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  1. Now that xrp was around 20 cents for a while, we could make about 33% profit by selling it now and buy it back when it goes down to 20 cents again, but there's always the risk that xrp won't drop any lower than this 30 cents it is right now or even go a little higher so i don't dare to take that risk. I wish that i never swapped my btc for xrp, because with btc i would dare to take more risks because btc is going up and down more frequently than xrp since the ath, and we could have double or even triple our investments with btc by now.
  2. The fact that xrp is doing better since an entire day doesn't mean anything. As a matter of fact, xrp is the biggest looser in the top ten coins since the ath, and for every 1000 dollars that btc is going up, xrp moves 2-4 cents up, so even when btc would go to 20k again, then xrp will go up to maybe 40-60 cents and then it will all over and drop like a brick again for another few years. But not the other top ten coins, because they did pretty well the past two years.
  3. How dare you ruin the dream of the believers on this forum with nonsense like reality. That is like going to church and say that god doesn't exist. ( wich is another reality, but they sure don't want to hear that in their holy temple.)
  4. Every asset might have fallen 50% but xrp has fallen 95% from it's ath, so that fact number one, fact number two is that about all the top ten coins did go up and down with btc while xrp only moved when the others went down, but as soon the others went up, xrp stayed frozen and waiting for the next downfall, so here we are at a misserable 17 cents and who knows how much more it will drop, so my conclusion is that no one ( exept the believers on this forum) has any faith in xrp because how else you explain the continiously drop in vallue? When people would have faith in xrp, then the price would go up because it's all about offer and demand, and there's no demand even at this low price. Now you say that the other assets dropped 50% so why isn't xrp @ 1,80 dollars then? Because half of 3,60 is 1,80 but it's only 17 cents, so that's not 50% but a 95% drop. And you forget that btc went down to 3300 about a year ago and dit go up again al the way to almost 13-14k and then dropped to 5k and now up to 9-10k again, so while xrp was going nowere we could have made alot of profit with other coins and even double or triple our investments. Now the experts can preach all they want about xrp, the majority doesn't buy xrp and that's a cold hard fact, and it's the majority that makes or breaks a coin, because without buyers a coin goes nowere. You don't buy? Then the price drops. You buy? Then the price goes up, it's easy as that and how any market works.
  5. 32 cents, we didn't see that eighter for a long time. Now it's almost half of that.
  6. All i see in the past year and a half is that when btc goes up, the other coins go up aswell exept xrp, but as soon btc goes down the other coins go down with it including xrp, so as soon btc would drop to 5k, xrp will drop to 10 cents, and when btc would drop to 2,5k, xrp wil drop to 5 cents if not lower. And let's say btc would go up to 20k again, then xrp will be still dead in the water. or maybe maybe go up to 40-50 cents but that will be it. There are alot of xrp owners outside this forum and they lost their faith in xrp alright, or why else doesn't xrp go up when btc and the other coins go up? Yeah they work on it and banks and exchanges are going to use xrp for quick payments, but i hear that story for years now, so where is the xrp boom then? And then this topic is about xrp going to 6-30 dollars, well what a joke because i would be happy when it would go up to 80 cents because then i swap my little stash for btc, because btc is still the coin to make money with as we could see for at least the past year and a half, and not with xrp and that's a cold hard fact no one can deny because the past is already written and can't be changed. Hell, i won't wait until 80 cents but step out at 50 cents and turn my losses into a profit by buying and selling btc, witch i should have done a year ago when xrp peaked at around 40-45 cents for a short moment. Well now i can only wait until that day comes, but i have serious doubts that wil happen any time soon.
  7. 5 dollar? Well maybe in the year 2130. Yeah you read it correct, 2130 and not 2030, because that's the year where i hope xrp wil be at 1 dollar if ever.
  8. Nou, mooi om te lezen dat je het sportief oppakt allemaal. Verder is het gewoon frustrerend om te zien hoe andere coins wel presteren en xrp niet, en je dus best wel vette winsten had kunnen maken met btc. Ik had m'n xrp dan ook moeten inruilen toen btc rond de 3300 stond, want het verlies dat ik toen had gehad vanwege de lage xrp had ik dubbel en dwars goed kunnen maken door btc te kopen en verkopen. Dat btc dan niet van 1000 dollar binnen een jaar naar 20k is gegaan mag wel zijn, maar van 3200 naar 12800 in slechts 6 maanden was ook geen kattepis, hetzelfde van 7200 naar 10400 en van 5000 naar 10k nu, en dat doet gewoon wel een beetje pijn als je dan ziet wat voor bergen winst we zijn misgelopen.
  9. So you can react in a normal way too, so thanks for that.
  10. it's not my guts that tells me whatever, it's the numbers that show the cold hard fact that xrp is dying since the ath while btc and other top ten coins did pretty well since that same ath. I didn't made those numbers up, they are available for everyone, so don't blame me for being realistic instead of religious, because you and alot of others react as if irp is a religion and anyone who dares to questioning your faith and religion is being verbaly slaughtered, because how dare people like me put question marks at the religion of xrp? This is a forum and that means a discussion space on the internet were we can discus things like crypto's in this case, and there's no rule that says that all noses need to point in the same direction, so everyone is free to give his own point of view on things, and then there's no need to attack someone because his thoughts are not on the same line as yours. I never get personal with someone on this forum, so i expect that others do the same and when not, then i'm going to become personal too, it's easy as that. I'm like a mirror, when you act normal and nice, i act normal and nice, but when you start a rant at me, then i start to rant to you. Life is sooo easy sometimes.
  11. I started this topic to p.ss off people like you with cold hard facts. Happy now?
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