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  1. Last year btc went up from 3300 to about 13k so thats about 400%, and other top ten coins went up roughly between 200% and 350% but not xrp because that did go up from 33 cents to about 45 cents for a short while, so that was about 30-35%, so i don't think that xrp wil go up the 1700% i mentioned earlier for a long long period to come. Specialy when i look at what happend last summer when al the other coins went up while xrp was going nowere. Sure i hope that it wil rise beyond the moon but 1700% is not realistic for years to come imo.
  2. from 0,23 to 3,92 is about 1700% up, so i have a hard time to believe that wil happen anytime soon if ever.
  3. Aren't we all greedy investors? Because we are not here for charity but to earn money and hopelufy alot of it, so we are no better than the demented greedy investors, or are we?
  4. and you're not invisible, because i'm going to watch your big mouth and keep on reporting you whenever you get personal with me OR anyone else on this forum that have a different opinion than you!
  5. You sound like the type that get's up in the morning and look in the mirror and tap yourself on the should and say "it's soooo good to be me" So, should we applaus for you, mr fablious? Anyway, there are new comments that tell the same as i do, so more trolls then huh? What a hard life you have here!
  6. i'm going to report you for getting personal and calling me a troll for nothing, so let's see how long it takes before even you run out of your nine lives on this forum.
  7. Hahahaha! Germany and ditching the euro! Dude, you have no clue whats going on here in europe and at my neighbours the germans. I'll bet you for your entire stash of xrp and btc that germany would be the LAST eu country that would leave the eu or ditch the euro! Hell, it's waaaaay more easier to escape from alcatraz than escaping from the eu! It's like the hotel california, you can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave!!!!! Look at the UK, they are trying to escape from the EU monster for almost 5 years now and they still can't get out.
  8. and i'm going to report you, because your language isn't nice eighter!
  9. I don't need a chart to predict where it's going, and as you can see my predictions were waaaaaay more acurate than any chart here, so since when did being realistic became an act of trolling? And you do use words as f**k off, so that's no names calling, but also not very nice so why don't you get a warning then? We talk about xrp here, and xrp is not a religion or a god, so some people should ease up a little. I'm not here to troll, i just gave my opinion on the way things go in cryptoland, and there's no law against that. Sure there is a difference between freedom of speech and trolling, but i'm not trolling because you don't see me come back on every damn page and start a fight with everyone, so what's the damn problem then?
  10. About a week ago i was called a troll and got a warning from a mod, and all that because i said to someone where i think xrp is going and that wasn't positive, so i got a warning for my way more realistic view on xrp than all the charts in this topic all together, because my prediction did made more sense than all the charts in this entire topic, because i said that xrp wil drop back to 28-26 cents and then take weeks to crawl back to 30 cents and then repeat that pattern like forever. Well i was wrong, because it didn't drop to 28-26 cents and go back up to 30, but drop even harder to 23 cents, so now it won't take weeks but months to crawl backt to 30 cents, and as soon it hits 30 cents again, then i'm of the xrp bus and jump in the btc rollercoaster because that ride does at least MOVE up and down and with big paces that are worth the time and investment.
  11. you must be family from one of the band members on the titanic, because they also kept on playing until the bitter end as if nothing happend.
  12. Dude, at the beginning of this year, btc was at 3,5k, and xrp at 35 cents. Then last summer btc went up to about 12k and xrp to 45 cent's. After that btc dropped to around 9k and dragged xrp with it to 30 cents, so lower than where it started this year, and now that btc is dropping some more, it drags xrp with it to the damn 26 cents it is right now and there's no sign of stopping this down trend.
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