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  1. Once, maybe twice a week. As soon it passes 1 dollar, then i'm going to check daily. And and at 100 dollar i check twice an hour, and at 1000 dollar i quit my job and cash in and then the rest of my life wil be one long holyday.
  2. in 2050 i'll be 84 years old, so probably dead by then. Well i hope that it wil get waaay better in 2026 because then i'm 60 and then i would like to stop working and have fun while my body still cooperates, and not wait until i'm 70 and to old to do fun stuff.
  3. Well i'm going to hodl because i don't need the money right now, so it would be damn stuppid to step out, but i do worry where this all is going to.
  4. Sure i keep on hodl, because i don't have a choice when i don't want to loose alot of money. And i had a life ensurance policy that did end last year so i invested that into xrp, so i don't need that money now, but i would be very ****** when it would be all gone in the near future.
  5. If i would have any clue, then i wouldn't have start this topic, so you tell me.
  6. Until a few years ago we had the game second life, and there were alot of people and even banks and goverments that invested alot of money in that game but now that hype is al over, so i wonder if the same wil happen to the crypto hype, because i stepped into cryptos a year ago, and when i would step out at this moment then i would loose alot of money, so hodl was the advice and i did hodl, but al i see is my investment dry up up like snow in the sun, so wil we see another rocket to the moon, or do people lost interest and are crypto's dying a slow death? I bought alot xrp at 2 dollars, and now a year later it's below 30 cents, so i really start to worry if i ever wil see at least my investment back. Until a few months ago i did read alot on this forum about price predictions and that we have to hodl because the rocket could/would lift off anytime soon, but it looks more like a rocket that burns itself deeper and deeper into the ground, so where is this all going to?
  7. Well i hope that too, because this year i saw my investment drop faster than a brick from a plane. And i also hope that the whole crypto thing doesn't end up as the next dying hype.
  8. No Bakkt No Moneygram No Western Union No Amex No BoA No Swift No TIPS No Temenos No SAP No SBI No ETF No Amazon No Google No nothing So aaaalllllllllllllllll these rumours where false? It's almost funny.... Can't believe it. Hope for 2019!
  9. Btc is sinking faster than the titanic did, so i gues the owners are jumping into the rxp lifeboats.
  10. isn't this "bull run" about btc owners who exchange their btc for xrp? Because btc is sinking faster than the titanic did.
  11. You must be boring yourself to death, because why else would you start such useless topic as this one?
  12. i must quote myself on the weather part, because i'm from holland and it's 14 oktober and i walked around in my underpants in my garden today, because it was a sunny day as if it was juli, and ain't normal for dutch standards, because i should be wearing thick clothing and burn alot of wood to heat my garage/mancave for at least a month, so you can't even trust the seasons no more.
  13. Predicting the weather is far more accurate than predicting crypto's going up or down, because from the weather we already know that in the winter temperatures wil drop and rise in the summer, and we can't say that about crypto's, so topics like this are a joke and just entertaining.?
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