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  1. i know a few people who are into crypto's, and that's how i stepped in.
  2. 1,40 would double my investment, so bring it on! But on the other hand, to raise the value, alot people would need to buy xrp, but xrp is like a coma patient, it's there and alive but it doesn't move or going anywere, so why would someone invest in a plant?
  3. btc did go over the 6000 dollar mark and now in a single day it went up to 6800! So is this another ath in the making?
  4. Alot of people hodl on to xrp because they think that it wil go through the roof some day, and let's say that xrp wil become worth 33 dollar. Then it has to go up with 1000% and that is not realistic but let's pretend that it would happen some day in the near future. Then there wil be thousants, when not, thens of thousants new milionares, so that would mean tens or even hundreds of billion dollars wil change owners. Now that doesn't look realistic to me, so what could be realistic then? Going up to maybe 5 dollars? Well that looks more realistic to me if it ever happens, but that won't make me a milionare and alot of people with me. So are we waiting/hodl for something that wil never happen? I remember how alot of "experts" said at the beginning of 2018 that by the end of the year xrp would/could go up to 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 50 dollars and even 100 dollars, and what happend? It took a dive to 33 cents. Well, i didn't stepped in when a xrp was just cents, but at 2 dollars a piece, and to break even again, xrp has to raise with 600% and then i still have not made a penny profit, so how many percent must it keep on rising to make a desent profit for the ones who stepped in at the wrong time like i did? It's almost the same as buying the game star citezen, and wait and wait until they finaly finished the game that is already 10 years going on and still not done, and then alot of people wil walk away to other games that work, and that's how i see crypto's. When nothing happens and a coin is froozen for a too long period, people wil get nervous, impatient and bored and walk away and look for something new. Xrp can have the tech they like, but people do not like playing the waiting game, specialy when you look at the other coins that do make progress and go up in vallue, so isn't xrp overhyped these days by the believers who swear that it wil go through the roof some day, and make hundreds of thousants of people a milionare over night? Well, maybe not overnight but within a few days/weeks? Well hodl is not that bad when you stepped in xrp when they were cent's, but it's sure stuppid to place all your bets on one horse, specialy this horse that did slide into the valley and got stuck there for months while the others found the lift that takes then up the hill again. Hodl? Sure! But the magic word is no longer hodl but spreading! And spreading is what i'm going to do, so i'm going to take a vast amount of my xrp's and smear them out over the top 6 coins, because they do move up while xrp is froozen. Adnd let's say that the others will drop and xrp raise, well, then you can always exchange your coins for xrp again, so i'm done with the over hyped xrp because some "experts" tell that it wil go through the roof, because i don't see that happen. 35% 45%. 200% 375%, that is what the other coins went up in the past 4 months, and i'm an idiot that play's the hodl game with a horse that seems to be in a sort of coma. Well, brain dead horses don't win races, so did i already mentioned that i'm done with betting on the same brain dead horse? Sure btc did go down from almost 20k back to 3,5k a while ago, but it did go up to 5k now, so it at least did something, and even the other coins in the top 6 made a stunning progress, so bye bye xrp, it was nice to have a nice stash, but i want my stash to grow and not become a shelf queen and collect dust and drop in vallue even more than it already did.
  5. I look at the prices at the begining of this year and right now, and not at the in between little up and downs, because the other coins do go up and down aswel. Xrp started this year at about 0,33 and now 4 months later it's still at 0,33 dollars, while the other coins went up with 35% al the way up to 375%.
  6. __________januari 2019 april 2019 prices in dollars. Btc 3595 5300 = about + 45% eth 124 175 = about + 35% btc cash 124 300 = about + 245% litecoin 31 81 = about + 260% eos 2,36 5,47 = about + 230% binance 6,64 24,35 = about + 375% xrp 0,32 0,33 = about + 0,3% So the top 6 coins went up with at least 35% al the way up to 375% from januari until now, except rxp didn't go up not even with even a half percent, so how is it possible that Xrp doesn't go up? Hodl is the eternal advice, but that turned out to be the wrong advice for the past 4 months alright and there are no signs of stopping, so how is it possible that xrp doesn't move a single percent? Hodl you say? Well, i wish i didn't for the past 4 months, because the fomo became a reality alright.
  7. When prices did drop the media was al over it to cover that, but where are they now to talk about bitcoin cash going up from about 130 al the way to about 330 dollar? That is just 60 dollars away from triple the price in 1 month! So where are they to trigger nervous people to buy more crypto's and cause a new ath? Because i wouldn't mind when xrp would follow that trend. And BTC didn't do bad aswel, because it went up from 3900 to 5200 dollars, so a rough 25% within a month. And Xrp went up from 0,30 to 0,36 dollar, so an increase of about 20%, so where's the media to start a new craze? Buy crypto's people, because else fomo wil happen to you!
  8. Once, maybe twice a week. As soon it passes 1 dollar, then i'm going to check daily. And and at 100 dollar i check twice an hour, and at 1000 dollar i quit my job and cash in and then the rest of my life wil be one long holyday.
  9. in 2050 i'll be 84 years old, so probably dead by then. Well i hope that it wil get waaay better in 2026 because then i'm 60 and then i would like to stop working and have fun while my body still cooperates, and not wait until i'm 70 and to old to do fun stuff.
  10. Well i'm going to hodl because i don't need the money right now, so it would be damn stuppid to step out, but i do worry where this all is going to.
  11. Sure i keep on hodl, because i don't have a choice when i don't want to loose alot of money. And i had a life ensurance policy that did end last year so i invested that into xrp, so i don't need that money now, but i would be very ****** when it would be all gone in the near future.
  12. If i would have any clue, then i wouldn't have start this topic, so you tell me.
  13. Until a few years ago we had the game second life, and there were alot of people and even banks and goverments that invested alot of money in that game but now that hype is al over, so i wonder if the same wil happen to the crypto hype, because i stepped into cryptos a year ago, and when i would step out at this moment then i would loose alot of money, so hodl was the advice and i did hodl, but al i see is my investment dry up up like snow in the sun, so wil we see another rocket to the moon, or do people lost interest and are crypto's dying a slow death? I bought alot xrp at 2 dollars, and now a year later it's below 30 cents, so i really start to worry if i ever wil see at least my investment back. Until a few months ago i did read alot on this forum about price predictions and that we have to hodl because the rocket could/would lift off anytime soon, but it looks more like a rocket that burns itself deeper and deeper into the ground, so where is this all going to?
  14. Well i hope that too, because this year i saw my investment drop faster than a brick from a plane. And i also hope that the whole crypto thing doesn't end up as the next dying hype.
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