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  1. Well on friday it was 94 cent and dropped to 86 this morning and is back at 94 cent again, so it's groundhog weekend.
  2. When my mother inlaw comes to visit us and ask me if i did miss her, i answer "with every bullit sofar"
  3. I have heared that ripple refuses to make a deal, and i can understand that because when you make a deal then that's the same as pleading guilty and that's just what they don't want, so no deal, no settlement.
  4. Ripple is NOT going to settle anything with the SEC, but bring the SEC down to it's knees and then walk out the courtroom as the winner!
  5. i transfered my xrp from gatehub to poloniex, but first a small amount, then the second time some more and then i dared to transfer a big amount. It's a bit complicated with all these codes and 2 way authenticators you need to use, so i played it very safe.
  6. In the past week btc went up from 43 to 48, and xrp down from 1,13 to 1,11, so what the hell?
  7. Well, i did watch their video's but not taking their advice alright. I also watch Didi from The Bitcoin Family and he's more reliable than all those other fortune tellers. And Didi saw this drop coming and told that it was a wise moment to park your crypto's into usdt, but as always i decided to hodl hodl hodl, and this once i wished i didn't. i'm also not a short term trader, but this was a great oportunity to make some serious profit. Well, next time better then.
  8. btc lost a whopping 8k at the lowest point today. So i'm done with people like michael saylor and max keiser. "buy now before it's too late, crypto's will go the moon, wil go to mars, will explode, go nuclear, blablabla." Yeah right!
  9. I did listen to michael saylor, max keiser and some other crypto "guru's" and i unsubscribed them all on youtube! Except for Didi from the bitcoin family, because he predicted this drop.
  10. Well i can't help it that it's going kaput everytime as soon it starts to lift off. To the moon they say, well, it can't even make it from the launch pad in one piece.
  11. Well i'm not a player at all, and hodl since the day i stepped into crypto's, and you never know what coming, but not this time because we almost could see this coming because we were almost 3 weeks in a row in the green, so this was about to happen.
  12. So bitcoin day in el salvador is the day when bitcoin can be picked up for cheap at 44,5k for a brief moment. Damn, i should have listened yesterday when Didi from the Bitcoin family said that it's time to swap whatever crypto we have into usdt, because he predicted this drop, but that it would drop this hard isn't what i expected and i'm sure even he didn't. Damn, i could have made at least a 40% profit today. Hell, i'm never gonna learn when it's time to sell and buy back later.
  13. Whoops! a hard drop to 1,10! Well thats not what i expected!
  14. When i look at the long term, then i don't see anything abnormal. Just a small dip on the way up.
  15. Go back to start, do not pass go, you do not receive anything.
  16. And died out again at the end of this day. Well, let's try tommorow, and after tommorow and so on and on.
  17. There are dreamers and realistic people, and i'm with the last ones. Now i dare you to come up with a chart that shows where xrp performed better than other crypto's between the first ath and april this year.
  18. Xrp already performed worse before the sec came around the bend.
  19. I couldn't say it better than this! All coins going up, btc is 15k away from it's last ath and xrp is still hanging around 1/3 of it's first and only ath. So the conclusion is that xrp is the most worst performing top ten coin! And like i said in my previous post, i would be amazed when xrp would break it's own ath by 20 cents or something like that, but there's no way that i expect that xrp will see 5 dollars or more before the end of this year.
  20. At 12 dollars it's no use to place sell orders. I would even be amazed when xrp would see 5 dollars before the end of this year, or even finaly break it's one and only ath by 20 cents or something like that.
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