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  1. I don't have a clue eighter but i found this video.
  2. Looks like people use doge as a life boat.
  3. Look like history is repeating itself again. I hope that there will be a little pump in this large dump, and then i'm going to sell asap and don't make the same mistake again as in 2018 by sit and wait until it's getting up again because i don't want to wait another 3 years for that to happen. So the party is over, everybody to the life boats, woman and children first!
  4. Whatever you say dude because from now on i'm going to ignore you because i don't want to waste any time on some acid pisser. I'm on this forum for 3 years now and never seen you crossing my path, so i suggest that we keep it that way from here on.
  5. This topic has reached 1000 pages and 15000 comments!
  6. First post and already telling us what to and don't.
  7. Xrp 1,54 doge 0,34 Looks like xrp owners swap their doge's for xrp again
  8. Well al i see is that dogecoins are selling like hotdoges atm!
  9. The rocket guy is doing two steps forward and on step back, and that's how you get up the ladder anyway. The path to succes is not always paved with red roses.
  10. Thanks because i looked it up and i found this: Pediatric neurotransmitter disease. So i gues that has nothing to do with crypto's.
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