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  1. So now you're a corona expert then, right doc? Sure you don't because you are the expert, so you know everything better, even better than what's on wikipedia. Hell if only there would be a law that forbids to questioning your knowledge, right?
  2. Wrong again..... The immune system is a host defense system comprising many biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease. To function properly, an immune system must detect a wide variety of agents, known as pathogens, from viruses to parasitic worms, and distinguish them from the organism's own healthy tissue. source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immune_system Next time do your homework instead sucking everything out of your thumb.
  3. Yes people do have an immunity against this virus, because over 100.000 infected people did get better!
  4. Like i said before, in my country alone, normaly about 2000 people die every year from the flu, and in 2018 even 11000 people died from a flu, so that's an alarming rate , but we didn't panic and we didn't lock down anything and it all just went by as nothing happend. And the flu wasn't in my country alone back then, so why the panic right now because this is just another world wide outbreak where only the old and weak people die as usual. Now here's a link that shows numbers of americans who got sick and died from influenza as they call it with a genteel word. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html So now tell me what the big difference is with this years virus? I'm sure that when i would search a little more, then i could come up with numbers from germany, italy, spain and every country on this planet, but i don't even bother because i already know the outcome and that is that the flu ( no matter witch type) is always and everywhere, and each year millions of people do get it and most people get well and some do die from it as ever. And even now no healthy person below 60 did die from this virus, except the ones who already had health problems that weaken their immun system, so the healthy people have nothing to worry about as ever!
  5. Coronavirus Cases: 387,354 Deaths: 16,758 Recovered: 102,404 So like i already said, it's not that people WILL die when they get the virus. 102k of the 387k known cases did RECOVER from the dissease, and ONLY 16758 did actualy die from it. Sure there no end in sight of people who get infected and people who die from it, but also no end in sight of the ones who recover! Now to my little s**thole country i live in, holland that is. Normaly 2000 dutch people die every year from a flu, and in 2018 even 11000 did die from a flu and life did go on as nothing happend. NOW 4000 dutch are infested and 43 did die so far, so we have a loooooooooooong way to even get close to the numbers of 2018! So now tell me, why wasn't our little country in complete lockdown back then? Or why wasn't our country big news back then? So by the time 2000 people wil be dead i still don;t worry and even when 11000 would die i still don't worry because when we survived back then we will survive this virus too! Now to some global numbers, and i translated some news from a dutch site. "More than 60,000 people have recovered, most of whom in Huwei Province: 45,222 people. 2134 people have been cured in Iran, 118 in South Korea, 589 in Italy. In short: we hear a lot about the number of increasing infections and deaths worldwide. But there are also thousands of people cured from the virus. A small nuance in the number of cures: there can be weeks between infection with the virus and the cure. The figures about healing are therefore behind the number of infections." ( this last thing is old news from 10 march, so that explaines the 102k that already recovered this very day!) Still not convinced? Well then you better clean out the shelters your (grand) parents dug back in the 60's against the nuclear threat and sit in there until this hysterical hype is all over. And don't forget to hamster canned food and toiletpaper because we run out of it before you know it! (not) No toiletpaper you say?? Hahahaha! PSSSSSST! WANT TO TRADE SOME PAPER????
  6. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  7. Don't put words i my mouth i never used, you idiot!
  8. Dude, comparing the spanish flu with corona today is like comparing a ford model T with a 2020 ford mustang because (medical) science was not that great in those days. And i used holland as an example, but the flu is everywhere in every country, and each year alot of people die from it, and now the same thing happens with corona. About 150000 people died from corona until now, and that is absolutely nothing on a world population of 7 billion. Normaly 3 up to 5 million people get really sick from a normal flu and 250.000 up to 500.000 die from a flu EACH YEAR! And who are the ones that die from the flu and now corona? It's the sick and old people who already are weak or people who have a medical condition that weakend their immune system, and NOT the young and healthy people, so what else is new???? And the reason why hospitals and doctors are over worked, is because of spreading unnecessary fear by goverments and media all around the globe. And i just found some old news from 12 days ago and it said that 60.000 people recovered from the virus and are doing well, so by now that must be way more already, so people should stop and act as if it's per defenition a deadly dissease when you get it, because it's not! Last week there were 2 cases of young kids that died from corona, but what the media didn't tell is that both had already serious health problems like leukemia and the other was missing one lung and a kidney, so misleading info and spreading unnnecessary fear , so next time check the facts before you call me a dumass! And as soon this whole thing is over, then we all going to pay the bill, because weeks, months of not working is going to cost the economy and the goverments the biggest s**tload of money in history, so when we don't die from corona we will be taxed to death for sure, because in the end the money has to come from somewere and that is from you, me and the other tax slaves!
  9. Excuse me, i was thinking that i'm on the xrp forum, but t turns out that i'm on the doomsday preppers forum.
  10. I live in holland europe, and in 2018 about 9500 people died from the flu and that was way more than the average of 2000 people in other years, and all we did was go on with our lives because it's perfectly normal that people die each year from the flu, even when it exploded in 2018. Now only a few hundred people died from corona in holland so far, so waaaaaaaaaay less than from a normal flu, so it's all a hysterical hype to scare the shit out of people for a unknown reason i don't have the answer to. What i do know is that when this hype is over, the economy is hit hard, and we the tax payers have to pay the bill. And who are the ones that die from corona? Well it's the old and weak people as always and younger people who already have health problems and a weak immune system, but the goverment acts as if everyone who wil get infested with corona wil die, and that is not true. It's just another flu outbreak, only now the emotional soybeans eating lefttards are in charge, and they created this hysteria that is going to cost us all a giant heap of money!
  11. So fake you say. Well thanks for the warning.
  12. I got this email from gatehub and like to know if this is fake or not? GateHub Support<info@magmaep.com> ____________________________________________ Dear GateHub user, As you probably, we experienced a hacker attack emergency in May 2019, affecting all of our 2.2 million users. We've been tasked with (making sure) our users stay safe and no further harm is done. As of January 2020, breaches are continuing. Therefore, we have created a new light wallet and account viewer to ensure that your XRP remains secure. We strongly recommend switching to the new Ripple wallet Viewer. You can either transfer your XRP or import your GateHub wallet into the new interface. Carry out: 1) register a new wallet 1.1 Create a new wallet in the Ripple Account Viewer 1.2 Transfer from Gatehub to the new wallet. or 2) Import GateHub wallet to Ripple Account Viewer 2.1 Access your GateHub account 2.2 Select (Go to) the Wallet tab 2.3 Near the wallet address, click "Advanced" 2.4 Select "Show secret key" and copy your Secret Key 2.5 Import the Secret Key into the Ripple Account Viewer Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, GateHub Team
  13. And how many years did it took to have 12000 millionaires? Let's say that xrp would hit 100 dollars by the end of this year, then there would be tens of thousants people who become a millionaire in the shortest period of time ever. Sure alot of people would sell waaaaay before that 100 dollars, but there will be thousants of people who keep on hodl until that 100 dollar is reached, and that sounds very unrealistic imo.
  14. I don't know how many people own xrp, but i'm sure that there are hundreds of thousants who bought a little all the way to a big stash, so let's say that xrp would go up to 100 dollars, then the world would be flooded with an entire army of new millionairs including myself and i find it hard to believe that will ever happen.
  15. Last summer all top ten coins did pretty well except xrp and now the same thing is happening because all top ten coins are doing well since the beginning of this year, except xrp.....again! Now some may say that xrp did go up 25- 30% this year, but it's still not even near the 33 cents from januari 2019 and should have bin at least 1 dollar by now, so what is holding xrp from going up with the rest?
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