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  1. So btc made a new ath last week, but xrp didn't came further than a louzy 1,15, so how much must btc go up to pull xrp to at least its one and only ath? And why did xrp go up to 1,90 in april when btc was around 63k and refuses to go up this run? It just makes no sense at all anymore. And we can't use the sec as an excuse because despite the case xrp showed that i could move to almost 2 dollars, so what the hell is going on here? Sabotage? I'm going to call the cops!
  2. aaaand xrp has lift off........!!! and it's going to explode!
  3. Only 5% of americans own xrp, so 95% is outside the usa, so that 5% can't be the reason of why xrp is at an all time LOW! Ripple should pack their bags and move to a country that embraces crypto's, and then this whole case could be thrown in the waste bin, and then move on as if the sec doesn't even excist!
  4. You got me there because even i don't know why i still own xrp and i'm still here, but thanks for the advice, wich is non taken because i'm not selling or leaving but keep on kicking xrp in the butt for aslong i feel that it deserves to be kicked and it does deserve it now more than ever before imho, and when you don't like that, well you're always free to put me on your ignore list. Btw, the fact with opinions is that everybody has one, so i don't mind yours.
  5. Relax dude, i'm not mad or anything, just dissapointed in xrp and this sec case is no excuse for it's low price because it was already low compared with the other coins way before the sec came around the bend. Now you said at least 15 dollar, so that's just unrealistic imo because xrp is not even close to it's one and only ath. The best it did was about half its ath almost a year ago and right now it's at 1/3 of that, so from 1,15 to 15 dollar would be about 1300% up, and i don't see that happen anytime soon.
  6. Sure, and even 50 or 100 dollar! It's not going to the moon but to mars! No! Jupiter! It's going to blow up, explode, it's going nuclear ,ow hail yes, our prayers are heared and we will be rewarded, so buy now while you still can, because tommorow it might be too late, blah blah, blah, etc etc etc! Now is there something else i didn't hear the past few years?
  7. 2018 2021 btc 20k 65k eth 1,3k 4k bnb 15,- dollar 500,- dollar ada 1,- dollar 2,20 dollar xrp 3,60 dollar 1,15 dollar So even when xrp would go to 4 dollars this bull run, then it's still the most worst performing coin in this list.
  8. while btc broke another ATH, xrp is still at about 1/3 of it's one and only ath. And even when it would go up to lets say 2,50 or 3 dollars, then it still sucks because it should have been at least twice as mucht than it's first ath. And don't tell me that it did manage to stay in the top 10, because that is because alot of people bought xrp like mad back in 2018, so there are alot of hodlers who sit on their xrp and wait until the day comes that they at least break even, and that explains it's high marketcap imho.
  9. Didi is no influencer because he doesn't bark "buy now or else" all the time. And he's the only one that comes with alot of charts and ta's, so that something else than the others who are just talking heads who talk alot of crap for 15-30 minutes and what could be said in 5 minutes, so a waste of time! Now Didi talks for 10 minutes and doesn't stretch everything to fill up the time. And a while ago he saw a dip coming, and told people that is was a good moment to swap their coins for usdt and he was abolute spot on, because the next day all crypto's did drop alot.
  10. I just pointed out that you can't thrust those so called crypto guru's or influencers because they bark the same crap for months and months. So buy now is their advice because they just want the price go up and then cash out themselves. Now the only one i thrust is Didi from The Bitcoin Family, because he doesn't talk people into buy or sell but comes up with a TA 6 days a week and tells what he thinks what btc will do the coming period.
  11. Hahahaha, when i would get ten dollars for everytime this and alot of crypto fortune tellers on youtube said that crypto's will go the moon, i wouldn't need crypto's myself because then i already would be a millionaire. "buy now before it's too late, it's going to happen, it's going to the moon, mars, jupiter, it wil explode, go nuclear, bla bla bla!" And then we have Micheal Saylor and he already dug his own grave by claiming that it will happen before the end of this month, so he has only 12 days left before his credibility goes down the toilet, and all others by the end of the year!
  12. Sure it has one of the highest mc's and that is because alot of people bought xrp above 1,90 are still waiting for the day to break even.
  13. how about drop back to peanuts and not be able to get past it's one and only ath until now? Xrp is the most worst performing top 10 coin since the first ath. When i would have kept my bitcoin, i could have 650% profit now, while xrp made it to 1,90 this year, so that's still - 50% of its one and only ath ever, and atm it's just at about 30% of its ath, so xrp has a looooooooooooooong way to go before i pop the champagne and put on my party hat.
  14. I didn't watch the video before i posted it, and it turns out to be a unusal one because all his other video's are about the daily chart of btc. So like the video from yesterday.
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