we arive way faster on our destiny, and that is to go there where no xrp has ever gone before....
  15. i get it now. It's not a rocket but a staircase to the moon in the making!
  16. no one knows kin but everyone knows xrp so it won't take 1,5 year.
  17. How dare you be so negative during this little party!
  18. i don't see any privatte parts exposed, so that can't be a problem. And i'm just the joker, so what's wrong with a little toilet humor?
  19. Yes sir! Nnnggg..... pfffff...i'm done! Can i go now?
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