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  1. 589? Well then i'm a multi milioniare, so bring it on!
  2. I don't claim that he's more realistic than you, i said that he COULD be far more realistic than you, that's all.
  3. last week btc 10800, yesterday 10200, now 9800, and xrp did a little burp upwards and now it's going down again faster than it went up the past few days. So maybe you should take off your welding helmet
  4. So what are his intentions then? Telling us something we all don't like the hear, but what could be the truth? Or could it be that he's far more realistic than you, and you just can't stand the reality? Btc is dropping fast today and is pulling rxp with it, and that's a fact until now, so first post or not, he doesn't talk poep imo.
  5. Why? Because he said something that could be very realistic?
  6. You talk about start filling your bag with a 100 dollars worth of xrp and then bought some more now and then, but that's just peanuts compared the 14k dollar i invested when i stepped into the crypto craze. And then in the end of your story you talk about that the situation is more rosier than in 2017, but all i see is xrp evaporating from 3,80 al the way to the 26 cents it is right now, while the other top ten coins, including btc, did very well this year, except xrp, and i did read about some important people at ripple sold off their private stash aswel, so that worries me aswel because when the ripple people start to dump their own stash, then that's not a good sign i gues, so that ain't good for the price. It's like a captain leaving the sinking ship without warning the passengers, so al we see is the captain leaving but we don't know why, but we do know that WHEN a captain leaves there must be something wrong with the ship alright, and this captain doesn't inform the passengers, so the captain isnt going to save the passengers so it's everybody for themselves, so grab your valuables while you still can or what's left of it, and jump into the life boats called btc or dollar would be my little advice, and then wait if the hole in the xrp ship is going to be fixed or wait and see it sink al together.
  7. i don't think that btc wil stay around 10k forever, and by that i mean that it will go downhill again and pull xrp with it, so i gues it's better to sell off my xrp for dollars, because the dollar won't jump up and down like mad, and then wait until btc is low and then buy that, because at this time i have no faith in xrp anymore. And whenever xrp might take off again, well then btc wil take off first and then i can always deside what to buy. Sure people who didn't buy rxp yet, are better of by buying xrp when it drops even lower, but not people like me who already bought xrp in januari 2018 at a high price.
  8. when xrp would be 73k, then this wll become my home. But with the current value, i only can affort this.
  9. So just like my thrust in xrp, because that is also fading away.
  10. "he" doesn't excist, never did, never will, because "he" is just a man made up fairytale, and a discussion like this belongs on a church forum and not on xrp chat.
  11. we're down 4.05%, so try to be a realist please
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