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  1. Most people stepped into crypto short after the ath, so alot of people bought xrp when it was around 1 dollar, because alot of "experts" said that it would go to the moon. And here we are at 30 cents. i wish that i sold mine when they were 45 cents about a month ago, but i gues that it's not to late, because it looks like xrp is going to dive alot deeper than those 30 cent right now. And now that all coins follow btc al the way down, i'm thinking of swap my xrp for dollars, because liek i also already said that's the most safe investment at this moment, and then wait and watch where this whole circus is going. And i sure never ever wil listen to the so called "experts" ever again.
  2. According the link below, european banks like abn amro and ing have other plans than wanting to use xrp, so i don't know what or who to believe anymore. Al i know is that xrp didn't lift off with the other coins the past few months, and now it's pulled even further lower than it was in januari, so xrp is like the titanic and the hodl preachers are the orchestra that keeps on playing "i keep holding on" from simply red until the very end. https://www.crypto-insiders.nl/nieuws/shell-bp-abn-amro-ing-en-meer-lanceren-nieuw-blockchain-platform/ Well, i'm thinking of going to swap my xrp's for dollars, because that's THE most safe coin at this moment, and then wait where this whole circus is going.
  3. https://www.coingecko.com/nl/explain/bitcoin_halving
  4. And the hodl preachers are the orchestra that keeps on playing their song until the bitter end. https://ytcropper.com/cropped/yG5d279eb07dfbb https://ytcropper.com/cropped/yG5d279f23e3442 Meanwhile in the btc camp https://ytcropper.com/cropped/ZN5d27a0d65ebed
  5. from almost 40 cents to a whopping 35 cents. 2 more cents down, and it's all back to the beginning of this year. Now where was btc at the beginning of this year? 3300 ish? And now it's still above 12k, so still a rough 400% increase in vallue and that roughly counts for all the top ten coins for the past half year, except xrp because xrp is like a fly on sticky fly paper. And as soon btc wil drop under 5k again, ( now don't tell me that there's anyone outhere that believes that btc will stay above 5k 4ever, because then i'm going to rofl alright) then xrp wil be at 10 cents or even less. Well, as soon xrp drops to 30 cents, i'm going to swap them for dollars or btc, because i really start to loose my faith in xrp. Hodl hodl is al i hear for an entire year now, and xrp would be at 5, 10, 50 and even 100 dollars by the end of 2018, and here we are at a louzy 35 cents and dropping faster than a brick from a plane. So some performance alright.
  6. Well, xrp isn't tied to btc imo, because else it should have bin a dollar by now, but here we are, stuck between 30-45 cents since the past half year while the other coins did join the ride with btc. And even today btc went up to almost 13k, while xrp dropped another cent, so how do you explain that?
  7. People say that xrp is like al other coins tied to btc. When btc go up, the the other coins go up and vice versa, but xrp doesn't follow that trend anymore, so it looks like xrp is no longer tied to btc. But i'm also afraid that when the whole market wil drop again, it will pull down xrp with it, so where will this end for xrp then? 20 cents? 10 cents? 5 cents? 1 cent?
  8. The past half year it would have bin better to swap your xrp for btc or any top ten coin, but the problem is that no one can look into the future. I also wonder what wil happen to xrp when this hype is over, because xrp didn't ride along with btc like the other top ten coins did and still do, but does that also count when the hype is over and btc and all other coins will drop like a brick again, and drag xrp way below 20 cents of even worse?
  9. its'because xrp became the laughing stock of the crypto world, so most xrp owners don't want to be seen here for a while.
  10. If only xrp would be tied to btc and act like the other top 10 coins did from the beginning of this year until now. And all those so called respectable voices, well i did heared all that before when xrp went from nothing to 3,60. Predictions that xrp would go to the moon and beyond. 5-10-50-100 and even 500 dollar before the end of 2018 were the predictions of many "respectable experts", and here we are half way 2019, and what do we have? 40-49 cents max, so i wipe my behind with all those "experts"! Xrp owners have become the laughing stock of the entire crypto world if you aks me.
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