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  1. Since the ath, XRP went up and down in a repeating pattern, but now i must say that that pattern broke up, because i expected that XRP would drop way lower than 20 cents by now and it didn't, so for now i don't have a clue where this is going but i do hope that it keeps on going as it does right now and who knows it will take off within the next year.
  2. is that 8,222 eight dollar and 22 cents or 8222 dollars? When it's the second case, then i would already be happy with 0,05%
  3. i sure not planning to buy a new coin that went from 1,16 to almost 24 dollar in it's 3 month existence. I'm just curious how a new coin can go up that fast. Looks like one giant scam if you ask me.
  4. Does anyone know what this UMA coin is al about? Because it came out of nothing and went from 1,16 to almost 24 dollar in just the 3 months that the coin is on the market. Total supply 100 million, circulating supply 55 million.
  5. That would be about 75 cents then. At first i didn't understand that it's about the market cap and not the current price, so my mistake. But still it looks interesting because invest 1k now could become 75k when it would push eth of the second place.
  6. i just read an article about vet and the owner said that he won't rest until vet will knock off eth of it's second place.
  7. Or he just found out that you need to buy low and sell high and not the other way around.
  8. i reported your big mouth to the mods, so you can expect a warning for sure, because the way you talk is beyond acceptable.
  9. So people should leave this forum as soon they reached their target? Ow wait, you said that YOU would leave, but whatever YOU do doesn't mean that others should follow YOU in whatever YOU do! Now Baka did what many here wish they did aswell, only they all suffer from fomo the big lift off, so they all didn't dare to buy and sell during the little highs and lows in the past 2,5 years, because you never know when the rockets are going to lift off, so hodl is what we all do! And in the entire history of cryptos, only one insane ath happend, so there is no guarantee that there
  10. When you made more crypto's then you started with, and then use only that extra to gamble with, then you can't go wrong anymore.
  11. They wish you to miss out, because they are just jealous because you dare to take the risk they don't dare to take. And you are already past the point that you can't go wrong because you already made more coins than you invested, so good job! I wish that i had the same guts like you!
  12. Link to those signs? Even btc didn't reach the same high as the previous one, so signs? Where are those signs? Because i don't see any. Everytime btc goes above 10k, people start to get excited and speculations and possible rockets fly all over the forum, but none of them ever came true, so i laugh at all those fortune tellers! So what's next? XRP going to 2, 5, 50, 100, 1000 dollars? BTC to 50k, 100k, 500k? Well i heared that all before!
  13. Did you see the price go up since the ath then? No! Can you tell if there will be a new ath anytime soon? No! Can you come up with any news that might give us a hint that it will happen anytime soon or in a year, maybe 2 from now? No! Can you or anyone look into the future? No! Can you see a steady repeating patern in xrp? YES we can! Well at least i and Baka see it, and it's still going down with every hill and valley getting lower than the previous ones, and you just can't deney that because it's a cold hard fact that the chart is showing until now. You say th
  14. When you look at the long term, you see that it has a almost steady patern downhill, and each high bump (green circles) in the road is less high than the previous one, and that's almost the same for the lows. Now let's be positive and that's why the purple line is straight around 17 cents for a while, but the next high ( green line) wil again be lower than the previous one, so the margins are getting less between the highs and lows, so a drastic change must be on the way in the not too far away future, because this patern is way too repeating for way too long now ihmo.
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