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  1. Damn, 58ct! Why didn't i sold everything when it still was a dollar?
  2. We desided to buy a few miners and when it doesn't work good enough, well then we can always sell them for 3 times the price we payed for, so we can't go wrong here.
  3. the earth wouldn't excist in it's way it is right now without alot of factors like a magnetic core that bends away the cosmic radiation, a sun that is not too far and not too close, a vacuumcleaner like jupiter who sucks most of the crap that is flying through our solarsystem, and it needs water and enough gravity to keep the water falling back when it evaporates, and an atmosphere so that means trees and plant life, so those are just a few things you need for a habitable planet, and in space not a single object or solar system is the same as another one, so it's impossible that there's another earth like planet that has about all the same conditions in thr right spot, so impossible! And as everything in nature, each creature takes billions of years to evolve, so even aliens would have started as a microbe that evolved into a sea creature and that got on land, learend to breath, walk, think and then talk and start inventing little things with hise bare hands and then create tools and machines to do the work for him and faster, etc, etc, and you can't evolve from that when the planet doesn't have the same earth like conditions. Now there could be a planet that might have some microbes or even some animal life, but sure not something that can think and invent and create a world with high tec alien spacecrafts where they warp speed though the universe with.
  4. There's a difference between people who might believe and people who want to believe in aliens, and the second ones are sooo desperate to believe that they start to see things, just like when i would watch some clouds and see all kinds of shapes in them. Well i stick to my story about the 5 billion camera's that are around the entire globe, so the days that some alien space craft can enter the earth without being caught on camera are over. So from until 2 decades ago where only one in 10-20 households had a videocamera and that was never ever standby to 500000000 camera's that are standby 24/7. Now let that sink into your head. 5 billion camera's! And not even to mention all the surveilance and security cams, because those numbers also exploded over the past 2 decades aswel, because until 20 years ago only company's had expensive camera's, but now they are affortable to everyone, so alot of homes have security cams, but the internet doesn't show an explosive growth in new sightings caught on camera, and that is THE prove that aliens just don't excist. Or do you think that they are sooooo smart that they say "wow, those humans have alot of camera's now, so we must be way more carefull not to get caught on their cameras."
  5. But i still see if it's a bronze, silver or gold member, so leaving out the reputation alone won't help then.
  6. I use to believe in aliens but i do no longer believe in it and the reason is that until about 20 years ago maybe one in ten households in the west might had a video camera, but that thing was a big and heavy as a brick, so it was only used on ocassions like a birthday party, a wedding and on the holidays, and the rest of the time it was stuffed away in a closet, and when you needed it again you needed to charge the batteries first because they were always empty, so the the chance to capture a ufo on video was a good as zero. But now we live in different times and now about 5 BILLION people have a smartphone 24/7 in their pocket and with a at least 1080P camera on it so the chance to capture a ufo on video went up a whopping 5 billion times, so the internet and specialy youtube should been flooded with new sightings but gues what? It's not the case! And that's the proof for me that it's just all bullsh it. I even followed steven greer for a long time because he sounded sooooo convinsing, and even he came up with not a single piece of evidence. And then there was this disclosure project where alot of ex government and military people stated that they saw a ufo themlselves, and that's about it because i never heared anything after that meeting was held, so there are no aliens. Now the USA is good in telling lies and spreading misinformation but when there would be aliens, then they might have landed anywhere on earth and not in the good old USA for a change, and then it would have already leaked out, because not all countries have such dedicated government employees that swear on the bible that they will keep their mouth shut and never ever try to steal something alien high tech and sell it to the biggest news mogul, who would even kill someone to get their hands on the biggest story in the entire history of the world and planets as we know it right now. Hell, i even dare to challenge anyone on this planet to come up with some REAL evidence that will change the world forever, and i would pay 25 million dollars for just that! Not that i have 25 million in my pockets, but i'm sure that i could find a news mogul that would even pay 50 million to get THE answer on the second most asked question of mankind, the first question is if god does excist, and the second question is, are we alone? When there would be such real hard evidence, then i'm sure that some corrupted official of some bananarepublic would have sold it already for waaaay less than my 50 million, because who doesn't like the lifestyle of the rich and famous? So to me that's just another proof that there are no aliens of alien space crafts being found and stored. And don't give me this crap that some goverment people will come and make you dissappear forever when you would sell and reveal such a life changing event, because what use would that have when the truth is already told and shown to the world? It's too late then, so the only thing they could do is only put your azz in jail for stealing and selling highly classified secrets, but that won't change anything then. I even think that they woudn't dare to put you in jail because the world would dissagree, because why would someone need to go to jail for telling THE truth on the second most important question of human kind??? Now governments can have all the secrets they want, but the truth is always for sale, and until now there's not a single corrupted ( retired) government employee or even some El Presidente that offered some hard evidence for some real big bucks, so that means that there's no such thing as aliens. So no corrupted people who offer the truth for sale, and not even 5 billion camera's made a video that changes the world and our knowledge of the universe forever!
  7. I don't see the reputation meter on the left under everyones name, so is that a change or some software issue?
  8. this is where xrp will go the coming weeks.
  9. I already forgot how many times i said that xrp is the most worst performing top ten coin since the first ath.
  10. Well well well, 12 warnings for trolling, abusive behaviour, language ,etc, hell that all sounds like a serious criminal record and that is then followed by a week downtime. That all sounds like rob a bank, taking hostages, run off in a gettaway car and ram into 150 other cars and then get caught and a week later your free again. But me you gave a 3 day downtime without a single warning for just one funny picture. So that's like being thrown in jail for driving 3mph too fast. Maybe you should change your name into doublestandardphill.
  11. And the sad part is that i'm still afraid to sell because i always think that when i sell, prices will go up again and then i'm screwed even harder. That's why i'm interested in crypto mining because that's way more safe that hodl atm. And i want to buy a helium miner, because that's the future for now, because it works with radio signals and uses ony 5 watts per hour, and i did see people who make up to 1000 tokens or more a month, so at the current prices that's 13k a month, and i would already happy with a few K a month, so mining is what i'm planning to do before the this year is over. the problem is a 20 week waiting list, but i don't care, i'm going to order and stand in line those 20 weeks because i don't expect anything from xrp for a long time to come and i have had it with the hodl game.
  12. Started to accept that we may be in a bear market? Dude, i already accepted that a month and a half ago!
  13. And then in the weekend it drops some more, and then a few more people will die from a heart attack before monday.
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